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FREE detailed SEO site audit – Find out if your websites are properly optimized for Google

How? By using our new, ridiculously detailed and fast, Site Audit Tool.


“Limited time offer”.

These terms are thrown around very loosely and can be seen in marketing content everywhere.

We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all been there before. Nothing makes our brains scream “yeah, right!” like those terms. But what if it’s one of those cases when it really is a worthwhile and legitimate offer?

The truth is, we used those terms in the title above, while knowing full well the risk. That it might well seem, too good to be true. But the problem in this case is, it’s what we offer. Plain and simple.

Ever since commerce was invented, every “free” seems to follow with a “but”.

No “buts” here ladies and gentlemen. Not now, and not ever.

Let’s get this out of the way right now – Whether you are new to PRT or one of our users, there is something important that you should know about us:

We are not like everyone else. We DO NOT believe in hidden or grey fees!

If we say something is free, we mean it. We will also explain in this article why our Site Audit is currently being offered for free.

Having said that, after you learn what this offer is about, we trust that you will use it as a real opportunity for your business. You will be able to utilize a high quality SEO tool and SERP tracker for free.

If you already know what an SEO site audit is, feel free to SKIP the first section, and learn what our audit tool does specifically.

Want to just get to the free part and dive right in? SKIP even further.

What is an SEO Site Audit and why is it so important?

Quick Answer – it will help you optimize everything correctly onsite and ultimately improve your organic Google ranking.

Detailed Answer – Site audit tools crawl the webpages (usually limited to a certain number of webpages) of a website and analyze the code, links and content. This helps to determine how healthy and search friendly it is (among other things).

Google also crawls your websites and checks for the same things, before it decides to upgrade your ranking or not.

For example, a webpage loading speed is a known determining ranking factor for Google. Especially according to their mobile-first approach and the AMP protocol. A fast loading webpage will receive a  better chance of ranking higher than a slow loading one.

A basic site audit will test webpage loading speeds and will advise you if it needs to be improved.

Once you have your audit report, you will be able to point at it with your finger in the next staff meeting!

Other than loading speeds, there are a multitude of other areas  to be analyzed,  that might also impact your ranking potential. These can be areas such as: checking internal links, external links, broken links, page titles, meta descriptions, code and markup, duplicate content, incorrect anchor text and site structure.

SEO is a high-end skill that requires taking care of many factors on your website, and as Google’s algorithms evolve, more factors are constantly being added.

If we use a time machine to take an SEO expert from 2014 and teleport them to our times, a lot of their skills and methods will have already become outdated. That’s just within 5 years, but you might as well count it as 50 years. Teleport someone from 2009 and he might as well go work at Starbucks, since mobile browsing was not even a huge thing back then.

With all that in mind a manual check of every small detail to fit search engine standards is simply unrealistic. This is where the SEO Site Audit can come into play.

Doing a site audit can give you a valuable insight into the infrastructure and usability of your website, from the lens of Google and SEO.  This will allow you to address any specific technical issues that have been highlighted.

The most basic requirements of a website rising in ranks, is to have everything structured and encoded correctly. Now this is even before we start publishing high quality content regularly, get backlinks, or come up with enticing titles, to lure new traffic to see your content.

You can be the Hemmingway of writing copy or content for your blog, or the BuzzFeed of title formulating, but if your website is poorly optimized Google will simply not crawl it, as well as it should. This can effectively hinder your potential growth in the organic ranks.

It does not  matter if your website was only recently established, or if it’s been around for several years. A site audit will benefit both cases.

Site audits are effectively for EVERYONE.  From the most badass SEO expert that can optimize a website in their sleep while learning how to play the clarinet, to the humble website owner that does his own site SEO and wants to get it done correctly.

In fact, a site audit is especially valuable for those humble website owners that might not set everything up correctly. A site audit is like the A.I. expert that tells you how well you did.

You can read countless guides on how to formulate everything correctly on your website, but at  the end of the day, your own eyes will not be enough. You need a tool that can check your work and let you know how well you performed. There are many site audit tools on the market. In fact, we are somewhat over flooded with mediocre audit tools that charge a premium to use. This is the classic result of an oversaturated market and  only a few products of their kind are truly any good.

However, prepare yourself! Because this time you will get to try one of the good ones.

For Free.

PRT’s SEO Site Audit

PRT’s Site Audit Tool could not be simpler to use.

Just add the URL of the website that you want to audit into the tool and let the magic begin:

The tool will analyze the structure, speed, code and markup, content, links, meta tags, and other crucial elements that impact SEO and functionality.

After the audit is done you will get a full detailed SEO site breakdown.

You will see the things that are structured correctly and the various technical issues that will need to be addressed.

Everything is summarized with a single grade that ranges from 0-100:

So, what else can you expect, other than the comprehensive details:

  • For starters our tool is FAST – Possibly one of the fastest currently on the market.  While other tools may take many hours, and even days, to crawl your websites, ours does it within minutes to a few hours.

  • Easy to understand, even if you do not have a PhD in SEO and web development

  • Crawl any specific webpage you need and not just entire URLs.

  • Manage your monthly webpage crawling quota – Limit how many pages you want to crawl per URL.

  • Track Progress – see graphs detailing your scores over time, as you improve your optimization. You can track your overall score and specific scores in 3 categories: Tech & Meta, Page Structure and Content.

  • Generate reports that you can send to your SEO expert or web developer. These can detail your logo and company details.

  • Schedule automatic recrawls.

What if you get a low grade on your free Site Audit?

You can consider the full report as your SEO report card. The overall grade you see will tell you how well you did on your homework.

But unlike scoring badly on a report card back in school, in this case, it’s actually very good.

This means you are now aware that there are problems that need to be addressed. Before this, you may have carried on with your regular schedule, completely oblivious that something was hindering your website’s growth.

After you have fixed the issues the audit discovered, have the website recrawled and see your score rise!

Where to find it on the toolbar?

Our existing users, in all the monthly plans, can simply use it by accessing “Site Audit” through the left sidebar:

The tool will crawl up to 100,000 webpages in total (you set the limit for each URL that you want to examine).

Other than that, it’s just part of our overall company vision, of always being fair, transparent and affordable for all  our users, big and small.

If you are new to Pro Rank Tracker

Call us crazy but… You also get to use it for free!

So, let’s tackle the big question.

Why do we offer this tool for free?

Simple – it’s part of our overall policy of giving new users a genuine no BS free trial.

Free trial users will get a crawl quota of up to 1000 pages of any single URL and see a full detailed audit report.

All as part of our premium 7-day FREE Trial.

Like we said before, we don’t believe in grey fees. Meaning we have a real 7-day free trial that requires no credit card details to activate it.

There will be no auto renewals that will siphon your bank account when you are with PRT.

Simply sign up for the trial and start enjoying ALL  the  unlocked features , and not just the audit tool.

We have full faith in the quality of our tool, and we know for a fact that it stands out above our competitors. This is in both quality and the future price that we will offer for it. We feel fully confident, offering it at no additional cost, and in a way letting it speak for itself.

Which brings us to our next point:

Not just a Site Audit! Other cool things you gain access to during your 7 day free trial

Where do we begin?

For starters, you will get to know for the first time ever the real search engine rank of any keyword + URL combo.

Our main expertise is tracking your organic search engine ranks and progress.

In fact, PRT is currently the most advanced and accurate SERP tracker you will find on the market.

Here are some of the reasons why no one can currently compete with us:

  • Track 6 search engines in a single tool: Google, Bing (including all local versions), Yahoo! (all local versions), Amazon (all local versions), YouTube, Yandex (.com and .ru)

  • The most advanced Google rank tracking algorithm on the planet

  • Exact local rank tracking of tens of thousands of geo targeted locations, down to airport and neighborhood levels:

  • Track ranks by basic types: desktop vs. mobile.

  • Track specific SERP elements – Snack Pack, top100 business map results, video carousel.

  • Deep Google Rank Tracking: see ranks differentiated by UI language, mobile OS type, and mobile screen size. Exclusive.

  • Experience FULL SERPs – The feature that can track the entire top100 positions for any keyword on any search engine that we monitor in a single chart!
  • Daily Ranking data updates – you will see only the freshest ranking data. And you will also get an additional data update on demand once a day.

  • Monthly local and global keyword search volume revealed for Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

  • Perfect Accuracy Rates – we monitor Google and the other search engines constantly,  and adjust to any micro changes or large updates instantly.  This allows us to stay 100% accurate, virtually all the time.

  • More than 12 types of extensive SEO ranking reports and graphs:

  • 100% White Label – All the reports that you generate can be embellished with your logo and details. But you also have the option to replace our logo with yours in our sub-accounts feature!

  • Exclusive White Label features

  • Shared Reports – live online reports that can either be generated on a link or masked on your domain. They can be encrypted with a password and an expiry date. A live online sample for you to play with is here (password is “shared”).

  • MyRanks – a mobile app your clients can download and see their ranking data. Use your logo and company details. Can be set with a user name and password:

What happens after the 7-day Trial

If you do want to take it to the next level, we offer very affordable pound-for-pound prices.

For example, our most basic monthly plan is only $44 a month for 500 tracked terms. That is just $0.088 per tracked term!

After that, as the quota rises the price per tracked term drops. As low as $0.029 per tracked term for our largest Enterprise Plan!

So now that you know about our abilities and features, it’s time to get things done.

Start with those important audits, and get some proper rank tracking done.

We wish you the best of luck in your SEO exploits, and we see you on the other side as one of our valued users (even if it is just for 7 days).

Feel free to share your thoughts on the importance of having site audits done in the comments below!

We will also publish a guide on how to sell SEO services with the audit tool, so make  sure that you are subscribed to our blog and stay tuned!