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How to Track Keywords: 6 SEO Keyword Tracking Tips for Pros

Looking for an easy way to track keywords? Try ProRankTracker for FREE. If you’re new to SEO, you’ve probably heard a ton of “keyword talk.” Words like “short-tail,” “long-tail,” “volume,” and “difficulty.”  You probably have questions. Like, “What do those words mean?” And “How do I find keywords to track?” More importantly, “How do I […]

The Most Accurate SERP Tracker for Businesses (2021)

Remember the good ol’ days when SEO was simple? You could spam a few keywords in the meta sections of your HTML sheet, and, like magic, search engines would reward you with a high rank. If you were #1 for any search, you were the undisputed champion of that search term on every search engine. […]

MyRanks Clients and Teammates mobile app got revamped!

We are happy to announce that we’ve just released a complete overhaul of the MyRanks Mobile app on Google Play and App Store   What is MyRanks? While the PRT app is the mobile app we offer you to manage your ProRankTracker account, MyRanks is a mobile app for reporting to your clients and teammates with their […]

New Flexible Plans Structure and a Bigger Annual Discount

We’re happy to announce the details of our updated plans structure, as can be seen here. For both simplicity and flexibility, we introduce 3 tiers of plans: Starter, Pro and Agency. The tiers have differences in features, and in each tier, you will find multiple plans with different terms quotas to choose from. It basically means that with the newly […]

ProRankTracker’s Mobile App Got Revamped!

We have just released the new version of ProRankTracker’s mobile app to Google Play and App Store. This version is a complete overhaul of our app, and we are sure that you’re going to love it! With the PRT app, you can check your rankings anywhere, anytime! You can view historical rankings on a calendar view and progress on a graph. […]

10 Basic Meta Tags for a Solid SEO Content Structure

Meta tags for SEO used to be one of the best catalysts in getting ranked fast. They were so effective in the early days of Google that manipulating meta tags with tons of keywords was enough to get you ranked high, no quality backlink, or any rich content needed. Today, however, their role is different […]

How do negative reviews impact Google rankings?

We have often written about the impact of reviews on brand building and overall business growth. But now a big question is finally getting an official insight tip and straight from Google’s mouth no less! Negative reviews have been considered as a negative ranking signal for ten years now. But we didn’t have too many […]

The 58 Million faces of a single Google search

Let’s say you search for a “sushi bar” on Google. Google will then show you a search result page, what’s known as a SERP. Now we have a question for you – how many different variations do you reckon this SERP has to the search term “sushi bar? A hundred? A thousand? Maybe just a […]

3 models of consumer behaviors all marketers should know about

No matter what your expertise as a marketer is, be it SEO, social media growth hacking, or a copywriting specialist for Google Ads, there are common behavioral patterns that are repeated among internet users across all platforms and websites. These common patterns can be broken down into several main categories within observational models. Today we […]