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How Big Data Is Used To Control You – Part 2: The West

How Big Data Is Used By Search Engines To Control You – Part 2: The West If you’ve been following our blog, you read last week the story about how Big Data is used in China to obtain a very efficient level of civil obedience and control without actually forcing the citizens the traditional way, […]

How Search Engines And China Big Data Control You

Part 1 – How Search Engines And China Big Data Control You We’ll start with the predicament: it may be already too late for us. Google and the social networks have practically already won. Humans are just too predictable, our minds too easily hijacked. Reward systems were evolved to help us survive. Succeed on a […]

Calculate The Number Of Terms And Focus Keywords To Track

How to calculate the number of terms and focus keywords you need to track for your SEO campaigns Our users often ask us two questions: how to calculate the number of terms that they need and how many focus keywords they should be tracking. These questions are relevant for anyone doing SEO and not just […]

4 Things You Need For The Best Rank Monthly Tracking Plan

The 4 Things You Need to Figure Out to Choose the Best Monthly Rank Tracking Plan for Your Business and SEO Needs The moment you realize you need to be tracking your ranks, you will no doubt start browsing the internet for a good SERP tracker, and soon enough you’ll come across the monthly plan. […]

Cheap Rank Tracking – Why Some Rank Trackers Are Expensive

Cheap Rank Tracking – Why Some Rank Trackers Are More Expensive Than They Might Appear If you’ve ever shopped for a rank tracker, you must have come across a fair share of different tools offering what seemed to be the same prices. As a sensible consumer in a market oversaturated with rank trackers, you might […]

Using geo-targeting SEO to win at rank tracking multiple-regions

Using geo-targeting SEO to win at rank tracking multiple-region/language URLs following Google’s update If your target audience spans multiple countries, you may have unique URLs or webpages assigned for those countries with page content in different languages. These pages might rank differently on the SERP depending where the person is searching from and on what search […]

PRT’s newest feature will help you manage your ranking data

PRT’s newest feature will help you manage your ranking data faster than ever before How can you work quickly and efficiently with all your ranking data? As you start getting the hang of rank tracking your SEO campaigns, you quickly realize two things: there’s more to rank tracking than a simple Google rank (more on […]

Introducing PRT’s updated Shared Reports

Introducing PRT’s updated Shared Reports: The next-gen of SEO ranking reports Sending SEO ranking reports to your clients aids in transparency and is one of the basic requirements of an SEO expert. But there is a downside – there is nothing too special about it. Every SEO professional with a high standard of customer service […]

Mind-Blowing Internet Stats and Fun Facts, 2018

The internet is where search engines crawl and all the SEO action takes place. It’s the home of fails, trolls, piracy, memes and insurmountable amounts of knowledge. It’s a place where miracles and insane coincidences can happen. It’s the black swan that transformed the world as we know it and the tool that connects all […]

How to tailor SEO ranking reports for any type of client

Sending search engine ranking reports to clients is a fundamental part of being a professional SEO expert, and it’s also an important part of maintaining positive, healthy customer relationships. Informing your clients with regular SEO ranking reports shows your clients the progress that’s been made and that their trust and money are being well directed. […]

Manage SEO efforts and campaigns with PRT’s TermNotes feature

Manage SEO efforts and campaigns like never before with PRT’s TermNotes feature An average search engine optimization or SEM campaign might require you to track hundreds of different terms, even if you’re only promoting a few dozen keywords. This is because Google’s personalization algorithms make every webpage rank differently, depending on search conditions for any […]

Why Google’s latest change is another nail in the coffin for manual SERP rank tracking

We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that manual SERP rank tracking is less reliable, less effective and less accurate than using a good SERP tracker tool, and it’s actually useless for certain types of rank tracking. But Google’s recent change further solidifies the ineffectiveness and unreliability of manual rank checking for just about anyone. Although a self-serving […]

All the rank tracking types you will need for SEO in 2018

SEO isn’t an easy business, considering how advanced and accurate search engines have become. You need to look beyond keyword research to see the other factors that affect your website’s ranking. Not only do you need to choose the right keywords, take care of quality backlinks and make sure everything is up to date per […]

5 powerful ways to stand out as an SEO business with PRT

In today’s saturated SEO market it’s important to make a great first impression and stand out among other SEO experts and agencies in the field if you want to close deals and stay in business. If you’re a young business looking to survive and grow, or even if you’re trying to promote your own SEO […]

4 Ways To Appear More Established Using PRT’s Rank Tracker Features

If there’s anything we’ve learned from people’s perception of businesses and brands it’s that looking professional and established matters. It may not be the only factor for success, but it’s a factor nonetheless. You can be the highest quality service provider at something but still, be utterly ignored if your image and the first impression […]

Importance of Fluid Interface and Data Management Solutions

The Importance of a Fluid Interface for Users and Data Management Solutions in a Top SERP Tracker How easily can you control and edit your data with your SERP tracker? Is the user interface fluid and intuitive, allowing easy data modification, or is it cumbersome and too time consuming for even the simplest task, such […]

The Best SERP Tracker Tool For Beginners And New Users

The Best SERP Tracker Tool for Beginners and New Users Is your SERP tracker user friendly? When you’re introduced to a new SERP tracking software, it must be easy to use and get you back to focusing on search engine optimization and improving your SE ranking instead of studying how you can maximize the use […]

The 7 Rank Tracker SERP Features NecessaryFor SEO Experts

The 7 Rank Tracker SERP features deemed irreplaceable by SEO experts SERP trackers are a must-have tool in today’s SEO environment. They’re used by virtually every SEO and SEM expert with a basic understanding of how ranking works if they want to be efficient at what they do. But what are the most valued features […]

12 Awesome Organizational Properties of the Top SERP Tracker

Two of the most underestimated and neglected subjects when discussing SEO and SERP tracking tools are data clarity and organizational features. We always hear “the best SERP tracking or SEO tool” this and that, but very few seem to address the issue of data order and signal/noise ratio (SNR). You can have the most powerful […]

How PRT’s sub-accounts can advance your SEO business

SEO sub accounts are a great feature offered by several major SERP trackers on the market. But what are their benefits? How can they help you use your SERP tracker more efficiently, impress your clients, and thereby lead to better SEO campaigns? This article is all about that. As usual, I will be referencing PRT’s […]

PRT’s SERP Notifications Tool: Level Up Your SEO Strategy

SEO is dominantly a game of strategy; it is widely influenced by your tactical decisions and moves over the period of an SEO campaign. Even the word ‘campaign’ itself echoes the strategic nature of SEO. There are many SEO tools on the market for various needs, but today’s topic is all about fine tuning and truly […]

The Amazing Value of a White Label Software Solution for SEO

White label options are much more important than SEO novices give them credit for. What white label branding creates something very important for an emerging business — and that is a positive, professional first impression. A positive first impression is a major element toward tipping the scales in your favor with a potential customer and […]