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How To Accurately Monitor Search Engine Ranking Data

How To Accurately Monitor Search Engine Ranking Data Using The Most Powerful API On The Market

Today’s topic is all about the amazing benefits of having your very own search engine rankings API access to raw unadulterated SERP data. Not many rank trackers on the market offer this solution, and those that do, unfortunately, will not provide the highest quality ranking data, and the prices they will charge are sometimes downright outrageous. So today you will learn how to acquire pound-for-pound the highest quality ranking data on the market directly to your own tool for the MOST affordable price that you will find (and you can test this statement very easily! In fact, we encourage you to).

Having  spent effort and money into developing your own branded tool to monitor search engine ranking, it is only natural to expect to integrate as many SEO related abilities as possible into the tool. Instead of using several external SEO and rank tracking tools, the ideal would be to have data fed directly to your one tool. This will allow you to give your customers the best experience they can get, without you scouting the market and scattering in search of some complimentary features in a highly confusing and saturated SEO market.

API access to ranking data is the best solution that exists for SEO experts that have their own branded tool that they offer their customers. If that tool offers any rank tracking solutions, then you will need to get ranking data somehow. There are two ways to go about it – you can either mine that data yourself and spend a fortune developing a system that will do that reliably which will also cost quite a lot to maintain, or you can use an established SERP tracker with over 50k users, that has proven itself through every minor and major Google update that hit us over the years, such as yours truly – Pro Rank Tracker.

The second path will cost you a fraction of the price of the first path, and will deliver far better results than you can obtain on your own. The reasons for that are very simple:

Rank tracking is our MAIN specialty

We have learned the art of Rank-Fu from the ancient Search Masters that reside in the cloud

As you have polished your skills in search engine optimization to such a degree where you felt confident enough to develop your own branded tool and have your clients use it, we have mastered the ability of getting ranks from search engines. We have chosen to invest years in improving our system and algorithms instead of on advertising and spam. As a result we grew to more than 50k users almost entirely by word of mouth organic marketing. Whether it’s keyword tracking or website position ranking, we can provide you with accurate results that you won’t get anywhere else. You can try and get decent ranking data on your own, or you can get virtually perfect search engine results pages data fed directly into your branded SEO tool. You will harness the power of over 6 years of experience and monitor search engine ranking with deadly precision!


Proven track record

PRT has been active since 2011. No matter what Google update took place, we always found a way to quickly adapt and give our users their accurate and most updated ranking data. Even when Google decided to limit their keyword search volume to high paying users only, we found a way to keep delivering our users their keyword monthly search volume. We constantly evolve and improve and we will always provide you with industry standard ranking data.


We are firm believers in white label

PRT has made it their mission to be 100% white label. We want to power your brand behind the stage and help you grow. As a result we made sure to provide our users with various white label features that will showcase their brand to their customers. We developed our API access to be integrated as seamlessly as possible into your system. With this, you can further improve your SEO strategy and add credibility to your business. Which brings us to our next point:


Easy setup

We provide documentation and full explanations on how to set up our search engine rankings API. But if that isn’t enough, do not fret, we have a dedicated API specialist that will work with your developers to integrate everything correctly if there’s a need. We will make sure you have set everything up the right way.



We can say we are 100% accurate thanks to our hyper-fast response mechanisms. Our system monitors Google’s search index all the time and we adapt to the slightest changes that happen within Google all the time. Changes that go unnoticed by other rank trackers and are too small to be reported by the SEO media and blogs. Thanks to that we have the ability to immediately adapt to big Google updates as well, and often we are even ready for them before they take place. Our proprietary algorithm allows you to monitor search engine ranking with pinpoint precision and constantly receive accurate SERP data.

Want to know more on how rank tracking accuracy is determined? Read more about it here:

The truth revealed! Why are some SERP trackers more precise than others?


Guaranteed FRESH updated SERP data, fetched up to 4 times a day

We fetch your ranking data at least once a day directly from Google’s search index (filtered by all the needed specific ranking factors) and of course all the other search engines we support (more on that right away).

Other than that, we also offer 3 additional updates on demand which you can use at any time during the day and get your most updated ranking data within seconds!

Using an update on demand essentially guarantees the ranking data that you will see, will be LIVE and straight from search engines and not from a cached source. This is especially important for frequently crawled websites such as blogs, news outlets, and eCommerce websites with changing products, deals and prices.

Fun fact: PRT has discovered Google can crawl certain websites as frequently as every few seconds!

The subject of ranking data freshness is often misunderstood by even highly experienced SEO experts, which is why we recommend you give the following article a good read:

SEO’s life monitor: Why you absolutely must know about your SERP tracker’s rank update frequency


We handle some HUGE clients

We have users of all sizes and experience levels. Some of our biggest users track more than 100k terms a day successfully and accurately. You can rest assured we can handle your daily requirements, whatever it may be.


The power of an established brand

Being an established SERP tracker with a proven track record, you will enjoy the R.A.S.S. benefits that are included with our SLA:

  • Reliability – we are a cloud based platform with a proven history of reliability.
  • Adaptability – no matter what update Google hurls at us, you can be sure we will adapt and keep steaming high quality accurate ranking data.
  • Stability – we virtually had no down times in our entire run.
  • Security – your data is safe and encrypted with the highest industry standards.


Price matters!

Now comes one of the most important subjects where no one can compete with us. We’ll cut to the chase:

ProRankTracker Agency plan with 3,000 terms for $189 per month

As you can see our most popular rank tracking Agency enterprise plan is for 3,000 terms, and it’s only $189 a month. That’s as little as $0.063 per tracked term. This can go even lower if you avail the annual plan instead of the monthly payment scheme. This is a steal if you plan to regularly track keyword rankings.

To be clear, a term is once combo of {URL + keyword + search engine + ranking factor (for Google)}. For example:

  • {keyword: cowboy hat, URL:, search engine:, platform: desktop, location: New York, UI language: ENG}
  • {keyword: cowboy hat, URL:, search engine:, platform: mobile, mobile rank type: iPhone, location: New York, UI language: ENG}
  • {keyword: cowboy hat, URL:, search engine:, platform: desktop, location: Toronto, UI language: ENG}
  • {keyword: cowboy hat, URL:, search engine:, platform: mobile, mobile rank type: iPhone, location: Toronto, UI language: ENG}

This would count as 4 terms, since we used 4 different ranking factors for the same keyword and URL.

If you scout the market and narrow down the options to SERP trackers that offer API access you will come across very expansive prices that might make you wonder if developing your own rank tracker is the better solution. Luckily, with PRT you won’t have to wonder since we are currently the most affordable ones. So, even if you’re just starting your agency, you can still reinforce your SEO efforts with our tool without breaking the bank.

These are just our most common Enterprise-level plans. If you require a higher quota than 200k terms, we can accommodate that easily and of course the price per term will become even lower! Contact us right here.

Now for the juicy part. What kind of ranking data you can expect to get. And the real beauty is, even at our market bending prices we still offer the most advanced and widest ranking data coverage on the playing field by a long shot (again, we encourage you to test this statement!):


The power of 6 rank trackers in ONE

We offer the widest search engine coverage you will find in one source – no need to juggle several separate SERP trackers to monitor search engine ranking and get the fullest coverage. Here are the search engines that we get ranking data from:

  • Google (details below)
  • Yahoo! and Bing – Bing is having a small comeback and is dominant in several niches and demographics. It’s good to have the ability to track it as well. We can track all the international ranks of these search engines.
  • Amazon – The biggest eCommerce search engine in the world with a unique search index and ranking algorithm we can easily track in the same package. Anyone who sells their products on Amazon as well, will benefit seeing their Google and Amazon ranks side by side. We can track all the Amazon localized sites as well.
  • YouTube – video marketing is projected to grow and YouTube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. YouTube is owned by Alphabet Group but has a completely unique search index and algorithm separate from Google. If you get customers that do video marketing, you will be able to show them their YouTube ranks as well!
  • Yandex – a strong player among Russian speaking users worldwide. A worthy ability to have in your arsenal.

The most updated Google ranking factors

Monitoring search engine rankings on Google correctly has become an advanced task in its own right thanks to their personalization algorithms. We cover all of Google’s required ranking factors for SEO in 2018 and beyond:

  • Exact geo-targeted location tracking – You can have your Google ranks refined by tens of thousands of geo-targeted locations worldwide. We can even filter ranks by specific neighborhood and airport areas.
    We currently have the highest geo-targeted rank coverage on the market
  • UI tracking – Refine ranks by specific Google UI languages. This is a very important ranking factor for websites with international and translated pages.
  • Exact webpage tracking – you can track specific webpages within a given URL (as well as the entire URL)
  • Desktop and Mobile – It is well known by now Google ranks websites diffrently for mobile users based on their famous mobile-first approach. You can refine ranks by their desktop and mobile versions.
  • Deep mobile ranking types (details below)

Unique and futuristic Google ranking types, unavailable anywhere else!

Be ready and future-proof your business for SEO in 2019.

PRT discovered that Google not only differentiates between desktop and mobile ranks, but personalizes mobile ranks further, based on screen size and OS. So here are some ranking factors only PRT can currently track:

  • iPhone ranks
  • iPad ranks
  • Android phone ranks
  • Android tablet ranks

Why is this significant for everyone? Well, there have been more and more cases observed where there was a complete drop in SERP visibility for certain OS users:

Red is iPhone, and blue is Android phone

This is actually a very important subject to know about that is still in its infancy and as a result rarely discussed in the SEO community. So be sure to read more about it here:

What Google isn’t telling us about their current (and future) mobile ranking algorithm
Is your website visible on Google search on Apple devices?


Track specific Google SERP elements

PRT can also give you specific Google SERP elements ranking data:

  • Snack Pack – track the 3 snack pack spots based on exact user location. By far the most important SERP element for local businesses.
  • Extended top 100 Google map results – get ranking data based on exact geo targeted location, from Google’s top 100 business map search results
  • Google video carousel – see where the carousel itself is positioned in the SERP as well as where the video is located within the carousel.


Complimentary features through PRT

Other than API getting access to our search engine rankings, you will of course get full access to our SERP tracker with all its features, such as:

  • Keyword Suggestion tool – the only keyword tool on the market that offers real viable keywords with actual search volume behind them instead of generating arbitrary keywords you can hardly use.
  • Ranking Discovery tool – reverse engineer search engines and discover keywords that are already ranked top 100 for virtually any URL.
  • The ultimate keyword research method – By using the Ranking Discovery and Keyword Suggestion tools you can potentially discover thousands of keywords in any niche from just a SINGLE keyword and URL. Here’s the full method:
    How to discover thousands of keywords from just a single keyword for virtually any niche: Step by step visual guide
  • MyRanks – a showstopper mobile app to awe your clients which is an extension of our rank tracker. Your clients can download from the app store of their choice. It is a 100% white label mobile app that shows them their ranking data. You can set unique user names and passwords and it showcases you logo and company details on it:
    Neiman Marcus 1Neiman Marcus 2 (1)

    Neiman Marcus 3 (1)

    Neiman Marcus 4

    It can be used as a supplementary feature in addition to your SEO tool.


PRT’s API is the most accurate way to get ranking data today (without actually being Google). It is also the cheapest solution for businesses who want to get raw ranking data straight from the source with no hassle. Our tool is designed to complement data generated by Google Search Console or Google Analytics so you can have a full overview of your website’s performance.

Ready to get your first taste of the highest quality ranking data you can get? Do you want to get that boost in organic search traffic by ranking higher in the search results? Start by contacting us here or by chat.

Don’t have your own SEO tool yet? Are you a beginner, and want to learn how to get a fighting chance against competitors that have their own SEO tool and are well established? No problem, because we got you covered here as well! First, read about our entry level monthly plans to get you acquainted:

The 3 most (and actually the only) affordable rank tracking plans for beginners and small businesses

Second, read about how you can use PRT’s features to get a very solid advantage in your SEO field:

Businesses use this psychological principle to influence customer impressions

Finally, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for the latest features, guides and search engine news!

Want to try out PRT without an API first? No problem – you can do that for FREE. And we really mean free, with no credit cards and no auto-renewal traps, but a real 7-day FREE trial with all of our features unlocked.

About PRT

PRT is an industry standard SEO centered SERP tracker with over 50k users of all sizes and expertise levels – from beginners to huge eCommerce brands and SEO agencies that all place their trust with us. Monitor search engine ranking data and receive updates the moment our system detects changes in Google’s SERP algorithm. We are 100% white label and we have the most affordable pound for pound monthly plans on the market.

Become an affiliate and help PRT grow

Other than truly recommending a high quality SERP tracker to others, you will also enjoy a 20% commission for the entire lifetime of the refereed account! This can be a very nice passive income bump in your monthly salary. Join here.


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