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Local rank tracking vs. Global rank tracking

Part IV – Local vs. Global In the 4th and final part, I’m going to discuss a slightly confusing—but nonetheless VERY important—subject, and that is the difference between local and global rank tracking. It seems that many users have a MAJOR misunderstanding of how Google tracking works. And this misunderstanding is preventing you from truly utilizing the […]

Released: Sub-Accounts!

A major agency-level addition to PRT – Sub-Accounts! The Sub-Accounts feature allows you to set up and manage access of multiple users to your master PRT account, with flexible permissions. Note that all sub-accounts are part of your master PRT account. The number of sub-accounts you can set depends on your plan. The purpose for […]

Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into a bar

Part III — Yahoo and Bing Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into a bar. Google says to the bartender, “I know every move you make, buddy, and clearly I’m the most popular guy in here. I’ll have a martini served in a lava lamp decorated with golden Elvish runes.” The bartender serves Google and ignores […]