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More than SERP Tracking: 5 Unique Extra Features

More than SERP Tracking: 5 Unique Extra Features and Supplements to Make SEO Life Easier


We always stress the importance of SERP tracking as the number-one gauge of your organic SEO progress. But today, we’ll focus on the auxiliary of SERP tracking and how to use some of our extra features to help you in your entire SEO conquest and not just the monitoring aspect.


We can give you your 100%-correct and relevant search engine rank, but that’s not the only thing we can do for you. Far from it!


SERP tracking is sort of like the SEO equivalent of working out and tracking your gym gains and/or weight loss, but if you truly want to live a healthy SEO lifestyle, you’ll also need supplements to boost your workouts and stride towards your purpose. Having the most basic SEO tools won’t be enough if you want to succeed in business. 


Vitamin D – Search Volume Reveal


The core element for gauging the value of a keyword is search volume – in other words,  the number of people that actively search for the keyword each month.


It’s important for virtually all types of internet marketing and not just search engine optimization.


Now, clearly, this is not the only thing to consider when evaluating if a keyword is worthy of promoting. There are other values to consider, such as how specific, relevant and targeted that keyword is to the subject that you’re trying to promote and push to the top positions.


But search volume is the first step in keyword research. It’s a VITAL key ingredient, and without it, keyword strategy becomes more like guesswork than an actual strategy.


We at Pro Rank Tracker have made it a goal to always show your search volume in addition to your rank in our SERP tracking tool:

The most searched term on Google. People are apparently too lazy to bookmark their FB link.


Google made exact search volumes available only to high-paying users, which made it useless for SEO experts and small marketers who use mediocre rank trackers.


Well, not if you’re a Pro Rank Tracker user. We can reveal your exact monthly Google search volume for any keyword and break it down to its global search volume plus its local search volume by country!


Not only that, but our SERP tracking tool also show you the monthly search volume for Bing, YouTube and Amazon keywords. For professionals in the market on Amazon and YouTube, keeping track of search volume also provides an additional important metric of brand and product recognition, since both of these playing fields are prone to viral outbreaks and sudden spikes of public interest.


The full breakdown of our search volume reveal feature:

You Can Now Reveal the Monthly Search Volume of ANY Keyword for All the Major Search Engines (Even Amazon and YouTube!)


Now, since we know SEO is also a mental endurance challenge, you’ll also need to keep your mind, body and neural network in good physical shape, so here’s a brief overview on the actual supplement that we used in each analogy.


Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D! So go outside but don’t stare too long or there will be retribution. The giant fusion reactor in the sky demands our respect (it also used to demand human sacrifice from the Aztecs. But no more, thank goodness).

Vitamin D  – An essential vitamin that our skin produces when it’s exposed to sunlight. It’s essential for many body functions as well as mood regulation. Ever wondered why you feel more blue when the sun isn’t shining, and why the depression rates in cold and rainy regions is generally higher? Well, some experts attribute it to vitamin D deficiency.


So, for anyone doing that office grind and not going out too much and getting that precious sun, or if your sky is always cloudy, you need to get your hands on some D3 supplements ASAP.


But one important note: Do not exceed 10,000 IU a day. Some of these supplements pack a ridiculously huge amount per pill, and these are generally therapeutic doses. In the long run, that can be toxic for a relatively healthy individual. Keep it in the 1,000-2,000 IU-per-day range please.


Magnesium – 100% White Label reports and features


If you’re an SEO expert of any size, chances are you have clients of your own to take care of. And with our SERP tracking tool, we’ve got you covered in ways you might have never even encountered before.


One of the best ways to keep your client happy, maintain that healthy professional relationship, and get those future referrals is to keep them in the loop by sending them crisp, simple-to-read SEO ranking reports.


Being transparent about the process and making them see their money isn’t being thrown into the wind will go a long way in the long term.


We have more than 12 unique SEO ranking reports for you to choose from, from simple ones for clients who just want the main details to highly advanced reports showing tons of data to SEO-savvy clients:


And here comes the best part – they are 100% white-label enabled, which means you can customize them anyway you need – but most importantly, we’re talking about embedding your logo and company details into each report and letting them take center stage, like this.


You can also customize the colors and layout and add a cover letter or closing letter. Our system provides a UI similar to Word and is very easy to work with:


Reports can be used in a ton of ways, and not just for your current clients. You can design case studies for future clients, keep your colleagues informed, and use our charts and graphs to get a visual representation for yourself.


And all this was just the bare-essential basics. The real showstoppers are our exclusive, premium, white-label features.


At the highest level, we offer full-blown outsourcing to make it look like you have your very own rank tracker. We do it with four main features:


Shared Reports – LIVE SEO ranking reports shared on an external link that your clients can access. Can be parked on your domain. They’re fully customizable and can also be encrypted with a password and set with an expiration date to protect client data.


See one in action right now – the password is “shared”.


Our MyRanks client app – This is a rank tracker app that your clients can download. You can set it up with a unique user name and password. It displays their ranking data and it features YOUR logo and company details in a dedicated “About” tab.

Neiman Marcus 1

Neiman Marcus 2 (2)

Neiman Marcus 3 (2)

Neiman Marcus 4

White-label sub-accounts – These are smaller “child” accounts to your main admin “parent” PRT account. You can compartmentalize data by using sub-accounts and setting unique user names and passwords. The sub-accounts can feature YOUR logo, fully replacing PRT’s:


And after:

Quick Account Stats dashboard after applying company logo through the PRT white label solution



This allows you to present our technology as YOUR technology, and if that doesn’t strike them as impressive and set you up as an established SEO expert they can place their trust in, we don’t know what will.


SERP API access – Not everyone offes this option, but we proudly do. Stream fresh, accurate ranking data directly to your SEO tool. You’ll get SERP data from all the search engines that we monitor with all filtering and personalization options that we offer with our tool.


Blog readers, get special deals on API access if you talk talk to our chat rep here (chat is at the bottom right corner).


To read more on how to use the advantages that come with our scope of whit- label features, here’s the full guide:

Businesses use this psychological principle to influence customer impressions

I bet you feel really important Magnesium, being the 12th atom. Well done Magnesium. You don’t have to rub it in our faces though.

Magnesium – It’s one of the essential dietary minerals for cardiovascular health. In fact, many of our modern-day ailments can be attributed to a magnesium deficiency, such as depressive and anxious modes, muscle spasms and tics, sleeping difficulties and general weakness. There are a few different forms of magnesium, and there are nuances as to how each of them effects the system, but the bottom line is, you need to get that mag in your bloodstream. Chalated forms are usually well tolerated.


Boost your system — however, do not exceed 100% of the daily recommended dose, since more than that for healthy individuals can cause more harm than good.


Coenzyme Q10 – Ranking Discovery Tool


Our Keyword Discovery Tool reverse engineers search engines, and instead of showing you the rank to a given {keyword + URL} combo, it can show you the keywords that are already ranked top100 on Google, Yahoo! and Bing for any URL.


The uses of this keyword research tool are plenty, but its main power is with niche research – by exploring a website’s power, it shows you essentially which keywords are the niche leaders.


The RD tool can also be used to estimate a website’s backlink potential – if they are ranked well for many relevant keywords in your niche, that means their backlinks are worth pursuing.


You can also use our keyword rank tracker to see if collateral terms (that you aren’t even directly promoting) suddenly appear in the top 100 of one of the search engines for YOUR URLs.  Once keywords set foot in the top 100, bumping them to the top is much easier than starting from scratch.


Getting keyword rankings within the top 100 happens more frequently than you realize. You might be very surprised about how many terms you’ve got lingering in the top 100 positions. And since they bring you no actual traffic (or just insignificant drips of occasional traffic), you might never have discovered them and their potential would go unfulfilled.

According to Wikipedia, these represent the molecule. I sure wish I remembered my chemistry classes right now to know what it all means.


Coenzyme Q10 – This is a fat-soluble compound that has been found to enhance blood flow and protect the blood vessels. A star player in life-extension circles for many years, this molecule is also beneficial for young healthy people that want to maintain their cardiovascular health and keep possible future problems at bay. It has a critical role in producing energy for the body, and many athletes and professionals have already discovered the extra boost of power it might provide.


Omega-3 – Keyword Suggestion Tool


Keyword suggestion tools are a dime a dozen on the internet. They are part of a basic toolset for any internet SEO expert and marketer. The only difference with our tool is that we have a smart keyword suggestion algorithm that picks up REAL keywords that have search volume behind them.


That’s instead of going the traditional route of arbitrarily offering you silly keywords that you might not even use, that are entirely irrelevant, or have no value in your niche.


If used together with the Ranking Discovery Tool, the combo can provide you with one of the most powerful and effective keyword and niche research methods out there:

How to discover thousands of keywords from just a single keyword for virtually any niche: Step by step visual guide

This is how typically omega 3 pills look like – concentrated fish oil. Don’t try to chew one. I did it once and the fishy smell and taste have been engraved in my memory as a future warning.

Omega-3 – Omega-3 is a fatty acid found in fish and certain plants. Omega 3 is associated with healthier blood vessels, mood improvement and a reduced risk for cardiovascular plaque buildup. It can also reduce the risk of diabetes and help fight several forms of cancer, including breast cancer.


When choosing an omega-3 supplements, notice the EPA and DHA ratios. A 1:1 ratio of 250mg each is recommended for most general health maintenance cases.


Omega-3 actually thins the blood, which is part of its benefits, so be mindful of that if you’re taking aspirin or other blood-thinning drugs.


It’s also one of the most well-researched supplements out there. The pile of clinical evidence and anecdotes that have accumulated on the benefits of this substance can cover some of the other supplements in research papers and then leave some paper to spare.


Zinc – Workflow management tools


We won’t be confident to say we’re the best among SERP tracking tools without proof to back it up. We have everything you need to keep your workflow in order — especially if you work with a team and need to delegate tasks and keep everything in check and transparent.


Our data management features include: tags, URL groups, saved filters, notes, and sub-accounts, and the navigator all-seeing eye that lets you quickly access pre-defined segments of data:

PRT’s All Seeing Eye will help you easily navigate your data AND tell you what lies beyond the universe (second part is a secret feature we don’t even know how to access)


It’ll take a whole article to go through all of them, which is why we wrote one!

PRT’s newest feature will help you manage your workflow faster than ever before

If you take us for a free trial, be sure to catch up on these subjects.

Get your elegant Zinc wooden plate for your office today! 100% zinc free.

Zinc – It is one of the 24 micronutrients needed for survival, and deficiencies can lead to health risks.


Zinc is involved in regulating many enzymes. It is an antioxidant and an immune-boosting supplement. Zinc can reduce the frequency of illness and supports optimal levels of testosterone in men.


Vitamin C – Special features to protect yourself from Google’s shenanigans


You need to keep Google in check. Make sure your titles are displayed the way you intended and that no sudden update knocked your ranks to oblivion. To do that, we have two solutions:


Notification triggers – Get notified the moment one of your ranks drops below a certain threshold. Google updates have been known to drop websites from the SERP like a bad habit. Sometimes there are errors that cause this as well, such as what happened to SEJ recently:

How to Protect Yourself From Being Deindexed by Google with Pro Rank Tracker’s Notification Feature


Here are the conditions that you can set:



Title display – Your titles might get truncated or not even display correctly:


Titles get truncated if Google deems them too wide (and their accepted widths fluctuate and isn’t a constant to rely on by no means). Google can also display the title that they deem more fitting to a certain search term, or if you didn’t define your titles correctly in the HTML markup.

Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C. If you stack them up one on top of the other you have wasted a perfectly good 2 minutes.

Vitamin C – Often taken to keep the immune system healthy. While research is yet to convincingly back up vitamins C’s protective properties against colds and winter sickness, there’s anecdotal evidence aplenty. If you add it to your regular stack of supportive supplements, it might help prevent colds and certainly won’t hurt. It may also help the absorption of iron and zinc you get from your regular diet.



That’s all for today. We hope that you keep a healthy lifestyle in both SEO and your actual physical health. Share this article if you found it beneficial to your SERP analysis and SEO wellbeing.


Subscribing to our blog has also been shown to provide several benefits, such as getting updated with search engine news and tips, so be sure you’re subscribed!




About Pro Rank Tracker – what lies beyond the industry standards

We are not your common SERP tracker nor one of those SEO tools that provide missing data.


We are a top-tier SERP tracker that specializes in providing the most advanced rank-tracking solutions available on the market today.


We offer the widest search-engine rank tracking coverage you will find anywhere in a single tool – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, Amazon, and YouTube. That includes being able to track Google’s real personalized ranks that are updated to 2024!


We’re currently the only rank tracking tool that offers affordable entry-level plans for small businesses and beginners. $49 a month won’t cost you an arm and a leg and will help you get the job done.


We believe in a “Show, Don’t Tell” approach, which is why we’ve opened up this special 7-day free trial for you to experiment with all the features we mentioned above and more. Go ahead and give our SERP checker a try!


Got Questions?

Set up a FREE Skype lesson with one of our account managers during your 7-day trial.


Get a monthly income bonus by introducing the most accurate and advanced SERP tracker on the market to others.


Use our Affiliate Program and enjoy a 20% recurring monthly commission for the entire duration of the referred account!


Our big-quota Enterprise plans also provide the best value and are the most affordable on the market of their kind. It’s a win-win situation for all parties.


And this is a CLEAN affiliate bonus you can be proud of – since, as you saw, we don’t set up grey-fee traps.


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