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You can set comparison notifications for terms that their rank Increased/Decreased (by minimum rank or percentage) in compare to Yesterday,

Base rank (first rank recorded in PRT), Week ago, Top (top rank recorded in PRT), Month ago or Your value (any rank you set):

• At the left menu, under Reports, click Reports -> Notifications . At the top-right click Add New Notification.

• Fill the filtering settings for the terms that you want the notification to be triggered for.

• On "When any of the selected URL Terms", under “Comparison:” check the comparison factor wanted and type a minimum rank/percentage.

• On "When any of the selected URL Terms", under “Compared To:” select what to compare to.

• If any of the terms of the selected URLs apply the condition set, you will be notified.

• The comparison factor is a minimum qualification, for example if you set “increased by 10%”, you will get notified for an increase of 10% or more (10% and up).


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