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Fantastic search engines and where to find them

SEO stands for search engine optimization, however many forget that there’s more to search engines than Google, Yahoo! and Bing. So today we’ll discuss the more “exotic” search engines out there and how a SERP tracker can be used to shine a light into some of those wild, uncharted territories.

YouTube – It’s the home of cat videos, fails, memes, free music and roughly 80% utter drivel. But did you also know it’s the second-largest search engine in the WORLD? Yeah, the second. If we take a broader perspective on what a search engine is, we can make the claim that any site that employs a unique inner ranking algorithm is a search engine. YouTube is the second-most-visited site on the planet and boasts more than a billion users, which reflects, essentially, one-third of all people on the internet. SEO for YouTube is its own unique art form, and you can actually get your videos to rise in YouTube rank if you apply a few good strategies. Some SERP trackers (PRT included) can track those positions and show the changes in those ranks. YouTube SEO is its own unique world and has its own set of rules, and that means a YouTube SEO campaign requires just as much monitoring as a Google SEO campaign. Just like Google Search, YouTube is being conquered by the mobile market, and more than half of all views are generated by mobile devices. To this day, YouTube videos have been watched more than 30 TRILLION times—that’s more than 7,000 views for every person on the planet!


YouTube. More than just meme cats.

Next, we have Google Videos – a sub-section of the Google search engine. People looking for a video will often go to that section to look for it, so if you were promoting videos, you would be interested in not only their YouTube rank, but also how well they’re doing in Google Videos positions. It might not show on the top in the regular Google ranks, but what is truly relevant is if it claims top positions in Google Video. If it is, than you’re on the right track. A good SERP tracker should be able to track those unique Google Video ranks for you.

Amazon – It’s the sixth-largest search engine in the world with three times the search volume for online products compared to Google, making it the TOP e-commerce search engine in the US. Amazon, like YouTube, has its own unique organic ranking algorithms, and therefore it has its own unique SEO methods and tactics. If you’re in e-commerce, optimizing for Amazon’s search engine should concern you more than Google. Also, after Amazon’s drones take over the world as our supreme leaders and subjugate our lowly human species, you’ll be thankful you did. As you may have already guessed – a good SERP tracker can also track those ranks for you and give you clues and signals, whether your SEO strategy works or not.

conceptual sign with drone symbol and danger warning over blue sky

I for one welcome our Amazon Prime drone overlords.

Yandex – AKA the Russian Google. Ah, the Russians, let me tell you… If there’s anything the Russians are good at, it’s taking popular technological concepts and adapting them to the Russian audience—and more often than not, actually making a superior product in the process. Good examples of those are VK, the “Russian Facebook”; Telegram, the “Russian WhatsApp”; Russian the “Russian Language”and of course, the fattest H-bomb ever built – Tsar Bomba. So, Yandex is actually the largest search engine in Russia, dominating a 60% market share. It’s ranked 21st on Alexa and has more than 5 billion monthly searches. Anyone targeting a Russian-speaking audience (more than 260 million total speakers) will care about Yandex ranks and SEO. Yandex also features its own unique organic ranking algorithm, and if you want to optimize for Yandex, you should definitely determine the strategy that works. Many SEO experts actually feel Yandex is quite interesting as far as SEO is concerned and gives a fresh break from the same old Google SEO patterns and tactics.


The mighty Tsar Bomba, the only one capable of stopping Amazon Prime.

So there you have it. We at PRT can track all of those unique search engines I mentioned and give you the most accurate picture of your ranks that you can get. For starters, check out the full list of search engines we can track. After you’ve done that, take us out for a spin and see for yourself! Here’s how: