Tips for the new and improved PRT:

The new Dashboard provides a quick glance at the changes of your rankings in the last 24 hours, top X numbers compared to day, week and month ago and the biggest ranking jumps and drops in the last 24 hours.
If you have ideas for other widgets you’d like to see on this page let us know and we’ll consider it.

The old “Dashboard” concept is now in Rankings -> URL View.

You can set which page you’d like to see when you log in to PRT at PRT Settings – Dashboard, URL View or the new List View.

List View is a new page, where you can find info about all of your URLs with direct links for common reports and actions you can perform on it.


  • The eye icon at the top left opens the Quick View window, exactly as you know it.
  • The plus icon to its left is a quick add option for quickly adding URL-Terms-Search engine combination. For more advanced options like local and mobile click Add URLs at the sidebar, with the option you want.
  • Click on your name at the top-right for the account and billing options.
  • All main areas of the website which used to be at the top, are now at the left sidebar.

Rankings->URL View

  • Improved Filtering: Click the Filter tab. Instead of 4 confusing tabs, now all filtering options are together in one place and you can even combine filters which you couldn’t combine before (local and basic parameters for example).
  • Note the 3 drop-downs below the Stats/Filter box which allow you to execute “Bulk Actions” on URLs or Terms, “Sorting” URL boxes and inner Terms tables and “Columns” include/exclude and a new option – re-ordering the columns as you like.
  • At the top right of each URL box you’ll find 3 icons – Edit icon leads to the edit URL page, “i” (info) icon displays all extra data of the URL (PR, Alexa, Backlinks, update times and URL note) and pie chart icon that leads to the reports&graphs page of this URL.
  • At the bottom of the page you’ll find a drop-down (left) to change the term rows to display on each page and a key (right) of the tables icons.
  • Note that mobile terms got their own icon now. A new “Device” column is also added and it show icons of the term’s mobile device as set.

Add URLs&Terms (sidebar)

  • Click it and you could select to add urls&terms for dekstop, for mobile or add urls&terms in bulk.
  • In the Add form, you can now enter multiple URLs on the left (or only one) -“URLs”, multiple terms at the right “Searched Terms” and it will create all possible combinations.
  • Search Engine selection is easier now. At the left drop-down you select a category or a big Search engine, then at the drop-down to its left you select SE (Others->Yandex) or which local site (Google->Google for example) to track.
  • New option – add Tags to all of the terms in the adding process.
  • To enter a new, non-existing, group or tag, note that you should type it in the box and click Enter (don’t click with the mouse outside of the box as it will close it).
  • An amazing new bulk add format. We have switched to a one combined format which give you all possible options.
  • Enter bulk add and download the sample XLSX file. Now you can also add in bulk – Tags, local parameters and mobile parameters.