Where can I find term notes?

Notes can be seen site-wide on all charts. Within the charts, wherever there's a note, you'll see an exclamation mark instead of a regular dot. When hovering the exclamation mark, the data and note will appear as pop-up text.

URL View – From the Notes column, click the pen icon to view notes you’ve made or add new notes for each term.

Daily Breakdown – In this Progress Report, you can view, add and edit term notes.

You can also find a Notes column in the ‘rank by date’ tables (for each term).

Overview & Daily – You can find term notes in the Daily tab charts.

Notes Report

In several reports throughout the site, you'll have a new option: "Include Notes" (or just “Notes”). Selecting this option will include all the notes related to the report's terms at the end of the report. (This applies to PDF reports only.)

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