Introducing PRT’s new Quick Glance Trend feature for ranking data

A Look at Ranking Data: Introducing PRT’s new Quick Glance Trend feature

One of the best combos to learn in boxing is the one-two punch: it’s fast, stunning, and if done correctly, it can earn you points and awe your opponent. This article is about the one-two-punch version of SEO ranking data presentation – Pro Rank Tracker’s new Quick Glance Trend column.

Show, Don’t Tell

A known rule of thumb when it comes to creative writing is to show, not tell; we feel this is true for SEO ranking data presentation as well, which is why we came up with the Trend column.

Evidently, Yahoo! it seems hasn't been fairing all that well for the search term "the best search engine" on Google

Evidently, Yahoo! it seems hasn’t been fairing all that well for the search term “the best search engine” on Google

This elegant sparkline chart provides a graphic representation of any ranking changes in the last 30 days, letting the data flow visually and naturally. This is the ideal way to view your ranking data. We have always strived for clean data presentation, and it has been a guideline of our design approach to be concise, yet highly informative. You don’t have to go in depth – with a casual glance you can see not only the current rank, but also the whole monthly status of your SEO campaign. Clicking the graph will expand it to show more details:

Next to the Trend graph you will find the rest of the corresponding ranking data. Our data tables, the infrastructure in which your data is displayed, aim to show you all the relevant data of a term in one place, according to the needs of SEO in 2018.

Quick Glance Ranking Reports

Sending ranking data reports to clients and keeping them informed is a basic requirement of SEO experts, as we have mentioned on numerous occasions in this blog. We know that our users have clients of their own to take care of, so we made all our reports 100% white label, so that we can remain entirely backstage and let you feature your brand and company details. Our SEO ranking reports are designed to truly look impressive to your clients and make you look professional. Virtually everyone understands a graph and can appreciate a graphic representation of ranking progress better than just dry tabular data presentation. Adding the Trend column to the reports you send will help your clients see their progress with ease, and if that graph is rising and positive, then even better!

May you ride the Trend graph all the way to the top!

May you ride the Trend graph all the way to the top!

We created our reports to be easily read, even with no in-depth knowledge of SEO. Ranking reports need to be crisp looking, have little noise and few distractions, and be neat and easy to understand. It’s better not to send reports with too much data and details to clients who just want to know their basic ranks. On the other hand, you might have a client who wants to see as much data as possible, so they will benefit from a report that has richer information. Luckily, the reports are fully customizable, and you decide what and how much data to present. Modify it to display just 4 columns:

or a wider scope of 10 columns:

You can sort the ranking data by every column. We highly recommend that you use the Trend column in both your regular data table and in the reports that you send out to clients. You will experience firsthand what difference this little detail can make in data reading.

In-depth Daily Progress Graph

The Trend column can provide the essentials of your ranking data very quickly, but if you or your client want a more thorough analysis and prefer to dive deeper using a graphic representation, we have our Daily Progress Report:

It shows the daily progress that a term has made over a period. You can define it to show just a few days or all the progress since rank tracking for that term started. It’s a more advanced type of report that can show the overall progress of a campaign or select stages of it. For example, the impact a Google update may have had on a rank can easily be seen in a Progress Report. You can even compare several terms in the same graph:


Progress Reports are also great for showcasing case studies of successful SEO campaigns.

The Trend column is just one of several new features PRT has unveiled, and there is much more in store for 2018. The next ones we introduce will take SERP tracking and ranking data presentation to a whole new level. Subscribe to our blog so you won’t miss on any search engine news plus the new features that are coming. Also, if you liked this post, please share and let us know your thoughts with a comment below.

PRT is an SEO-centered tool that offers everything you need for rank tracking by 2018’s SEO standards. A single webpage can have thousands of different ranks for the same keyword, and we can track every single one of those ranks. By bypassing Google’s personalization filters, we can show you your REAL rank. Our goal is to be as SEO oriented as a rank tracker can be. Staying on point and not clogging our tool with redundant features allows us to have the friendliest prices on the market. The Trend feature is available to all our users, even those on our FREE PLAN, so start sending those awesome reports. Your clients will be impressed!

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