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Discover Infinity: The Only SERP Tracker on the Market With UNLIMITED Key Features

Welcome to a new realm in SERP tracking. A realm of unlimited possibilities.

Rank tracking tools offer many complimentary features that are just as necessary in a SERP tracker for SEO experts as the actual rank tracking. Generating and sending SEO ranking reports for example is one of them.

The trouble is many of these added features are limited to a set quota determined by the size of the monthly plan.

Even if you’re content with your keyword quota, having to use some of these features more extensively might require you to upgrade your monthly plan. Upgrading without actually needing more keywords tracked is unfair, which is why we decided to take a unique approach with what we offer our users.

Pro Rank Tracker breaks the market in many fields, and what you’re about to read here is no different. No other SERP tracker on the market offers our unlimited quotas, and that’s GUARANTEED!

In fact, we encourage you to challenge us and test what you will learn here! Explore the market, and if you find any tool that offers something similar, please let us know in the comments below.

We love to stand out above our competitors and strive to have a more user-friendly approach, which is why you can challenge us in other topics as well. So, read about our full Pro Rank Tracker challenge here:

Take the PRT Challenge!

And the best part: every unlimited feature you’ll read about is available for all of our paid users! They’re available starting from our entry-level Bronze Plan at $17 with a rank-tracking quota of 300 terms. That’s just $0.056 per term!

So forget about pesky counters, and let’s get to business. Here’s what we offer with unlimited conditions:

Unlimited SEO ranking reports

Sending your clients SEO ranking reports about their progress is one of the foundations of a healthy customer service approach. It shows them transparency and that you’re confident enough to keep them in the loop. Also, many SEO experts tend to act obscure about the process, so your client will be pleasantly surprised to be so well informed.

PRT has more than 11 types of white label ranking reports from very basic to highly advanced:

All of our reports and features are 100% white label, meaning you can place your logo on every type of report that you generate with PRT.

Besides being sent to clients, they can be used in many other ways, such as creating stunning case studies to impress potential clients, keeping your colleagues or employees informed, and any other way you can think of.

And as the title states, you can generate as many as you like! You have the freedom to experiment and find the perfect report for every use case without fear of your quota running out or having to delete old reports. Send as many reports as you like to as many people as you need.

Some more insight about our reporting solutions can be found here:

Businesses use this psychological principle to influence customer impressions


Unlimited Shared Reports

This is one of Pro Rank Tracker’s unique white label features and a favorite among many of our users. Shared reports are LIVE SEO ranking reports that can either be generated by using a special link or hosted on your domain.

They can be tailored to every type of client. If your client is not very SEO savvy, you can set them up to be very simple and show just the basic ranks, but if your client prefers as much data as he can get, you can customize them to be highly detailed and even show advanced progress graphs laced with notes.

Shared reports can be encrypted with a password to protect user data and can be set with an expiration date.

We even made a sample shared report for you to try out yourself right now. Password is “shared”.

Like our regular reports, you can generate as many of these links as you need!

More about how you can fully use the power of our Shared Reports feature:

Introducing PRT’s updated Shared Reports: The next-gen of SEO ranking reports


Unlimited MyRanks accounts

Another Pro Rank Tracker exclusive feature is the white-label mobile app MyRanks for iOS, Android and Windows. Your clients can download and see their SEO ranking data live. The app features your logo and a dedicated “about” tab with your contact details:

Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-10-49 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-24 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-43 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-17-57

Each MyRanks account you generate can be set with a unique username and password.

This one is a real show stopper. It will boost your image and can really impress your clients, since there is no mention of PRT anywhere. The idea behind it is to give you the ability to present this app like it’s your own tech. Let us power your brand behind the scenes.

You can set as many unique MyRanks accounts as you need. While technically we don’t limit you, we also trust you to keep the use sensible and not abuse the system. Our goal is to be beneficial to our users and help them grow as a business, which is why we allow freedom to experiment and expand.

More about the amazing benefits of MyRanks:

Taking white label reports to the next level with MyRanks


Unlimited Notifications

Notifications are a special feature that notify you whenever a certain ranking change happens. Notifications are set using a variety of triggers and can be placed for each of the keywords that you track with Pro Rank Tracker:

For example, you can set a notification trigger to alert you whenever one of the keywords you track reaches the top 10 position on Google. Alternatively, you can set a notification whenever a keyword suddenly drops from the top 100.

Setting notifications is a great way to prepare for possible rank drops following a major Google update. Here’s more about the various ways you can use notifications in your SEO quest:

PRT’s tactical Notifications Tool: Level up your SEO strategy

As you may have guessed, you can set as many notifications as you need.


Unlimited Report Templates

Report templates are the way you stylize each ranking report. You can set the colors of each element in the report, such as the colors of the data table:

We have 45 stunning, predefined styles for you to try, and you can fully customize the colors yourself so it can perfectly blend with the colors of your logo.

Next comes the opening and closing text areas. This is where you can add relevant information that’s unique for every use case, and of course, add a few words about your company, such as contact details. They can be styled any way you want with font sizes and typefaces just like a Word document:

You can set up as many different templates as you need, because we hope you grow as an SEO business and have as many clients as you can get.

Search volume revealed for every possible keyword

Google infamously stopped showing the monthly search volume of keywords to low-paying AdWords users two years ago. This made life harder for organic SEO experts and caused a lot of uproar in the SEO community. When the dust settled, there were only a handful of tools still showing monthly Google search volume to their users. PRT was one of those tools. And we did it without charging extra.

Every keyword that you decide to track with us will have its full Google monthly search volume revealed with no exceptions:

This is also great for SEM specialists who don’t necessarily reach Google’s requirements for being “high-paying” users but still need to know the exact search volume for certain keywords.


Unlimited keyword suggestions

Doing keyword research for a niche and coming up with keyword ideas is an essential part (and one of the first steps) of any SEO campaign.

The problem is free keyword suggestion tools are limited in their usage for obvious reasons. Some SEO tools that offer keyword suggestion tools can also limit the number of keywords that can be generated with their tools.

With PRT, you can use our keyword suggestion tool as much as you need. And best of all, unlike the common tools you usually find on the market, our keyword suggestion algorithm doesn’t just arbitraily generate useless keywords. We offer actual-value keywords that have search volume behind them because we can pair it with our Search Volume Reveal feature.

If you combine it with our Ranking Discovery tool, you can discover virtually all of the keywords of any niche from just a SINGLE relevant keyword, effectively making it one of the best keyword research methods you can find. Want to know how it’s done? Read all about it here:

How to discover thousands of keywords from just a single keyword for virtually any niche: Step by step visual guide


Your reports infinity exists within a Mandelbrot set that is accessible by signing up for a PRT monthly plan! (No DMT required)

No limit on URLs

Many SERP trackers limit the number of URLs you can track in a single monthly plan. They might offer you a rank tracking quota of a 1,000 terms but limit the number of URLs you can track within that quota to only 5.

No 5 URL limits here. You can track as many URLs as your term quota allows you. So, for example, if your monthly term quota is 800 terms, that means you’ll be able to track 800 different URLs.


Free monthly plan with NO time limit

We’re the only rank tracker on the market that offers a completely free monthly plan for small users or for people that are just trying us out. No hidden fees or sudden upgrades because we don’t even ask for your credit card info for this plan.

We simply believe everyone deserves to enjoy accurate and reliable rank tracking, even very small SEO amateurs that don’t need more than 20 monthly terms.

There is no time limit on this free monthly plan, so you can upgrade whenever you feel you are ready to grow and step up to the professional playing field.

The unlimited quotas principle is a concept that no one else in our field offers because they don’t want to expose their systems to abuse. But because our prices are fair, we have a more loyal user base, allowing us to afford this approach, and we do it happily. It’s one of the many things that sets us apart from the rest in our field and one of the reasons we grow virtually only through word of mouth and don’t use any of the traditional marketing methods.

Infinity is a very abstract concept that we can’t really grasp outside of mathematics. You only experience the present moment with infinity behind you and in front of you. So to finish this article and bend your mind, here is a video discussing the various kinds of infinity, since there are different “sizes” of infinities:

After bending you mind, please subscribe to our blog so you’ll get updated whenever a new article hits our little fleeting moment in eternity.



About Pro Rank Tracker

PRT is an industry-standard SERP tracker with more than 60k users. We offer the widest search engine coverage on the market and are able to track: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Amazon, YouTube and Yandex all in ONE affordable tool. And we really mean affordable. This is where you will find the only real entry-level rank tracking plans that don’t overcharge you.

We also offer the most advanced rank tracking algorithms on the market that can track all of Google’s geo-targeted ranks down to neighborhood and airport levels. We can even track futuristic Google ranking layers no one else but us supports yet, such as tracking mobile ranks by OS type and screen size:

What Google isn’t telling us about their current (and future) mobile ranking algorithm


No annoying grey fees

The ideal way for you to experience all that we talked about here and more is to simply try it out with our amazing 7-day FREE trial with all features unlocked.

We don’t believe in scalping our users and setting auto renewal traps. We have full confidence our tech will speak for itself. Which is why we don’t ask you for your credit card details to activate your free trial. Just sign up and you’re good to go!

After the 7 days are over, you will simply be moved to our regular free monthly plan that we mentioned above.


Continuous affiliate commissions with no time limit

If you think all these unlimited features are amazing, you should recommend PRT to others. You will help them discover the most advanced rank tracking solution on the market and be rewarded handsomely.

Following our unlimited trend, what sets our Affiliate Program apart from others is that we offer a 20% recurring commission for the ENTIRE duration of the referred account.


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