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Rankitor: A powerful and light SERP tracker that will SAVE you money

We are proud to announce our child: Rankitor.

A minimalist and light, yet powerful SERP tracker designed for smaller more modest use cases, with the simplest most user-friendly UI you will find.

With plans starting as low as USD $4.5 a month!

And it’s powered by the company behind Pro Rank Tracker.

Pro Rank Tracker is an elite enterprise-level SEO tool and SERP tracker for agencies able to handle huge keyword quotas, while Rankitor is focused on smaller quotas and a more common usage profile.

We’ve made Rankitor because there is a real thirst in the market for a reliable and accurate basic SEO tool, that will be affordable and NOT at the cost of quality and accuracy.

PRT, the parent tool, is known for highly precise rank tracking (because of a unique algorithm that can breakdown Google’s complex ranking layers), and the same systems are powering Rankitor! This means you will be seeing 100% accurate and fresh search engine ranks.

Rankitor is here to break the market.

The Essentials: Here’s what the tool can do for your SEO campaign


1. Easy REAL rank tracking

Rankitor can track Google’s VITAL ranking layers that everyone needs to know with the same 100% accuracy that PRT can. But with a much simpler UI suitable for all basic levels.

As you probably know, Google shows everyone different search results based on certain personalization factors. When you are tracking your URL and keyword, you need to know how it ranks on Google for the proper relevant ranking conditions.

To show what Rankitor can do we’ll use an imaginary carpet cleaning business from Newstead, Queensland, Australia, called “The Carpeters” as an example.

So, let’s say they hired you to boost their search engine visibility, and you need to track the progress. For this business you will need to set up rank tracking for the keyword “Carpet cleaning” like this:


  1. Adding the project name, URL and keyword:
  2. Adding the proper ranking types – Desktop, Android and iOS:

Explanation: This covers 99% of the market. A person searching on an Android device and a person searching on an iPhone will see different search results because of mobile-first indexing! And a person searching on his desktop PC will see unique search results as well. Basically, you need to make sure you have full mobile visibility. If the website is well optimized for mobile screens and follows Google’s guidelines, then ranks should be more or less similar for all 3 types. Mobile ranks will often peak before desktop.

  1. Choosing search engines:

Explanation: Putting all your eggs in one Google basket is a risky move considering how frequently they do broad algorithm updates that can devastate your ranks arbitrarily. Even if you at least on the surface followed all their guidelines, you can still suddenly lose organic visibility in one or all 3 ranking types. If ranks suddenly drop on Google, you will still have a steady income of traffic from Bing and Yahoo! until you troubleshoot the reason for the ranking drop. Not to mention Bing has some advantages over Google in the form of a more financially stable user base in the form of wealthy Boomers.

For Google we used ‘’ version since ‘.com’ relates to US search results only. This is the official default since 2016.

  1. Correct geo-targeted location rank:

Explanation: Every search, mobile or desktop is geo-targeted. Google simply knows where you search from and will show you results that are suited for your current location. This is why local SEO is king these days. The relevant clientele for this business will naturally be in the area that they serve. People from Melbourne, Australia for instance searching for carpet cleaning services are irrelevant in this case.

The most thorough and professional approach is to track ALL the main neighborhoods that are in the vicinity of service (You will also need this for GMB ranks soon). We chose 5 neighborhoods randomly in this example, but you can add all the locations of Queensland, if you need to do so.

You can also choose a single broad location such as the entirety of Queensland itself, which will be the rank most people get (This results in a less relevant rank but will save quota if you are limited).

Notice that for Bing and Yahoo! You will need to choose their LOCAL versions since they also employ geo targeting, although much broader than Google and on a country level.

  1. UI language:

Explanation: Google will also show different search results for people based on what default UI language they use. French UI users will see different search results than English UI users, even if all other conditions are the same (location and device type). In this case English is the most relevant naturally.

  1. GMB ranks:

Explanation: Our carpet cleaning company also has a GMB profile with an actual physical location people can visit and leave reviews. GMB ranks manifest in two ways – at the top of the SERP via 3 Local Pack positions (or Snack Pack), and the extended map view which includes the top100 businesses in the vicinity of the search. GMB ranks are 100% location dependent.

  1. Get some healthy snacks, sit back and enjoy the journey!
    Rankitor is fast and you will be able to see your current ranks within a few seconds to minutes. We will soon show you all the cool stuff you can do once rank tracking has been set!

2. Built for eCommerce rank tracking as well!

Let’s expand the example for a moment. Our carpet cleaning service also sells their own brand of carpet cleaning products. Other than their own website that was built with Shopify, they also sell their products on Amazon. Amazon has their own quirky search ranking algorithm called A9 which we can incidentally also track with perfect accuracy. Here’s how to add Amazon products for tracking inside Amazon’s A9:

  1. Adding the product link from Amazon and relevant keyword:

Notice to include the ASIN, in this example it’s “dp/B00L28UOIW”

  1. Adding the search engines and ranking types:

Explanation: Amazon products also rank well on all search engines, so along with the specific Amazon A9 rank, it’s also recommended to include tracking on the major search engines as well. Since your client targets internationally, the general ranks from US and Australia will be enough.


3. Track your video marketing campaign

Let’s expand the example even further! Your client also asked you to do some video marketing with a video on carpet cleaning tips advertising their service. You decided to publish the videos on FB and YouTube.


  1. FB on Google:

Explanation: Google sources videos from their entire search index, this includes FB videos.
Google shows videos as search results in 2 ways: The Video Carousel which features as a SERP element on the 1st page and in the Google “Videos” tab. Videos from FB are often highly ranked on Google and can show on the carousel if they become popular.

The URL you will be tracking is the video link from FB.
In this case, GMB ranks are irrelevant so the box is left unchecked.


  1. YouTube on Google and on YouTube:

Notice the time you will need to add the YT video URL.

Explanation: YouTube has its own unique ranking algorithm, which Rankitor can track. YouTube ranks are unique and separate from Google.

YouTube videos are the most featured on Google’s video search. So, like with the FB video, it’s also recommended to include the YT video for tracking on all major search engines.


The EXTRA features after rank tracking has started

Now you have your marketing and SEO campaign set for tracking, what’s next?

1. Monthly search volume revealed for all tracked search engines

Being basic and affordable doesn’t mean you will be missing out on important and relevant data for your SEO monitoring. Which is why we made sure to include search volume data for every keyword that you track on Rankitor, regardless of the search engine. And yes, this means you will be able to see search volume for search engines besides Google!

It’s a derivative of Pro Rank Tracker’s supported features.

2. Sweet Progress Graphs

Any seasoned SEO expert will tell you one of the most exciting things to see is a rising graph. If it’s going up it means you did your job well and the brain rewards you with dopamine, allowing you to enjoy your SEO gig and pursue more clients and more success.

Every term that you track can be represented in a chart and compared with other terms. See any period from 1 week to the entire history of tracking.

3. White label ranking reports

As part of PRT’s original policy, you get an UNLIMITED quota of SEO ranking reports here as well!

This means you can generate as many reports as you need for as many clients as you need. Got a client that wants 10 separate reports for him and his 9 children? You got it covered.

Reports can be included in the body of the email and attached as PDF/XLSX/CSV files.

4. Bolster your reports with white label branding

Best of all, all the reports are 100% white label. This means you can place your logo and company details in the report, keeping Rankitor completely behind stage.

Being a freelancer, or a small SEO agency doesn’t mean you can’t impress clients. Sending reports with YOUR logo and company details, empowers your brand and looks more professional and established.

Don’t believe in the amazing power of white labeling and appearing well established? Well you might be interested to know that even Google used this tactic in their early years!

You have a right to succeed and get your share of the SEO pie as much as the big guys, which is why we brought PRT’s white label features to Rankitor. If you are good at what you do, you deserve a shot at the big league. And it all starts with appearing established and professional and showcasing your logo.

5. LIVE Shared Report

One of the most acclaimed features from PRT is also included in Rankitor.

Instead of emailing the report, you can simply generate a live link with the needed ranking data. Shared reports are also white label and can (and should) be encrypted with a password to protect your client’s data.

Here’s a live shared report for you to explore. Imagine you are a client that sees the report with their SEO ranking data. Password is “1234”.

6. Certified FRESH SEO ranking data from all the tracked search engines

Just like PRT, Rankitor gets you daily fresh ranking data straight from Google and the other search engines. This is especially important for Google which can be very volatile during wide algorithm updates and they also deliver sudden penalties for various reasons. It’s better that you see it in the graph FIRST and not in sudden lost traffic out of the blue.

Some entry level affordable SERP trackers simply save money and resources by checking your ranking data only once a week or even once a month. You pay a cheap price but also see a cheap outdated rank.

Not with Rankitor! Rankitor will get your ranking data at least once a day for an even lower price.

7. Set ranking change Notifications

Following up on the previous point of knowing about sudden ranking changes, this is one of the most important features that we migrated from PRT to Rankitor – the ability to set notification triggers on your tracked terms:

Never miss any sudden rise or drop in ranks ever again. No matter the cause; be it an algorithm hit, an algo blessing or a penalty; the moment it happens, you will get notified.

Will it REALLY save you money?

Unequivocally yes, and we will prove it. We know many tools claim this, but the beauty here is that this time it’s true. As in hundreds of dollars a year! Listen closely and let’s break this down:

The thing that truly determines the price is how many terms you need to track. Instead of seeing the overall price, you need to start considering a new more realistic measurement – the Price-Per-Term measure (PPT).

For example, Rankitor’s plans start at $0.25 per tracked term and go as low as $0.032 per tracked term. Depending on which plan you choose.

Most “affordable” rank trackers on the market have a PPT ranging in $0.3-$0.1. This is nowhere near as affordable as it should be (plus you might be getting week old ranks on top of that to add insult to injury).

Second, is the ridiculously rare existence of REAL entry-level small plans. Most “entry-level” basic plans start at $49, which comes out at a whopping $588 for a user that might not even need all the added features and quota.

We decided to change that.

Here is Rankitor’s most affordable rank tracking plan. The MOST affordable you will find anywhere by a looong shot

Effectively with Rankitor you can save $534 a year, and that is A LOT. Instead of filling SERPWoo’s pockets, you will be able to treat yourself and your family to a dinner in a nice restaurant.


ALL features unlocked from the most basic plan!

Here’s another thing we decided to change in the rank tracking market for small SEO experts.

Many tools on the market have plenty of neat features that are unlocked only on the higher priced plans (PRT also uses this method but we also have mostly very large clients).

You may need to track just 100 keywords, but to get the full scope of features, you will have to pay extra.

Not in Rankitor. We did something completely different here.

All plans enjoy the same features, and the only thing that determines price is the actual rank tracking quota.

The same level of support PRT users enjoy

Another strong suit we bring from PRT to Rankitor are the wide scope of support channels:

  • Live chat
  • Support tickets that are answered promptly (usually within a few hours)
  • A knowledge base that includes video tutorials:

Summary: The problem in the market

SERP trackers and SEO tools are designed to suit SEO agencies and SEO experts with HUGE clients that need large quotas and a wide array of features, and the price is set accordingly.

The reality is most SEO tools users are just your average website owners, beginners and freelance pros with a few steady clients that don’t need all that. But they will still pay a premium like they were netting the profits of Neil Patel.

The market lacks entry-level plans.

MOST SEO pros don’t need the bulky overpacked tool that charges them a nice chunk of money as if they were the SEO team behind Adidas.

You need to adjust the tool for the needed job. If you need an occasional fix in your home such as to drill a hole in your kitchen to hang some items, you will not get an entire professional home renovation toolkit for that. A small drill with proper bits will suffice. Same goes for SEO tools.

You might be just a humble eCommerce website selling your art online and your niche is a small part that only targets a handful of keywords. If that’s the case, you simply don’t need a monster 199$ a month SEO tool to get the needed rank tracking done and the occasional SEO audit.

This is exactly why we created Rankitor. A true basic, entry-level SERP tracker.

The ONLY one on the market as it were.

As you saw, pound for pound, you get an amazing light tool packed full of SEO busting features, for the MOST affordable price on the market per tracked search term. You will NOT find a cheaper plan.

And don’t worry, once you grow enough and establish yourself as a force in SEO, you will be ready to advance to Pro Rank Tracker.

A clean FREE trial with no subscription traps

So now it’s time to try Rankitor for a FREE 7-day trial and try all the features we mentioned in this article yourself!

One of our guiding policies is clean business play. We realize it’s easy to forget to cancel unused subscriptions, which is why we NEVER entrapped our users. And which is why unfortunately, virtually everyone else uses this shady scalping tactic.

All our trials (PRT & Rankitor) don’t require credit card details to start.

The only thing we ask of you in return, is that you don’t create more than 1 account and that you give us a real honest spin.

Our tech support is fully open for free users as well, so please don’t be shy to ask anything you need to set up your account.

We have FULL faith in our tech.

By the way, here’s a fun fact for you: Mastercard started to bust businesses this year that practice subscription traps, so this practice will likely be extinct soon.

The end of shady auto-renewal traps is nigh!

About Pro Rank Tracker – the power behind Rankitor

PRT is an elite SERP tracker for more advanced use cases. PRT has all the features that Rankitor has, plus power features such as:

  • An even more detailed Google mobile rank tracking by device type (smartphone or tablet)
  • More than 13 types of various fully customizable white label SEO ranking reports
  • White label Sub-Accounts which allow you to replace PRT’s logo with yours!
  • FULL SERPS: see the entire top100 search results displayed in one graph:
  • MyRanks: A white label mobile app for your client that displays their LIVE ranking data. It features YOUR logo and company details
  • A detailed and fast SEO audit report
  • Quotas up to 250k keywords
  • Personal dedicated account manager for enterprise plans
  • Easy data migration with Bulk Upload and assistance from our team
  • Direct ranking data to any external SEO tool with API access

The full PRT price plan breakdown and the free 7-day trial for PRT can be started HERE.

Amazing new affiliate opportunities await you

We want Rankitor to reach anyone who needs it.

Anyone who overpays for a basic tool, and anyone who wants to save money and just get accurate ranking data, from a reliable source.

If you have colleagues or know people that might be interested in moving to a much better and affordable solution, you can refer them to us and gain an affiliate bonus! They might be tired of paying SERPWoo’s ridiculous fees, when all they need is basic reliable search engine monitoring.

On the flipside, if you know big SEO pros with many clients that need a more comprehensive solution, that includes features such as SEO Audits and FULL SERP tracking, you can refer them to Pro Rank Tracker and get an even larger bonus!

All details here.




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