Can I track my video in the “Videos” box in organic Google searches? Yes, when adding terms, select the “Search Elements” type and “Videos”. Does tracking Google Search Elements count as additional terms from my plan limit? No. When you choose to track Google Search Elements and Organic (or Organic Local) for the same... Explaining the Google Search Elements daily results graph The daily dynamic data for Google Search Elements terms can be displayed in a graph (Overview... How do I add URLs/terms for Google Local tracking? Local tracking of terms can be added from Advanced Add, Wizard, or Bulk Add. This is only for... What are "Location" and "Language" columns? In local tracking (Organic Local, Search Elements, Local Finder and Mobile) rows it will... What are Google Snack Pack listings? Google snack pack box is the top 3 map business listings box, that appear in some of the results... What are Google's Search Elements? Search Elements tracking type is for tracking a URL/Business among any search element that is not... What are the differences between organic rank results and Google Search Elements rank? The only difference is that in a Search Elements rank, there will be also a letter displayed (for... What does a "No entry!" icon, in Search Elements rank mean?  means that your URL for that tracked term, with the parameters you set, is either:* Not ranked... What is Hospitality Snack Pack, and how can it be tracked? Snack Pack is the box with the top 3 mapped business listings that appear in some Google... Why do I see few duplicate rows of the same term? PRT allows you to track many different combinations for the same search terms.To see the...
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