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  1. […] High keyword quota – So a modest organic SEO campaign might require you to keep track of 30 different keywords of five different types (global rank, local rank, mobile rank, Yahoo! and Bing rank) totaling in the need to track at least 150 different keyword combinations. Having a SERP tracker that allows a large keyword quota per plan will give you room to breathe and expand without the need to upgrade to a possibly much more expensive plan. You never know what sort of client you might land, and you need room to grow if a sudden fortunate expansion will be required. PRT has one of the biggest keyword quotas per plan on the market. That’s why you have to be mindful of a SERP tracker’s price-per-keyword! […]

  2. […] to this, is currently the most highly affordable SERP tracker on the market with the lowest PPK (price-per-keyword). And unlike some tools out there, it’s 100% accurate, doesn’t load you with unnecessary […]

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