Taking white label reports to the next level with MyRanks

In today’s article we’ll talk about taking your SEO reports from the regular PDFs to the mobile realm, the great benefits this can have on your sales pitch, and how it can improve your customer support, impress your clients and strengthen their trust in you. As usual, I will be referencing in my examples PRT’s features, specifically our PRT mobile app and MyRanks mobile app.


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SEO ranking reports are an essential part of keeping clients happy and up to date. Nowadays, the orthodox approach to sending SEO reports to clients is still via PDFs that are sent to their email, which is great, but somewhat surprising considering virtually everyone has a smartphone and spends less and less time in front of their computer screen and chooses the phone screen instead. Google says more than HALF of all searches are done through mobile devices, and that statistic holds true for many other aspects of internet use, including browsing for YouTube videos, and this figure is likely to keep rising and rising as mobile phones get more awesome and more available. What that tells us is more and more people prefer to get updated on almost all their affairs via their mobile devices almost exclusively, and that includes SEO reports from their SEO expert/agency. This is where *MyRanks comes into play, tapping into that inseparable part of modern life – the vast mobile market.


Nothing like checking your ranks over a glass of white wine

MyRanks is essentially the easiest and most convenient way your clients can view the progress of their ranks. Instead of (or in addition to) sending the orthodox PDF report via email, you can have your clients download MyRanks to their preferred mobile device and view their relevant data over the comfort of their phone, available whenever they want and wherever there is Wi-Fi/cellular reception offered. This app is completely white label, meaning it doesn’t have PRT’s name on it, but rather is entirely branded with your logo and has a very sweet “About” tab that has your company’s details in it.

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Even though the mobile option is a must these days, oddly enough, very few SERP trackers offer such a basic ability in this mobile-dominated environment. But this also where you can stand out and use it to your advantage! When pitching your future clients, don’t hesitate to impress them by showing them you have MyRanks at your disposal. This sort of thing just wins people over – while others go about the old-fashioned way of bombarding their clients with PDFs over email, you can be the exception and give them DIRECT access to their fresh ranks and data. It also shows them your customer service is top notch and that you take your job very seriously. You can be one step ahead of the competition with the basic tactic of heeding the latest data – that mobile simply wins over PC in many major aspects and will continue to grow. Comfort and convenience is very important to people, not to mention people prefer instant access and to have their data presented to them at the moment they choose. By giving your clients something different and better, you will shine among the rest of the SEO crowd and actually increase your chance of closing the deal.

If you care about your clients and want to provide them with the best customer support and clarity on how their ranks are doing, you should take all of that into account.

PRT is a SERP tracker dedicated to data availability and clarity, and with us you have the option to manage your account and view your ranks through our PRT mobile phone app, so that you can have direct easy access almost anywhere. We also love giving our members exclusive features to help them shine, such as the MyRanks app. Sign up with us if you haven’t already and start closing more deals and impressing clients!


*MyRanks is readily available via Google Play and iTunes App Store