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7 basic SEO principles to know for voice search

Voice search is a unique factor that influences your SEO potential. For some reason all too many webmasters still ignore this fact, which is why we will breakdown how voice search SEO impacts search, your websites and potential customers.   This article has been a long time coming. We have reached a point in time […]

Google manual penalty recovery guide

We know you’re an A student of SEO that always attempts to do their best. But there was this one time you were tempted by that shady kid next to the SEO school cooler, to cheat your way to higher positions, using some black hat trickery.   Google was onto you, your ranks suffered, and […]

Google algorithm recovery tips and lore

So, you’re doing great in your SEO endeavors. Your websites rank fairly high for good keywords and organic traffic flows like the chocolate river at Willy Wonka’s factory. But suddenly you wake up to discover a bunch of fat kids were pushed into the river by Oompa Loompas and now the river is clogged, and […]

How much YMYL does your content EAT and is it healthy?

If this sounds like a strange question, that’s because it is. But it might also mean you are unfamiliar with two key acronyms and one of the most important guidelines for high quality content supported by Google.   E-A-T stands for “Expertise, Authority, Trust”   YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life“. Basically, all […]

What elevators and airports can teach us about webpage loading speed

Or how to make your website appear faster than it actually is. Sounds strange, but it’s actually doable. And many websites and applications are using this approach (us included). Correct usage of this principle can improve conversions, enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates and ultimately improve your organic search engine ranks. So, most of you […]

The 3 most important SEO tips according to Google – Video

Google releases a “SEO Mythbusting 101” video that busts no myths but actually offers some nice SEO beginner’s tips. This seems to be the first episode in a series they will be making on optimization and search topics, so stay tuned: The trouble with the video other than the completely irrelevant title, is that they […]

Google Update Timeline 2011-2019

If there is one thing Google is known for and the thing that keeps some SEO experts up at night, is their update roll outs. Major updates often change the rules of the game and drop website rankings like flies. SEO is an arms race between SEO experts and Google. Following Google’s big June 2019 […]

Website Speed Optimization Services – The Need For Speed

Website Speed Optimization Services – The Need For Speed and the Decline of Patience   Remember the days when connecting to the internet sounded like a fax machine was giving birth to a smaller and even more obnoxious fax machine? Good times. Not to mention, the telephone line was also hijacked while you were online […]

The Mythical Importance of Backlink History

One of the first terms anyone encounters when taking their first steps into SEO is “backlinks”. Also known as inbound links, backlinks are a powerful ranking signal that, if mastered, can boost a page’s popularity and make its organic search engine ranks skyrocket. But how did they become so important, and what’s the best way […]

The 6 Biggest Outdated Rank Tracker Industry Standards

There is a problem with industry standards in general. This can be seen in any field, not just SEO and SERP tracking Google and other search engines.   Industry standards are a connecting thread. They’re a baseline of minimal required quality. You might be above a certain industry standard, or you might fall in line […]

The 2019 Layer Cake of Google Ranks

We often discuss here on our blog how a Google rank is more complicated than most think and how important it is to track it correctly.   Many still conceive the Google rank by outdated standards, and as a result end up choosing low-quality SERP trackers that incorrectly track their website progress.   Google has […]

More than SERP Tracking: 5 Unique Extra Features

More than SERP Tracking: 5 Unique Extra Features and Supplements to Make SEO Life Easier   We always stress the importance of SERP tracking as the number-one gauge of your organic SEO progress. But today, we’ll focus on the auxiliary of SERP tracking and how to use some of our extra features to help you […]

The Magic Marketing Power of Customer Reviews

We all know those shiny review stars that we encounter on the internet, and especially on Google’s SERP. They help us choose a hotel and get the best Bluetooth speaker.   There’s just something very appealing in seeing a row of 4-5 stars and something unattractive about anything with 3 stars or less.   Think […]

Should You Use Clickbait Titles? Pros and Cons

The SEO and marketing gig is a tough racket. There’s plenty of competition, and even if you dwell in a lucrative niche that isn’t teeming with too many players, you still need to get people’s attention.   Here’s the bottom line: you need to be able to entice people to check out your content if […]

How the Notorious Clickbait Title Came To Be

How the Notorious Clickbait Title Came to Be and How to Monitor Your Webpage Titles Properly on Google The clickbait title. This recurring theme in internet articles (that we’ve sort of gotten used to) seems to be the industry standard in one form or another. Some are posted by honest attention seekers, while others are […]

You Can Now Reveal the Monthly Search Volume for Keywords

You Can Now Reveal the Monthly Search Volume for Keywords for All the Major Search Engines (Even Amazon and YouTube!)   One of the most important elements to know about any keyword in any search engine results is its monthly search volume. It shows you how many people are actively searching for that particular term, […]

Understanding SEO vs PPC: Which One Should You Choose?

“The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.” – Anonymous This humorous quote might seem slightly foolish and funny at first. However, consider the fact that the first search result gets 28.91% of all clicks on desktops. If your website doesn’t appear on page 1 of Google, it […]

Why Everyone Should Know About Pro-Rank-Tracker Pricing Secrets

Why Everyone Should Know About Pro-Rank-Tracker Pricing Secrets – EXTREME Level Monthly Plans In one of our previous articles we focused on our highly affordable entry-level monthly plans for small businesses, but this time we are going to the completely opposite end and show what Pro Rank Tracker can do for the bigger fish – […]

Take the PRT Challenge!

In an SEO market oversaturated with SEO tools and SERP trackers, anyone doing serious and detailed market research will eventually notice an obvious common thread: everyone claims to be the best. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s perfectly natural in an open market to make all sort of claims, as it’s part of the […]

SEO Life Hack: Get Your Own Branded Agency Rank Tracker Tool

SEO life-hack: How to get your own branded agency rank tracker in 4 easy steps (without developing one!) Following our previous article about our amazing API solution, we decided to make this article for the rest of our users and the SEO community that don’t have their own rank tracker SEO tool but still want […]

How To Accurately Monitor Search Engine Ranking Data

How To Accurately Monitor Search Engine Ranking Data Using The Most Powerful API On The Market Today’s topic is all about the amazing benefits of having your very own search engine rankings API access to raw unadulterated SERP data. Not many rank trackers on the market offer this solution, and those that do, unfortunately, will […]