The 4 Golden Principles of an Industry-standard SEO Ranking Report

Sending ranking reports to your clients is a basic part of being an SEO expert. One of the central roles of rank trackers is to create SEO ranking reports from the data gathered by the tool. With so many different tools to choose from, the question arises: Does the tool create reports that meet the industry standards for 2018? In this post, we will explore the 4 golden standards of ranking reports every SERP tracker needs in order to be an efficient and useful tool in a fluid and constantly changing SEO industry.

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Historical data gathering

From the moment you add a keyword and URL for rank tracking, a rank tracker will gather data. Ranking data needs to be accessible and available to the user no matter how much time has passed. You never know when the client may need to see a past report. For example, you or a client might want to see a report from a few months ago, or even one dating to the early stages of the SEO campaign. You might want to create a case study for a future client and showcase a few reports dating back to a previously successful campaign. Having the ability to “go back in time” and see historical data can be a very useful analytical tool for blogs and news websites, as they can see how major events influenced certain keywords and web pages.

See how your SEO campaign looked at its youth when you just started rank tracking

With PRT, you always have the ability to generate a report from any date since tracking began and review different points of a campaign with ease. The general idea behind it is to let you easily see any part of a campaign (either past or present) via reports without a hassle. When all the data is readily available, there’s no need to stockpile on reports or spend precious time sleuthing your emails for a missing report.

Simply choose the date you want the report from

This is a basic Overview Report, showing what the ranks were for farfetch.com, December 1st, 2016. You can see if Donald Trump being elected president had any influence on your ranks.

One of the best ways to represent ranking changes over a given period is by showing data visually, as a logarithmic or linear graph, using PRT’s Progress Reports. These reports can be fun, since they’re a bit like tracking stocks on the stock market. You can see the historical daily activity of specific terms over a given period of time for a specific URL.


Above you can see the monthly progress of a single term – “designers clothes order” for neimanmarcus.com, dating from 2.26.16-3.27.16

One of the options of progress reports is the ability to choose up to 15 terms and compare them one against the others in a chart such as this one:


When you hover with the mouse on a point, it shows additional details! If the point has an exclamation mark, that means there is a related note on that date for that term.

This can also give us some insight on how Google ranks the same website and keyword differently depending on what localization factor is tracked:

neimanmarcus.com Daily Breakdown Report

Blue is Google US, Red is Google France


You can also compare dates with our Benchmark Reports, which allow you to compare all the ranks for a certain URL between two selected days, weeks or months. Benchmark Reports let you see the broader picture of how a campaign performed over a given period. For example, if you track neimanmarcus.com, you will see the total changes for all the keywords you track between the two dates or periods in a single unified report. You’ll see which ranks grew, which tanked, or which remained the same.

benchmark_report a1em 03292017 1 DAY .pdf

A comparison between the 27th of March 2017, and the same day in the previous month

Dynamic and customizable

Reports need to be dynamic and customizable to suit both you and your client. You need to have control over what data is shown and how it is sorted. You might want to receive reports that are rich with data and graphs, while your clients may prefer minimalist reports showing just the essential points with no overwhelming information and stats. PRT’s reports are fully customizable. You decide:

  • which data is shown
  • how it is sorted (e.g. by ascending rank)
  • when and how frequently the report is sent
  • on values that will trigger a sent report, such as a keyword entering a top 10 position on Google
  • which email addresses the report will be sent to and from.

Notice the “Global” column, it shows you the global search volume of that particular keyword. PRT can tell you the search volumes of keywords even if you are not a high paying AdWords user!


This report is customized to show 10 data columns and is sorted by descending rank

As you do more campaigns and track more keywords, a lot of ranking data can easily accumulate. To help you keep track of it all in a neat and orderly way, we have organizational solutions and features that will make reporting smooth and effortless:

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Unlimited Reports

Having no limit to the number of reports you can generate is an important factor to consider in a SERP tracker’s reporting abilities. You never know how many different types of reports you might need to generate, or for how many clients, and you definitely don’t need to concern yourself with counting how many reports you generated each month in addition to keeping your ranks in check. You might want to send out specially customized reports to yourself and your team while sending out differently customized reports to the client and their team.

Infinity. Is it real or just an abstract concept conceived by our brains? Ponder about infinity and the fabric of existence while you generate as many reports as you like with PRT!

While some tools on the market might limit the number of reports you can generate each day or month, one of the best things about PRT’s reporting solutions is that we don’t place a limit on the number of reports you can generate. You can generate as many reports as you like (of any type and configuration), leaving you room for trial and error until you discover what fits each use case and client best. That means you can also regenerate reports from any date freely, incurring no additional costs or a need to upgrade your monthly plan.

White label and the power of branding

One of the key elements of sending ranking reports as an SEO expert is having the ability to white label the report. Branding is an integral part of marketing your business, and you need to have your brand show. It’s highly recommended that you brand the reports that you send to client with your own logo and details. It appears more professional that way and will solidify your marketing strategy. You can read more about the amazing benefits of using white-label in our previous blog posts about it:

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All of PRT’s ranking report solutions are 100% white label, so there’s no reason not to showcase your brand on our ranking data to your clients. Every report you send can be white labeled and branded with your company’s logo and details. Best of all, you can customize as many report templates as you like and place whatever information you wish in the header and footer of all reports:

In addition, you can take it to a higher level with our premium white-label solutions to truly awe and impress your clients:

  • Shared reports – Instead of sending reports to your clients the old-fashioned way, you can generate reports on a webpage that can be parked under your domain, and simply share the link with your clients. The shared report is a live webpage that updates daily and can even be encrypted with a password. It’s also possible to have the report expire in a set amount of days.
    Shared Report sample. It’s encoded with a password: 1234. Be sure to check it out!
  • MyRanks – One of PRT’s showstopper features – a white label app that your clients can download and see their ranks from the convenience of their phone. You can customize the logo of the app and the “about” info to your details, then set up a unique username and password for every MyRanks account.
    Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-10-49      Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-43   Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-24Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-17-57
    More about MyRanks and how it can help you grow as a business:

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  • Sub-Accounts – The highest level of our white-label solutions, as it essentially puts PRT completely backstage. This feature creates smaller PRT accounts with unique user names and passwords, controlled from your main PRT account. You can set permissions and customize which data each sub-account gets to access. It’s possible to replace the PRT logo with your own, and best of all, sub-accounts can be parked under your domain, making it seem like you have your own rank-tracking tool! This can make even a freelance SEO expert seem like an established SEO agency and get a fighting chance against the bigger players.

    This is PRT’s system branded with a sample logo

    Check out more great uses and benefits of sub-accounts in our feature article:

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No matter what tool you’re using, make sure it has at least some semblance of the 4 golden standards, since all of them will be necessary for today’s professional SEO workflow. And if there are no reporting solutions, then you need to find a tool that offers them.

PRT holds to those standards and also has the highest RTR (rank tracking resolution) and rank update frequency on the market. Our algorithms provide 100% rank tracking precision and can track all the different types of ranks that are required for SEO in 2018. While this may sound pricey, PRT actually has the best Price-Per-Rank on the market. So give us a try, and you can start generating awesome golden-standard reports right away with our awesome basic monthly plan!

The new year stands before us, and with it comes a new horizon of SEO opportunities and untapped potential. To make sure you’re ready for rank tracking this year and what lies ahead, subscribe to our blog and get the latest news from the world of search engines! Also, if you liked this article, please share it with others and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.