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Businesses use this psychological principle to influence customer impressions

We all know that experience and size matter when it comes to…
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Introducing PRT’s updated Shared Reports: The next-gen of SEO ranking reports

Sending SEO ranking reports to your clients aids in transparency…

Google airport ranks and the new levels of local SEO rank tracking in 2018

Let’s say you just landed at New York’s JFK Airport and you’re…

SERP tracking in a post-privacy world: How Google knows your location virtually at all times

We’ve mentioned on many occasions how every search result you…
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How to be ready when the next big Google update hits your ranks

Did you experience a sudden and unexplained drop in ranks? Did…
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Google by the numbers: Amazing Google stats and facts

The search engine is the most common tool of internet usage after…

Mind-Blowing Internet Stats and Fun Facts, 2018

The internet is where search engines crawl and all the SEO action…

How to tailor SEO ranking reports for any type of client

Sending search engine ranking reports to clients is a fundamental…

The SEO ranking data your SERP tracker must show you in 2018

A data table is the most important organizational property of…

The 4 Golden Principles of an Industry-standard SEO Ranking Report

Sending ranking reports to your clients is a basic part of being…
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Why you should be keeping an eye on your page’s title in the SERP and why your CTR depends on it

A website's page title is what shows up on a search engine's…
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The truth revealed! Why are some SERP trackers more precise than others?

We always mention that SERP trackers are a far more accurate,…
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Rank Tracking Resolution (RTR): one of the most important SEO topics to know about

We often mention the term “rank-tracking resolution.” While…
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Why Google’s latest change is another nail in the coffin for manual rank checking

We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that manual rank checking…

Time to venture deep into the mobile top 100 Google ranks with Pro Rank Tracker!

It’s a time of exploration and wonder in SEO, and with PRT’s…