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How to see the bigger picture of your SEO with mobile rank tracking!

The second part will deal with a subject many unfortunately neglect.  I say unfortunately as an understatement (unfortunately) because the neglect we’re talking about here is HUGE!! This is true even among you more seasoned SEO ninjas, which is surprising.  I’m talking about:

Part II — The Search by Mobile

The small and humble mobile market, which only consists of just about the ENTIRE WORLD, is too often not included enough in your tracking, or is left out altogether.  I don’t know what it means about your SEO plan, but one thing is certain: the growth of mobile search is happening much faster than anticipated, and the recent statistics suggest that more than half of ALL searches are done by mobile phone.  Google officially says that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the US and Japan.”  I don’t know about you, but it sure makes sense to me.  After all, when I’m searching for a restaurant, I will whip out my shiny new mobile phone, and you can be sure I’ll look it up on my phone.  The truth of the matter is, mobile has now become the “primary screen” for SEO and SEM.

When you search by phone, the search virtually always becomes geo-targeted (unless you’re an NSA agent with a futuristic multi-dimensional sentient phone that can bypass that) and thus it will show DIFFERENT results than a desktop search!  What that means is that you may think that your strategy sucks, when in fact someone who looks up “Game of Thrones themed decorated bar stools” on his cell will see YOUR site in the top 10.  By neglecting to check your mobile ranks, you will most defiantly miss that.  All of this actually poses some questions that might need your urgent attention:  Is your site mobile friendly?  Are you doing your mobile search optimization?  And most important of all, will you use it as an advantage to drive a tsunami of traffic to your business?

Soon, every business will have to face the truth that without including mobile into their business plan, they’ll vanish from Google’s search results on mobile devices altogether and be doomed to wander the search wastelands, hopelessly grasping for customers forever out of their reach.

One of our GREATEST features is the ability to check mobile searches.  Please use it.  Seriously—you don’t even know how necessary it is for your SEO game.

In case you never tried or forgot how,

Fill the required fields as on Desktop adding.

The difference is that on Mobile tracking you first select which mobile device/s to track from and local tracking, at least on Country level is required.
Mobile searches are highly geo-targeted, therefore we recommend tracking on City level (add Country and City as well).

Note that mobile searches are tracked deep to the top 30 results (unlike top 100 results for desktop searches).

It’s as easy as adding regular terms, and now that you know the ‘how’, go on and give it a try.  Wait until you see the difference!  You’ll be very happy you started taking notice of this.