Can I restore deleted terms/URLs ?

From Trash:

 • Enter Trash page from the left sidebar.

 • Select the terms/URLs you want to perform the action on, and at the bottom click Restore Terms or Permanently Delete.

From Overview & Daily:

 • Enter the Overview & Daily page from the top-right of a URL's box - pie chart icon, on URL View or from List View

 • Select terms to delete or restore and perform the wanted action from the Bulk actions menu (deleted terms will appear at the bottom of the page).

From Edit URL:

 • Click Edit URL at left sidebar and select a URL from the dropdown (or click the edit icon at the top-right of a URL box in URL View or from List View).

 • Select "Delete/Restore Terms" tab.

 • Delete or restore terms by moving it between the Active Terms (left) / Trash (right) boxes and click Save.

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