Insta Check Manual

PRT’s New Tool: Insta-Check!

We’ve launched a new tool!


Insta-Check allows you to check rankings, regardless of the terms you track for in the long term,  on your ProRankTracker account. Enter from the left menu, and select Insta-Check under the “Tools” section.


It is a credit-based, pay-as-you-go solution that allows you to manually check single URL rankings or top 10/30/100 for specified keywords (filling out a form). Alternatively, you can upload a file or check it via an API.
Several results file types are available: JSON, XLSX, CSV, PDF.

1. Check ranked keywords: Check big lists of keywords, to see which keywords you/your client’s websites are ranking and worth adding for long-term tracking in your ProRankTracker account.
Instead of adding/deleting terms to check if it’s already ranking, you can easily check a hundred to ten thousand keywords at once.

2. Periodically/On-demand Insta Check: Single ranks or full SERPs for keywords you do not need to track for the long term.

3. Websites ranks report: Initial research for a client’s website. See which keywords the website ranks for, analyze it, and create reports.

4. SERPs Market research: Check the top 10, top 30, or top 100 results for a keyword to understand the competition. Analyze and create reports with the results.

5. SERP API: Utilize the Insta-Check API to power your systems and tools that require SERP ranking data.