Powerful New Reports

Per your requests, We have just updated PRT with powerful new reports, that we have designed especially for your business needs.

To use the new reports, hover “Reports” at top menu and select the report you’d like to generate.
Note that the top menu Reports box changed to allow easy navigation to the reports generation and settings areas.

The new reports are:

Groups Summary report

This report displays all of your Groups quick stats.

Tags Summary report

Displayes all of your Tags quick stats

Progress Reports – Week by Week and Month by Month

View your websites weekly or monthly progress in rankings.

Multiple URLs can be selected.

Search-Engines Comparison report

Term by Search-Engine report.

A comparison of rankings of the same term (single URL) on different Search Engines.

URLs Comparison report

Term by URL report.

A comparison of rankings of the same term on different URLs.

Benchmark report (day, week or month)

A comparison of terms rankings (single URL) between two dates, weeks or months.

All reports can be downloaded, sent via Email or saved to Drive or Dropbox.