How do I customize my reports (using templates)?

PRT's advanced custom reports system works with templates you can customize.

When you set a new report (Automated ReportsEmail Notifications and PDF reports), you select which template should be used.

To customize the templates, Under REPORTS at the left menu, click Customize Templates.

Each template can be edited, deleted or duplicated, by clicking the respective icon; and shared with sub accounts (or not) by checking the checkbox for it.

At the top-right you can add a new template.

• Enter a Template Name and choose if it can be used or not by your sub-accounts.

• In the Header, Cover Letter and Footer parts you can customize what will appear in the beginning and the ending of the report, or each page (header and footer).
You can enter styled texts and images, using the WYSIWYG editor.
You can, for example, add your logo and an intro message to the header, and your signature to the footer.

• In Colors, you can customize the colors that will be used in the report's data tables.
You can use it to give the reports your company's color scheme, or just make the reports pretty... The way you like it. When you change colors you'll immediately see how it looks, in the Live Preview box under the colors selection.

When done customizing click Save.

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