The Ranking Spy SEO Method

The Ranking-Spy SEO Method

Today we’re going to learn a cool new trick to get the ball rolling on your SEO campaign when you get a new client who’s clueless when it comes to his niche or internet marketing. This trick will help you discover almost all the relevant power keywords in your client’s niche in just a few clicks and save you and your client time and money. Now mind you, this trick is as close to actual spying as you can get without it actually being illegal!

This method requires at least a free PRT membership, as it uses two of our exclusive tools: the Ranking Discovery Tool and the Keyword Suggestion tool. If you’ve been following our blog, you may have already read the two in-depth posts about the Ranking Discovery Tool and how you can use it to gain hidden organic search traffic from an ongoing SEO campaign:

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But unlike the two situations mentioned above, this method deals with the first stages of a campaign when you’ve just landed a new client. For the sake of example, I’ll present a scenario that some of you are surely familiar with. You get a new client, and this client has never used any SEO on his website or bothered to research his niche. The guy is oblivious, and needless to say he doesn’t even know what keywords he needs to track. Therefore, the job of research falls on you, and that includes backlink research, keyword research, and finding competitors’ keywords. Unfortunately, many times this research might end up being unnecessarily time consuming (depending on what method or tool you utilize). This is where we come in and the beauty of our Ranking Discovery Tool and Keyword Suggestion Tool begins.

Help your clueless client figure out the best keywords for his niche

Help your clueless client figure out the best keywords for his niche

How A Powerful Tool Like PRT Can Help

This client owns a clinic in Toronto offering chiropractic services, physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, and various other relevant complementary medical treatments. The villains in our story are three main local competitors that dominate Google and other search engines, and they are who our client wants to overthrow:

Pacific Wellness

King West Chiropractic

Toronto Physiotherapy

This is the most crucial information for this method to work, as these three villainous websites will be the fuel for our Ranking Discovery Tool. You write those three top competitors down, input them into the Ranking Discovery Tool, and let the fun begin. Here’s what our spy tools discovered for those websites:

Pacific Wellness – 114 keywords

King West Chiropractic – 79 keywords

Toronto Physiotherapy – 74 keywords

Not only did we easily discover a bunch of relevant keywords that these websites are currently successfully promoting in this niche, but we can also see that with some tender SEO love and care, we can dominate this niche, drive website traffic, and help our clueless client make big bucks. We can help him kick out the villains–his most successful competitors– from the top positions and become his hero for doing so, getting a sweet testimonial, as well as a ton of referrals and leads. Note that if you really want to be thorough, you should do this checkup for at least 10 competitor websites and get even more ideas and relevant keywords.

Next up, we proceed to the second step of our SEO strategy: The Keyword Suggestion Tool. Our spySEO tool’s algorithms will allow you to go over all the keywords you discovered so far and bulk them up further with more ideas for keywords that are relevant and are worth promoting including their respected monthly search volume.

As time goes by, I’m sure you’ll add more keywords to the campaign, especially for content marketing, but this is a great way to get the ball rolling and essentially start the conquest of this niche. From there, you can gradually improve the organic rank of their own website and dominate the next search engine, and then the next, all until you’ve covered everything. The villains won’t even know what hit them once the carnage begins. And of course, after revealing this entire battle plan to your new client, he won’t have a trace of doubt that he chose the right person for the job.

So, this is it for that method. It’s as simple as it is efficient. And this is just one method of many you can utilize with the Ranking Discovery Tool by the way; we can even go a step backwards, and you can use this spySEO tool to massively improve your sales pitch to new clients and increase your close-rate. Here’s how:

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So in summary, if you want to impress and wow that next client AND save time while getting the ball rolling, it’s about time you gave Pro Rank Tracker a spin! We can easily track all those awesome keywords you’ll discover, and our tools generate sweet, crisp-looking reports that your client can easily understand. It’s just a few easy clicks away 🙂


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