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Why some rank trackers are more expensive than they might appear

If you’ve ever shopped for a rank tracker, you must have come across a fair share of different tools offering what seemed to be the same prices. As a sensible consumer in a market oversaturated with rank trackers, you might be asking, “How can that be? Are all these tools the same? And if not, what’s the difference?”

Well, today we’ll clear away some of the confusion you may have experienced and answer those questions and more. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to better evaluate the REAL price of a rank tracker and hopefully choose the best tool for your business as a smarter consumer.

You might be thinking that all rank trackers are about the same, since they offer more or less the same features. At first glance, you might also get the impression that all plans are more or less the same, but the truth is there could be a HUGE gap in actual value between two monthly plans that are both priced at USD $99 a month, and you’re about to see why.

To show you just how different similar-looking plans can be, we’ll take a look at the plan prices of four leading SERP trackers on the market (PRT and three others). We’ll explore from the cheapest monthly plan to the most lucrative to see exactly what each price bracket offers, down to the actual value. We won’t reveal the names because we don’t want to tarnish any of our competitors.

To calculate the actual price, we’ll be looking at the “price per term”, which is the monthly cost divided by the number of terms that can be tracked daily by the tool. A term is the search engine rank for a keyword for a given URL. For example, tracking the keyword “sushi restaurants in New York” for the URL on Google desktop for the location New York, is one term. Tracking the same keyword/URL combo for Google mobile for the same location would be another term.

Price per term is by far the most important price point to consider since this is the main dish of the data the tool offers and what you initially searched for – how well your website ranks on the search engines that you promote for. All the complimentary features that come with the tools are side dishes, no matter how fancy they might appear.

So let’s get to it!

The Butterfly Wall. Each choice seems indistinguishable from the next, but each leads to an entirely different life path. From a path towards glory, to wasting a perfectly good $99 that could’ve been spent on purchasing 7 copies of the 1989 movie Glory. Choose wisely!

Rank tracker no.1 – This one is very popular and many consider it the go-to source for rank tracking, even though their accuracy is often not perfect.

Search engines supported: Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Supported Google personalization ranking factors: Desktop and mobile with some locations

The smallest available plan – USD $99 a month for 1,200 terms daily

$0.082 per tracked term

The medium plan – USD $179 a month for 1,200 terms daily

$0.149 per tracked term

The largest enterprise level plan – USD $999 a month for 40,000 terms daily

$0.025 per tracked term

Here we can see that as the monthly price rises, the price per term lowers, which is exactly as it should be. Huge SEO agencies and e-commerce websites usually need to track thousands of ranks across several search engines, which is why we would often see enterprise plans that offer such big quotas.

Rank tracker no.2 – the second-largest SERP tracker that offers a bunch of nice complimentary features along with the main dish and is generally considered fairly accurate.

Search engines supported: Google

Supported Google personalization ranking factors: Desktop and mobile with exact locations and mobile filtered by device types

The smallest available plan – USD $99 a month for 500 terms daily.

$0.198 per tracked term

The large plan – USD $399 a month for 1,200 terms daily

$0.33 per tracked term

Rank tracker no.3 – This one’s a popular rank tracker that appears to be the cheapest, but it comes with a little caveat – the number of terms that they show in their monthly plans actually represents ranks that are fetched once a week and NOT once a day. Google has been shown to crawl websites as often as every few seconds, in certain cases, so you need to see ranks that are fetched at least once every 24 hours!

We’ll break down their price according to their actual daily ranking updates.

Search engines supported: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube

Supported Google personalization ranking factors: Desktop and mobile with exact locations down to city-level targeting, Snack Pack and extended map results

The smallest available plan – USD $49 a month for 286 terms daily (and 2,000 weekly).

$0.171 per tracked term

The medium plan – USD $199 a month for 2,070 terms (and 14,500 weekly)

$0.096 per tracked term

The largest enterprise level plan – USD $499 a month for 5,070 terms (and 35,500 weekly)

$0.098 per tracked term

Rank tracker no.4 – This is yours truly, Pro Rank Tracker. While we don’t have the same amount of users, we are proud to say that we obtained our 50k+ users almost exclusively organically through word of mouth, with almost no paid advertising and without ad or SEO spamming. Here is what we offer in comparison:

Search engines supported: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, YouTube, Amazon

Supported Google personalization ranking factors: Desktop and mobile with exact locations down to neighborhood and airport level targeting, ranks filtered by user’s UI language, Snack Pack and extended map results, Google mobile ranks filtered by device and OS types, track inside Google’s video SERP element

The smallest available plan – USD $19 a month for 300 terms daily.

$0.063 per tracked term

This level is perfect for beginners that don’t want to spend $1,000 a year on rank tracking and instead would rather invest that money into growing their business.

The medium plan – USD $119 a month for 3,500 terms daily

$0.034 per tracked term

Great for the average-sized SEO’s needs. The most affordable medium-sized monthly plan on the market.

The largest enterprise-level plan – USD $3,298 a month for 200,000 terms daily

$0.016 per tracked term!

We are actually the most affordable choice on the market for businesses that require large quotas!

Before we conclude this article, a note on accuracy. Not only are most SERP trackers overpriced, they might also be inaccurate! Google makes small changes to their code all the time, and not just big updates. Since every rank tracker is set to track Google a certain way, and every small change can hinder a rank tracker’s ability to show you your ranks correctly, a rank tracker might show you an incorrect rank. For example, you might be ranked no.5 on Google’s SERP for users searching from Florence, Italy, but if a tool is not very accurate, it will tell you you are actually ranked no. 10, which is wrong. PRT is 100% accurate because we constantly monitor even the smallest changes and have instant response mechanisms to adapt our algorithms accordingly. To read more about the subject, check out our full article where we explain in detail how accuracy is determined:

The truth revealed! Why are some SERP trackers more precise than others?

So now that you know not all $99-199 plans were created equal, hopefully you’ll be able to discern what you get for a given price (even if you don’t choose PRT as your SERP tracker), because at the end of the day, it all comes down to the most important thing – knowing how your site ranks on search engines!

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