Making The Most Out Of SEO By Using The Best SERP Tracker

As many of you know, search on Google is heavily personalized whether we like it or not. First of all, for anyone who is new to this, here’s how it works in a nutshell:

There isn’t and hasn’t been a “universal rank” in years. Instead, you have SERPs that are composed but not limited to various factors. For example, the SERP you get will be influenced by factors such as Google’s geo-targeting capabilities (which are VERY accurate to say the least), cookies, the browser you’re using, the platform (mobile or desktop), your search history, your Google profile, and others.

With those factors in mind, every user that searches Google is pretty much unique, and therefore tends to see their own unique SERP. The website you’re optimizing and promoting will have keywords ranking differently across different users.

Using incognito mode in your browser hardly changes anything and definitely doesn’t bypass the geo-targeting. Using a powerful enough proxy service costs money and is time consuming, and even then, the proxy server itself is still subjected to the same personalization checks as a private user.

To know your ‘real rank you need an advanced rank tracking tool like PRT

Fig. 1. To know your ‘real’ rank, you need an advanced rank tracking tool like PRT

So the question is, how can you know your website’s rank and find out if your SEO is actually working if everyone sees a different rank for your website? And worse still, how can you find out if there is no way for you to see a “real” rank? Also, do you need a separate Bing SERP tracker or other tools just to monitor rankings in different search engines?

Well, this is where SERP trackers come into play. But before we get into that, we need to understand what makes a rank REAL.


How to Know Your Website’s REAL Rank

A real rank is a rank that is most relevant for your business. For example, if you are promoting an auto parts business that has an online store and also has a physical store located in Boston, you would care about the rank that a person searching from Boston would see, plus a general US rank. And if you ship to other countries, you would care for ranks for those countries as well. After that comes the issue of the platform the person searches from: a search rank for the same keyword from the same location can differ if it was done via desktop or mobile. Every keyword you track needs to have the Desktop rank (by location) and also its Mobile rank counterpart (also by location).

people around the world see different ranks, with a SERP tracker you can see what they see

Fig. 2. People around the world see different ranks, with a SERP tracker you can see what they see

If your store sells through Amazon as well, you would also be concerned about the Amazon search rank, and if you promote your store in Yahoo! and Bing (which together dominate a third of the search market), then naturally those ranks matter, too.

So the answer to the previous question is: there is no simple “one rank” to rule them all. To know a “real” rank, you actually need to know an arrangement of several ranks that are most relevant for your business. And to do that, you MUST use a trusty advanced web ranking and SERP tracking tool that can bypass all of that and which will give you accurate, non-biased ranks for any keyword. Your bulk SERP tracker It should be an advanced rank tracking tool that can track based on location, platform type, and across all major search engines. 

There are several SERP tracking tools out there that can do that for you and to help you get around the market, you’re more than welcome to read my post about how to choose the  best SERP tracker for your SEO agency. Having the best rank tracking software at the hands of an SEO expert is like a ruler to an architect or a barometer to a geologist. Without an accurate and reliable SERP checker tool, it will be like navigating the jungle with blindfolds–you won’t know your place in search results or whether your SEO efforts are working or not.

And it’s not just about the actual rank – a serious SEO campaign sometimes optimizes a website for hundreds if not even thousands of different keywords, and manually keeping track of even a few tens of keywords is so time consuming it’s practically a redundant endeavor. Like a trusty trading program to a stock broker, the best bulk SERP tracker will show you all of the keywords that need tracking in one place and do the bulk heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Your SERP checker will give you updates on your website rank, the trend on keyword rankings, or even aid in keyword research to increase your chances of landing in the first page of search results.


ProRankTracker – The Best Rank Tracking Software Today

You simply cant do SEO without an advanced rank tracking tool like PRT

Fig. 3. You simply can’t do SEO without an advanced rank tracking tool like PRT

That was it for that story. As it happens, Pro Rank Tracker is the best SERP tracker with a 100% accurate algorithm. By using PRT, you’ll be able to: 

  • Identify keywords

With an advanced keyword rank tracking software, you’ll be able to identify keywords that have been overlooked when creating website content. You will also be able to see long tail terms (those using 3-4 words) in your niche and industry which are much more likely to convert than broad or very general phrases searched for online.

  • Analyze competition

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is important to success. A rank tracker tool can provide insight into what they’re doing right, such as keywords that are working well for them or where their traffic is coming from. The best rank tracking software can also show you how reliable those sites are by providing domain authority ratings in addition with click-through rates. These bits of information can help you decide whether it’s worth trying out some new strategies to outsmart competitors.

  • Boost local SEO strategies

Keyword research is an important part of SEO for a variety of reasons. For example, if you are looking to target specific regions with your business – such as Manhattan or Boston — then it becomes crucial that the keywords sound right and match what people in those areas want. 


If you want to rank higher on local SERPs, watch what keywords are being searched for in different regions and use those relevant ones that will help your website rise up the rankings. Your local SERP tracking tool should be able to give you direction on interest areas where there is growth potential.

  • Keep track of what’s hot and what’s not

By understanding how long certain keywords have been trending, you can determine what your target audience searches for and compare it against the changing trends of online searching. This will allow you to identify any changes, updates, or improvements you need to do to your SEO strategies so you’ll stay effective at capturing customer interest.

Plus, you don’t need a separate Bing SERP tracker or additional tools just to monitor your SEO performance in other major search engines aside from Google. ProRankTracker is the only rank tracking tool you need even for monitoring YouTube, Yahoo!, and Amazon rankings.

  • Monitor your overall performance

Traditionally, SEO has been about writing great content and building quality backlinks. But if you want to know how your strategies are performing on a regular basis then monitoring the changes using an advanced rank tracking tool is your best option.


As the best rank tracking software, PRT can help identify which SEO activities are showing real impact over your Google rankings. Tracking the changes in search engine rankings and analyzing the ranking data you get from it is one of many great ways to discover how your SEO strategies are performing. You’ll be able identify which activities work, so that should make things easier when deciding what needs improving or maintaining next. Just remember that the progress won’t show up immediately because search engines usually take several weeks (or months) before fully ingesting the changes into their algorithms. 

Why throw money at proxy servers and difficult to comprehend SEO keyword rank tracker tools when you can simply sign up for a FREE trial with us? See for yourself how great our accurate rank tracker is and why we have become an industry standard for many SEO agencies and e-commerce websites. Let our technology bypass all those personalized results for you and get you as close to a “real” rank as you can get!


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