The New and Improved ProRankTracker is here !

We have completely changed the look and feel of the ProRankTracker website with an awesome new design.
Now you get All PRT powerful features, with a new modern and user-friendly UI.

New Cool Features

In addition to the new UI and new dashboard, we also added cool features:

  • New Rankings data pages with improved cool GUI
  • Improved filtering options. From now on, you can filter all the results from one combined filtering area.
  • Adding URLs/terms is improved (standard and new bulk format).

Whats Next?
We’re not done yet. We’d like to share with you what we’re planning for the future:

  • Sub Accounts
  • Multi-lingual interface support
  • Multi-lingual reports
  • Amazon Rank Tracker
  • Keyword suggestions
  • WordPress plugin

And for our enterprise customers, this month we’re going to add something AMAZING that will change the rank tracking industry and the way customer reports are generated.

As always, stay tuned! We arent done updating and adding more cool stuff.