Quick Stats explanation

The Quick Stats box aims to immediately visualize the latest changes on your terms rankings. It includes:

• Term changes:  in the last 24 hours, since last week, since last month.

• Current rank:  how many of these terms are in the #1, top 3, top 10, top 20, top 100, plus the change in amount over the last 24 hours.

At the dashboard, the numbers are links. You can click them and get the filtered results of the summary.

For example, if since last week you see that 15 terms went up, click the green "15" and it will filter the results and show you which 15 terms went up (summed in the stats).


Where can you view the stats?

• When entering URL View or Term View, you'll immediately see the "Quick Account Stats" as a tab in the filter box.

If you set a default group, it will show you the stats of this group only (filtered results stats).

• After filtering, you'll get the stats of the filtered results only.

• Quick view > Group will show you the group's stats.

• In Overview & Daily, you'll see all the URL terms’ stats.


You can also add the quick stats to the top of your:

• Email reports (HTML content + PDF attachments).

Overview Reports that you download on Reports > Download.

• Downloaded Overview or Daily breakdown PDF reports on the Overview & Daily page.

Shared Reports.

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