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To add a new notification:

• At the left menu, under Reports, click Reports -> Notifications 

• At the top-right click Add New Notification button:

Template: From the drop-down, select a notification template to be used.

Sender Email: You can select which email address will be shown as the sender.
PRT default report email (, or your registered email address.

Subject: Enter a subject (title) for this notification.

Filter:  Here you can use the filter box (just like in the dashboard) to select which URLs/terms you'd like to track in this notification setting.

When any of the selected URL Terms: 
This is where you set what triggers this notification.

  Reach #1:  When terms reach #1 position

  Reach Top X:  When terms reach within top X (number of your choice) results.
  For example:  Top 10, Top 20, Top 50.

  Out of the Top X:  When terms are kicked out of the top X (number of your choice) position.
  For example: Top 10, Top 99.

  Is X: If terms are ranked in X (number of your choice) position.

  Is Not X: If terms are not ranked in X (number of your choice) position.

  Comparison: terms that their rank Increased/Decreased (by minimum rank or percentage) in compare to Yesterday, Base rank (first rank recorded in PRT),
  Week ago, Top (top rank recorded in PRT), Month ago or Your value (any rank you set).

Fields:  Check the fields you'd like to display in the notification report.

URLs Order By:  Set the URLs (rows) order – by URL, Group or Top Rank, Ascending or Descending.

Terms Order By:  Set the terms inside URLs (inner tables) order – by Searched term, Ranking URL, Type, Device, Tags, Engine, Rank, Day, Week, Month, Local and Global. Ascending or Descending.

Send To:  Enter up to 5 email addresses, separated by commas, to send the notification to when the conditions are met.

Click Save when done.

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