How to track 20,000 search results for only $25

This figure might sound too good to be true, not because it is, but because the common market standard is simply unfair.

Our offer is the fair and honest way to do it, and we are the only SERP tracker on the market that genuinely offers a clean and cost-effective solution for anyone in need of proper SEO rank tracking.

There are three potential readers here:

  1. Either you are a PRT user, and you enjoy this amazing feature, in that case, kudos to you!
  2. You are a PRT user, and you have yet to try this feature, in which case, please keep reading!
  3. You are NOT a PRT user and are severely overpaying for your current SERP tracker!

While this post is purely self-promotional, we will stick to the dry facts and show you why you’ve been overpaying your SEO tools for years. By the end of this article, you will understand that everything is just too expensive, and it’s time for you to level up your SEO game plan.

This tool is relevant for anyone that tracks:

  • Google and GMB
  • Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex
  • Video marketing on Google video and YouTube
  • eCommerce on Amazon (A9)

Let’s cut to the chase:

20,000 search results for only $25

Traditionally there are two main tiers when it comes to search engine monitoring tools:

Level 1: You track your URL+keyword (1 search result per keyword) on a search engine and pay a very hefty price for it. If we average all overly expensive SEO tools on the market, usually, it comes to about $30 for 200 search results, at the most bare-bone basic levels, with no extra features.

Level 2: Competitor tracking. Only a handful of SEO tools on the market offer this rare feature. With every URL+keyword that you track, you also get to track 5 competitors for that keyword (6 search results per keyword). Taking these SEO tools into account, this usually amounts to $50 for 1800 search results.

And now, let us introduce the NEXT level. Our level:

Level 3: FULL SERP tracking. You track your URL+keyword plus the ENTIRE 99 search results that are competing for that keyword! Our most basic monthly plan lets you track 200 main terms (URL+keyword) for $25. This means you track 20,000 search results in total for only $25.

So how to do it with Pro Rank Tracker?

With our exclusive feature Full SERPs, all you need to do is simply add your URL+keyword for your main campaign. Let’s say you are promoting a plumbing service in the West New York area. A good example would be:

  • A low search volume high value keyword such as “Boiler Repairs West New York“.
  • And let’s randomly select a high-ranking URL: aladdinplumbing.com.
  • A good broad location to gauge visibility in would be the West New York area.
  • We also need to gauge visibility across all relevant platforms: Desktop, Android phones, Android tablets, iOS phones, and iOS tablets.
  • Let’s also add GMB visibility on Local Pack and extended map results.
  • For UI language, we’ll keep it in English.
  • And finally, since we don’t want to keep all our eggs in one Google basket, let’s also add Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo! into the mix.

This amounts to 9 terms, and the ability to track 900 total search results! (Local Pack featured snippet is tracked for free along with your regular GMB rank)

After everything is set up and tracked correctly, each term that you added will have the entire top100 SERP tracked as well!

Here’s how the top 20 search results look for various terms for every search engine that we track for June 10th-July 9th, 2020:
Top 20 on Google (Denver, Colorado, US, EN) for “Denver SEO”

Top 20 on Bing (US local) for “Denver search engine optimization

Top 20 on Yahoo! (US local) for “Social media marketing Denver”

Top 20 on Yandex.com for “Landscaping SEO”

Let’s explore some other notable examples for different terms in other fields of SEO:

Top 20 products on Amazon.co.uk for the search term “jbl speakers wireless bluetooth”


Top 20 videos on YouTube for the search term “pizza recipe”

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of Full SERPs in case you need some more examples on how to adapt it for your SEO.

Accuracy and quality for post-January Update Google reality

Following a major Google update, most SERP trackers on the market suffer from severe inaccuracy until they adapt to the new rules (it might even take them months!). Our users usually get their ACCURATE data back on track within minutes to hours since any major updates hit.

So not only will you be monitoring the top100 search results for any term that you track, but this also allows you to notice the impact of algo updates on your entire niche.

Often, we will see volatility with dips and spikes if we can collect data and observe the larger picture with a tool such as Full SERPs.

This is true for updates for any of the search engines that we track. Amazon, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex also get updated occasionally, so you can spot major update fluxes for those search engines as well!

How is that even possible??

Simple – instead of investing in spamming your social networks with ads, we devoted most of our efforts on development. It’s one of the reasons that we have an almost perfect track record of fast response to Google’s barrage of devastating updates!

Once people discover us and try us out, they virtually always choose to stay and even invite their peers. This is how we grew mainly from word of mouth and recommendations.

As part of our efforts to keep our users happy, we always make sure to offer the best bang for your buck in our entire industry.

Want more proof? We never set any subscription traps

The subscription trap is a notorious method to scalp extra profit from undecided and forgetful users. You sign up for a “free” trial after giving your credit card details. You forget to cancel and then get auto-charged, sometimes for months until you finally remember to cancel after having paid for basically nothing.

You eventually give your money “for free”, making this truly a “free trial”, just not the way you intended it to be.

Here’s a hint: we are ALL somewhat forgetful. Ask yourself: how much money a year is wasted on subscriptions that you forgot to cancel? Probably more than you’d like to admit!

We NEVER ask for your credit card details to start our amazing premium 7-day free trial.

We let our tech speak for itself and don’t feel the need to “entrap” our users.

Rest assured, that your free trial is truly free with PRT.


You should probably stop overpaying for mediocre monitoring. Instead, just pay for great and accurate results for a fair price. It’s that simple!

Tracking 20,000 search results for only $25 is unheard of in the SEO industry. Go ahead and seek out anyone that can beat that (we know they don’t exist, but you can still try).

This amounts to $0.00125 per tracked search result!

We also offer huge Enterprise monthly plans that can handle as much as 10,000,000 tracked search results.

About Pro Rank Tracker: An industry standard-defining SERP tracker

We have more than 60k users of all internet marketing fields, from SEO generalists to eCommerce specialists.

Other than the features we mentioned earlier here are some more perks that you get at our most basic 20,000 tracked search results for $25 monthly plan:

  • Exact monthly search volume for Google and Bing (local and global), and estimated search volume for Amazon and YouTube.
  • 100% white labeling on all features – you can replace our logo with yours and attach your company details on all our features.
  • More than 11 types of SEO ranking reports, fully customizable to include any data you need. Unlimited quota!
  • Generate historical ranking charts comparing any of the terms that you track with ease.
  • Add notes to any graph and chart to let you know important key moments in your progress.
  • Shared Reports – a live link that can show any live ranking data that you choose. You can send this link to anyone and encrypt it with a password for privacy. Here’s an example of one you can check out right now! Password: 1234
  • Our SEO audit tool that delivers a fast and in-depth SEO health analysis of any website.
  • The best keyword research method in SEO. With our keyword tools, you can discover virtually all the targeted keywords for any niche!
  • Discover data Google hides from you! With our Ranking Discovery tool, you can spot low ranked terms that lurk in the bottom (below the 20th position), that you can drive to the top with some extra SEO keyboard grease.
  • Tech support on all fronts – live chat, tickets, Facebook, Twitter DMs, LinkedIn, email, and even Skype.
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