The Ideal Solution for SERP Tracker Beginners and New Users

Is your SERP tracker user friendly?

Following last week’s post, today we will go more in depth into our brand new 4-Step Wizard and discuss getting accustomed to a new SERP tracker in general and what solutions are available to you to make it easier. SERP tracking doesn’t have to be hard, and with our new Wizard, SERP tracking with PRT is now even more user friendly than before.

Using a new SEO tool or system involves a learning curve, whether you’re a seasoned SEO veteran or an SEO newbie. SERP trackers are mandatory tools for SEOs of all levels, and without one you simply can’t  function efficiently and accurately enough to advance. Getting the hang of things and accustomed to a new SERP tracker naturally takes time. If the SERP tracker was designed with ease of use in mind, it might be a smooth and easy ride to master the system, but if not, it takes valuable time and effort.

In the dawn of SEO, the first primitive SERP trackers to appear were not very user friendly and were all about trying to monitor ranks from a technical point of view. They had cluttered and clunky user interfaces with that distinct, graphically unattractive look of that time. They were but an archaic shadow of what SERP trackers have become. Although much improved since those days, some SERP trackers remain overly complicated, so checking to see if a SERP tracker is user friendly enough for you via a free trial is a must.

To familiarize a new user to a system, there should be several solutions in place. We’ll go over PRT’s solutions for new users, which are very user friendly and designed to get you adapted as quickly as possible to our system. If you are currently shopping for a new SERP tracker, always be sure to check for similar solutions to those mentioned below.

The 4-step Wizard –Introducing the latest solution for new users of PRT and SEO novices. This intuitive, easy wizard will get you up and running in no time. With the wizard, you can add new websites, keywords and ranks for tracking in just 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Choosing the types of ranks you want to track (Mobile, Desktop, etc.) and adding the website you want to track.

    You can already assign this URL to a group (groups are an organizational property of PRT, allowing you to quickly navigate and control the websites you track. Read more about groups and keeping your SEO tools organized HERE)
    *Distinguishing between relevant types or ranks and not neglecting your mobile ranks is absolutely required for SEO today with Google’s mobile-first approach! If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can read more on that here:
    Why knowing your mobile ranks is now more important than ever before! (+ 5 tips on improving mobile visibility)
  • Step 2 – Select which search engines you want to track. You can add as many as you need. PRT can track 187 local Google sites, 35 Yahoo! sites, 32 local Bing sites, Yandex, YouTube, Amazon and more (check out the FULL LIST).
    Next, choose a relevant location to get the most accurate ranks on your keywords.

    If you also need to track Snack Pack results (which are different than regular Google Local ranks, you can read more on that HERE). Also add the business name in the correct field.
    *Due to Google’s localization filters, choosing the right location for tracking is very important and should be relevant to the business you’re promoting. You can read more about that here:
    How to get the clearest and most accurate picture of your Google ranks
  • Step 3 – Add the keywords you want to track.

    You can assign tags to the keywords. Like groups, tags are an organizational property of PRT designed for making navigation quick and easy.
  • Step 4 – Our Ranking Discovery Tool might discover hidden keywords that currently rank at least Top100 for your website (on any of the search engines that we track).

    Notice that the Ranking Discovery Tool will find ranks for the search engines that you specified, and below that you will find ranks for additional search engines you didn’t specify (if there are any).
    It is highly recommended that you add those keywords since they are relatively strong and can drive additional organic traffic to your website. Read more about hidden keywords and our Keyword Discovery Tool, how they can help you grow your organic traffic, and even help you close more deals!
    5 amazing things you can do with PRT’s Ranking Discovery tool

SERP tracking can be a confusing subject to some fresh arrivals, so there’s no need to complicate it any further by making an SEO expert-level-only system. Having said that, the wizard was designed to take simplicity to the next level, making it easy and intuitive to add new ranks for tracking—as easy and intuitive as using the internet.

The Wizard will help and guide you along the path to success

Customer support – Having good and solid customer support is a basic requirement for any SEO tool. It’s a must for new and advanced users alike to ask any questions and present issues users might encounter. PRT has some of the best customer support on the market, and it’s available year-round via chat and support tickets.

Account manager – At the highest level of tech and customer support, we also have personal account managers available by Skype. Account managers can help you organize your account, give you usage tips, answer any question you might have, and just make sure everything is in order. Our account managers can also help you migrate your data from a different SERP tracker using our Bulk Add feature, which is designed to insert huge amounts of data into PRT quickly with one XLSX document. Avoid the massive mistake of manually adding each piece of migrated data.

Knowledge base – In addition to all that, there’s also a knowledge base with in-depth explanations on PRT and the system that you can always access from your dashboard.

Video Guides – We also have video explanations if you prefer to watch and listen rather than read (you can also check out both).

Friendly user interface – Having a simple, intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI is the best solution to getting the hang of a new system. PRT has a user-friendly interface that makes the need for tech support rare, and in most cases, unnecessary. But regardless, we’ve got you covered.

Although this post was about beginners and new users, you should know that PRT was designed for SEO beginners AND experts alike, and that’s why we offer solutions to accommodate users at all levels of expertise. Our system also serves highly advanced SEO agencies needing to track tens of thousands of ranks at a time for dozens of websites and needing to send countless SEP ranking reports out to their clients.

With PRT, you can get high-level advanced SERP tracking with ease. If you’re not a PRT user yet, give us a try and see for yourself that SERP tracking doesn’t have to be hard at all!

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