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Top 5 Mistakes People Do When Using An Agency Rank Tracker

Here are 5 common mistakes people make when using a rank tracker. Some of these might reflect on the way you optimize your websites for search engine rankings in general so take note as this issue goes beyond proper use of your SERP tracker. 

In this post, I will mostly reference our system but the ideas are true regardless of what rank tracking tool you are using since the majority of SEO tools have the features I will be mentioning. So let’s begin:

The Top 5 Common Mistakes When Using Rank Tracking Tools

1) Not checking mobile ranks – Mobile search engine ranks are not to be confused with desktop SE ranks, as these two types of ranks are DIFFERENT and therefore show different results. Many SEO beginners just don’t check their mobile ranks and forget that more than HALF of all searches are done via mobile phones, and they end up neglecting a huge visibility factor. It might mean they don’t even optimize their websites for mobile at all or it might not, either way, I don’t care what business you run, be it hand crafted Star Wars figurines or a cactus farm – if you have a website and SEO campaigns to worry about, you need to be looking at mobile ranks and not only desktop ranking data! Desktop search is losing to mobile search at an increasing pace as more and more people get internet access with affordable mobile phones. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, start optimizing it ASAP. The first step is to see how well you’re doing in mobile searches.

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2) Not checking ranks by local searches –There is more to using a rank tracker tool than just checking the general Google rankings. The reality is Google knows where you search from. You can use all the incognito you like, but they still KNOW. The fact of the matter is, ranks can vary greatly depending where the person searching is physically located. That means a person searching for a vintage tablecloth from New York, for example, will see different results than someone who searches from Barcelona. It’s only fair that you should become savvy about how you (or your clients) rank from different locations. Using our rank tracker tool by the way, you can see results from virtually ANY location on the planet! ProRankTracker is the perfect tool for your local SEO efforts, as it can provide you with relevant keyword data wherever you are.

3) Not capturing the WHOLE market and sticking to just Google – Google isn’t the only player out there. It’s the biggest all right, but its dominance is slowly fading. Yahoo! and Bing make up a whole third of the entire search engine market, and they’re getting bigger and stronger as we speak. Why settle for 66% of the market, when you can reach nearly ALL of it? ProRankTracker is the leading agency rank tracking tool because it can give you accurate keyword rankings and more across multiple search engines.

4) Not monitoring enough keywords – Every keyword that brings traffic organically is of value. You never know where the next BIG client might come from. Diversity and long-tail keywords are a must if you want to conquer your niche. Among keyword research tools today, PRT is the only one that can give you in-depth, accurate, and relevant results. You can use our Ranking Discovery and Keyword Suggestion tools if your rank tracker doesn’t offer anything like that.

5) Not maintaining enough order and having “messy” accounts – A neat and organized account will give you a clean overview of your data and save you valuable time. With just a few clicks, you can have a neat and beautifully organized account using groups, tags and search filters (your rank tracker might call these by different names of course).

How To Maximize the Use of the PRT SEO Tool

The ideal way to track a keyword with a rank tracker is by adding at least a general rank, 3-5 local ranks, Yahoo! and Bing ranks, and preferably have a tag, group or both assigned to it for ordering purposes. Every “big” keyword should have as many long-tail versions (that make sense to the niche/website you’re working) as possible, even if there’s just one person a month who searches for that particular term. That person could be the one with the big money. Not to mention, low search volume often equals low competition and good conversion rates.

And one last thought – this doesn’t fall under the category of a common mistake, but it’s something to consider – you should start using white label features if your agency rank tracker tool has them because it’s all about YOUR brand. It’s something that will make you look more like a pro. I’m sure you know that very well and have invested top dollar to develop the looks behind your logo and company, and therefore you would want YOUR carefully designed logo and details to embellish your reports. Get access to white-labeled ranking reports that are in-depth.

So hope you’re not making any of these mistakes, but if you are that’s fine, just make sure you’re aware of it and adjust accordingly. We cover all the bases I mentioned and you can try us out for free!


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