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How to track 20,000 search results for only $25

This figure might sound too good to be true, not because it is, but because the common market standard is simply unfair. Our offer is the fair and honest way to do it, and we are the only SERP tracker on the market that genuinely offers a clean and cost-effective solution for anyone in need […]

Google vs. SEO: Are featured snippets even good for webmasters?

One of the major 2020 Google algo updates had a lot to do with Featured Snippet positions. While featured snippets were frequently discussed in SEO communities since they were introduced, it has become somewhat of a hot topic, since the update. Many covet the featured snippet position, and marketers swear by its potential to build […]

5 unfair SEO solutions for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest fields of internet marketing as a whole. It’s one of the best ways to spread your brand. You can amp up sales using marketers that like your product and are willing to spread the word, using their savvy marketing skills, for a commission of the profits. And affiliate […]

Google vs. Amazon: Begun this battle of eCommerce search has

Google has conquered the search engine market, email market, and smartphone OS market. It became the undisputed champion of internet traffic and still is the most visited website in the world. But it always hungered to rule other lucrative markets. Their failed attempt at being a social network with Google+ was a sore reminder that […]

The 5 hottest B2B eCommerce Platforms for 2020

One of the unpleasant sides of smoothly running an online shop is the hassle of dealing with suppliers and making sure the inventory is well stocked and managed. Proper stock management is also one of the factors that influence how the business is perceived, and bad inventory management has been known to lead to real […]

7 Tips for working from home during Coronavirus times

While many people are effectively unemployed because of the situation, SEO and SEM, like other internet-based tech fields, remain active. As the quarantine becomes mandatory and not just advisory, most of us are continuing their work from home. The bad news is it looks like this lifestyle is going to be around for a while […]

Cool YouTube stats & facts for 2020

For YouTube’s 15thanniversary, we decided to cover some current stats about the biggest video search engine on the planet. How it started, what it is today, and where it might be headed. One of the big questions around video marketing and YouTube in general – is it worth the effort, or did you miss the […]

SEO Common Mistakes: Canonical vs 301 redirect

One of the most common mistakes in SEO is having a flawed meta content strategy by either misusing or neglecting canonical tags. As a result, duplicate content for example on your website might hinder your organic growth. There are many free SEO guides and lore to be found, but they don’t always mention the canonical […]

Does your website suffer from cannibalization?

Cannibalization. A horrid human practice prevalent during certain times of historic famine, zombie outbreaks and through tribal ritual. Also a perfectly natural act preformed by certain animal species. But in 2019, something else entirely seems to practice this deplorable act as well – your keywords! It all started on a regular day. Your keywords were […]