Time to venture deep into the top 100 Google mobile SERP ranks with Pro Rank Tracker!

It’s a time of exploration and wonder in SEO, and with PRT’s latest update, a new frontier has been revealed – the top 100 Google mobile SERP – likely the most important top 100 you will need to track. We’ve covered on numerous occasions how important it is to track your mobile search ranks, especially with the advent of  Google’s mobile-first approach, but now it’s time to dive deep into the mobile rank tracking realm.

Top 100 mobile tracking vs. top 100 desktop local – Although not many people browse beyond a few pages on their search results, the main value and purpose behind the “top 100 SERP” gauge is to know whether your SEO strategy is working or not. If your keywords made it to the top 100 (not an easy feat to accomplish), you know you’re doing something right. Once they’ve made it to those spots, you know the Google winds are kind to your website and you can possibly sail to the top 10 shores if you do everything right. The top 100 ranks for desktop (local) and mobile search results are BOTH very important – these are two different ranking types that can vary based on how well optimized your website is for mobile/local, plus an array of other factors. Bluntly put, you must know where your website stands on desktop AND mobile searches since that is virtually all there is: either a person is searching from his home computer or his mobile device.  And they’re most likely seeing different SERPs for the same searched keyword. This is where SERP trackers come into play, differentiating between those rank types and showing you the full picture.  So both are important to track, but this is where we diverge a bit – your top 100 Google mobile SERP rank actually carries a more substantial weight and is mandatory to track if you take SEO seriously. Google’s mobile-first approach means it will favor websites that are specifically optimized for mobile, affecting desktop ranks as well, eventually. You can read all about that here:

This is a very logical step considering mobile searches surpassed desktop searches back in 2016, and this ratio will likely keep growing as more people buy mobile devices than desktop computers.

The reality, of course, is that it’s more of a spectrum than a binary set of rank types (desktop vs. mobile). If you want to read more in depth about all the ranking types you need to know about for 2018, here is the full breakdown:

All the rank tracking types you will need for SEO in 2018

Living the dangerous life

Expanding the capabilities of our Ranking Discovery tool – PRT’s Ranking Discovery tool is an exclusive tool of our SERP tracker and an amazing SEO tool in general to have in your arsenal. You’ll want to know about it if you’re doing any type of SEO/SEM, either organic or just targeted ads, since it has a variety of uses. It’s the only tool on the market that can virtually reverse engineer the search process, but instead of telling you your website’s ranks per keyword, it will reveal what search queries you already rank for! Simply input any website into the tool, and it will show you the keywords that rank in the top 100, whether desktop or mobile, for Google and other search engines as well! Which brings us to the next cool ability of this tool, discovering Hidden Ranks. This is where keywords you didn’t directly promote still get influenced and rise in ranks as a ‘side effect’ of your main campaign — keywords you probably didn’t know about and would have had no real way of discovering without the help of our Ranking Discovery tool.

If you need a few more details and want to learn more, including the ‘Hidden Ranks’ phenomenon and how it happens, read about our Ranking Discovery tool right here:

Google is hiding ranks from you, time to get them back!

As our ranking discovery tool is an auxiliary of our main rank-tracking algorithm, the ranking discovery tool can reverse-discover any ranks and search engines PRT can track. That means not only can you track mobile rankings but also discover ranks for your websites you didn’t even know about, deep into the so-important mobile top 100 SERPs.

Pro Rank Tracker can track both desktop and mobile search types (and all the gradient in between) with the most accuracy on the market. It’s the most complete desktop and mobile rank tracking tool you need if you want to accurately monitor your position in the SERPs.

We at PRT have made it our mission to bring you fresh, accurate and reliable results per the highest of SEO industry standards for 2018 and beyond, SEO standards that constantly change and evolve thanks to Google. Whether it was by showing you keyword search volume when Google decided to prioritize high-paying AdWords users, or giving you neighborhood-level local rank tracking resolutions fit for SEO future proofing, or simply giving you the mobile SERP top 100, we will always strive to stay ahead of the game. So stop settling for a generic, “okay” rank tracker, and give PRT a try!

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