Dark Mode & 13 Languages support!

Dark Mode is out!

Do you like dark mode? We do. And our statistics show, a lot of our members also do 🙂

We are pleased to introduce the dark mode appearance for our new interface!


How can you activate dark mode in your PRT account?

From the top-right hand corner, click the wheel icon (Settings) -> Dark mode.

Another option for you, is to set it from PRT Settings – General – Appearance-> Dark mode.


PRT’s 13 languages support!

The new PRT’s interface includes native translations of 13 languages.

You can activate a language to translate the interface, the reports, or both.

You can also set languages individually when setting up a report. If you do this, it will override the default report language.


How can you change the language?

From the top-right hand corner, click the wheel icon (Settings) -> Click the current set language and change it.

Alternatively, you can also change it in PRT Settings – General – Appearance -> Interface language and Reports language.