How can I download a report of URL/terms for a selected period?

• From URL View - click the graph icon at the top-right of a URL's box, or from List View - enter Overview & Daily page of a URL

• Click "Daily Breakdown" tab, select a period of time. 

• You can select a custom period using the date picker.

• You can also select a predefined period by clicking any of the links below it: Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days or Full History (since it was added to PRT).

• You can select the terms you want to include in the report by checking the checkboxes next to it.

• Then you can download/save to dropbox or drive/email the report in your desired format (PDF, CSV or XLSX) by clicking the floating organe download icon at the top-right and proceed with the download/save/email.

For PDF downloads:

Stats box: Choose to include the Stats box at the top.

Overview Report: Choose to include the overview data.

Notes: Choose to include term notes in a report. If included, PDF downloads will include a Notes Report at the bottom.

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