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PRT’s tactical Notifications Tool: Level up your SEO strategy

SEO is dominantly a game of strategy; it is widely influenced by your tactical decisions and moves over the period of an SEO campaign. Even the word ‘campaign’ itself echoes the strategic nature of SEO. There are many SEO tools on the market for various needs, but todays topic is all about fine tuning and truly taking your SEO strategy to the next level of dominance using PRT’s simple-to-use yet highly effective Notifications Tool.

From the first days of Google—when the first SEO pioneers discovered the power of backlinks and what adding a few simple keywords to a website could do to its ranks—SEO has progressed and evolved until it’s become what it is today: a highly advanced arms race against search engines and other websites where every move you make in this game will count towards your and your clients’ future progress. Ranks can rise and fall like stocks, and monitoring them is as important as monitoring your stock portfolio. This is where SERP trackers come into the picture, being to ranks what stock-monitoring software is to stocks.

Unfortunately, just monitoring your ranks isn’t enough these days. You need to be aware of important changes that happen to your ranks—otherwise you might miss important opportunities to advance your ranks, or even save them from demise. To do this, you can either frantically check your SERP tracker, waiting to intercept important changes (and wasting a lot of valuable time that could have been spent on actual SEO efforts), or get a notification whenever an important change happens to the ranks you track with your SERP tracker. Coming to save the day is PRT’s Notification Tool:

See how flexible the notification tool is

As you can see from the picture, there are 8 different signals you can use for your strategy with different configurations for each. These signals can be applied for every keyword that you track with PRT, and the moment a change you need to know about happens to a particular keyword, you will get notified. Check out the triggers that can be set up.

  • Reached #1 positions: This is an important notification worthy of celebration – one of your keywords just conquered the charts!
  • Reached Top (#): You are free to input whatever value you think is a valuable trigger for your strategy. You will receive a notification the moment the keyword reaches the specified desired position.
  • Out of the Top (#): This is arguably the most important signal to have—it lets you know when a keyword drops from a position. Google has an infamous and often unpredictable tendency to update and change their ranking algorithms and policies, often damaging hard-earned ranks in the process. Google can also deal devastating penalties to websites, knocking ranks out of top 100 positions very quickly. Knowing this as soon as it happens will allow you to at least try and adapt as best you can and hopefully save your rankings.
  • Is (#): Get a signal the moment a keyword reaches a specified rank.
  • Is not (#): Get a signal whenever a keyword leaves a specified rank. This is a great trigger to set when it’s important to know of any changes to a given rank, no matter if it’s up or down.
  • Comparison: This is a more advanced, fine-tuning option if you’re looking to gauge very specific changes your ranks make over a given period of time. Configure it to your exact specifications.

Notification triggers can be set for every type of rank that you monitor. For example: you track the keyword “best bodybuilding supplements” for a certain website. You track 5 different types of ranks for this URL and keyword combo:

SE:; device type: iPhone; location: Canada, Toronto

SE:; device type: Android Phone; location: UK, London

SE:; device type: desktop; location: US, New York (NY)

SE: Yahoo! CA

SE: Bing UK

Naturally, all these ranks will be influenced differently depending on all the various factors at play. You need to be able to notice changes for each type of rank that you keep track of to have complete comprehension of how well your strategy is faring.

The Notifications Tool is an amazing, trusty gauging tool to alert you of specific changes, and it’s a must-have if you want to get valuable signals for tactical SEO decisions. Never miss out on important rank changes again. You will know and be able to act immediately instead of missing out on valuable and important opportunities. Ranks rise and fall like stocks, and your money rises and falls with them; you must have triggers and signals set so you can make educated decisions. Ranks are susceptible to not just your direct efforts and strategy, but also SEO market forces.

To get the tool, you just need to be a PRT user, and soon you’ll be able to set awesome strategic triggers for everything you track with PRT. Are you are ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level and reap the benefits?