PRT Interface and Reporting in new languages!

PRT Interface and Reporting in new languages!

We are glad to announce that you can now use ProRankTracker with new languages, professionally translated for our international customers!

We are starting to roll out the new languages.
Out now: French and Spanish!

Languages are available for the web interface and for reporting as well.

Languages can be selected at the top-right (flag/EN) to switch the interface language.

On “PRT Settings” -> General -> Language, you can select the site interface language and the default reports language.

Yes – you can have a different language for using PRT and a different languages for reports you send to your clients and colleagues.

Some reports will use this default report setting and some reports (like automated, notifications and shared) can have a specific language set for each.
You can use a different language on different reports.

Our support is currently still in English only, but in the new live chat there’s a built-in translation feature, which allows us to communicate with our users in any language.

You are welcome to chat with us in your language.