Site audit

Tools > Site Audit

On the main Site Audit page, you can view your existing reports, Short and Full reports for each URL, and actions for each URL: regenerate (Crawl Now!), Edit report’s settings or delete the report.

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How do I add a new site audit report?

Tools > Site AuditClick on “New Report” on top right. The URL for auditing has to be first...

What is "Load Time" (Site Audit)

Only the time for downloading the HTML page is measured. This should not be confused with page...

How long does a Site Audit check takes?

It depends on the number of pages as well as the load time of the site. Usually it takes a few...

What is "Click path" (Site Audit)

To correctly understand the analysis, one should call the distance measure "steps" instead of...

Can I schedule an automated site audit crawl?

Yes, from the main Site Audit tool page, click the “Edit” icon under “Action”, schedule, and save.

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