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Pro Rank Tracker is Upgrading! Introducing Pro Rank Tracker’s Brand New Features

Good news everyone! We are excited to tell you that we have some cool new changes heading your way – we have upgraded our system and added some amazing brand new features.

So let’s quickly go over what’s new and fresh:

  • PRT is even more beginner-friendly than before – Deciding to make an adjustment in this important area resulted in the new Wizard, which will guide anyone new to SEO or PRT through the system, how to use it, and how to input keywords and URLs for tracking. You don’t have to be an experienced SERP tracker user—just follow the 4 easy, guided steps of the wizard, and you will have your keyword and URL repertoire up and tracking in no time.
  • New and advanced term adding page – We have upgraded and improved our term adding page. Instead of having 4 separate tabs to handle the different types of ranks (Desktop, Mobile, Local, and Snack Pack), all the relevant data input will now be managed from one page. This will allow a more efficient and smoother workflow, better maneuverability and control, and quicker and more flexible data input.
    Also, before you add the terms, you’ll be able to see a summary of your data at the bottom of the page and the total term credits the addition will cost you. This way, you can quickly preview your selection in a single glance and make adjustments if necessary before you add.
  • Editing terms – Now you can edit and adjust the rank tracking settings of any term that’s being tracked without the need to delete and reenter a term. You can edit search engines, device types, location, and any property associated with the term other than the term itself. This will give you more flexibility and control over the terms tracked by the system, and it makes the system more efficient than ever.

    Like this tree that has evolved to become an airborne predator, PRT too has evolved to a higher level of SERP tracking


  • New unprecedented levels of accuracy – It’s fair to say Google’s geo-targeted personalization has become terrifyingly accurate at this point. So ridiculously accurate, in fact, that your aunt a few blocks away from you might see different search results based on location factors alone. To answer the growing demand for accurate location-based ranks, PRT will now be able to track ranks down to neighborhood resolution and pinpoint the ranking differences between you and your aunt. Essentially you have two options: Nearby, showing the average rank of a large area, and Exact Location, showing the rank of an exact location down to a radius of a few hundred meters.
    This brings you even closer to a “true rank”, so an SEO purist that wants nothing but the highest level of accuracy will see this as key to their strategy. Having the ability to see rank differences with such accuracy is also great for highly targeted hyper-precision marketing and local SEO.
    By constantly developing and evolving our rank tracking algorithms, we make sure to provide our users the SERP tracker with the highest accuracy in the market.
  • An improved Bulk Add feature – Our Bulk Add feature, which allows to input massive amounts of data into PRT with one spreadsheet, will have some new parameters added, including the new local rank tracking capabilities mentioned above. This will allow you to add a large number of new terms for tracking with an even broader scope of definitions and settings, so you will get exactly what you need out of every rank that’s being added and tracked.
  • Discover hidden ranks the moment you add a URL for tracking – Now every time you add a new URL and keyword for tracking, our system will discover any additional hidden ranked keywords for that URL you might not be aware of, so you can add them to be tracked as well and get a significant edge to your strategy. To learn more about the benefit of Hidden Ranks and how they can level up your SEO and increase organic traffic to your websites:
    5 amazing things you can do with PRT’s Ranking Discovery tool

So, these are the new additions, and believe it or not, this is just the beginning. Even more new awesome features are heading your way in the coming months. Pro Rank Tracker will continue to improve and bring you the best service and user experience, the fastest and most accurate ranking data on the market, and the freshest ranks you can find!

PRT has always strived to improve and adapt, as SEO is an arms race against search engines, and the playing field always evolves, so we must evolve with it or be left behind. That’s why we made it one of our guiding principles to always be aware of our users’ needs along with the ever-changing environment of search engines.

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements and grow with us.

Not a PRT user yet? Time to get on board and experience the next level of SERP tracking! PRT is rank-tracking centered with no redundant, rarely used features. We make the effort where it matters – tracking ranks at the most affordable price.

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