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The 4 Golden Principles of an Industry-standard SEO Ranking Report

Sending ranking reports to your clients is a basic part of being…
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Why you should be keeping an eye on your page’s title in the SERP and why your CTR depends on it

A website's page title is what shows up on a search engine's…
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The truth revealed! Why are some SERP trackers more precise than others?

We always mention that SERP trackers are a far more accurate,…
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Rank Tracking Resolution (RTR): one of the most important SEO topics to know about

We often mention the term “rank-tracking resolution.” While…
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Why Google’s latest change is another nail in the coffin for manual rank checking

We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that manual rank checking…

Time to venture deep into the mobile top 100 Google ranks with Pro Rank Tracker!

It’s a time of exploration and wonder in SEO, and with PRT’s…
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Google Mobile and Desktop SERP Composition and Features– A SERP Tracking Visual Guide

We’ve mentioned a lot of subjects in regard to SERP tracking…

All the rank tracking types you will need for SEO in 2018

SEO isn’t an easy business, considering how advanced and accurate…
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PRT’s SnackTrack and Local Finder: The ideal tools for Snack Pack SEO rank tracking

Google’s Snack Pack is now the common landscape of Google’s…
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5 powerful ways to stand out as an SEO business with PRT

In today’s saturated SEO market it’s important to make a…
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4 sure-fire ways to appear more established using PRT’s unique blend of features

If there’s anything we’ve learned from people’s perception…
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The Ultimate SERP tracking guide 2018: How to add the right keywords for SERP tracking

Adding keywords to your SERP tracker for rank tracking is the…

The importance of UI fluidity and data management solutions in a SERP tracker

How easily can you control and edit your data with your SERP…

The Ideal Solution for SERP Tracker Beginners and New Users

Is your SERP tracker user friendly? Following last week’s…
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Pro Rank Tracker is Upgrading! Introducing Pro Rank Tracker’s Brand New Features

Good news everyone! We are excited to tell you that we have some…