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Should you also include Yahoo! and Bing in your SEO plan?

Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into a bar. Google says to the bartender, “I’ll have a martini served in a lava lamp decorated with golden Elvish runes. And make it quick yea? I know every move you make, and clearly I’m the richest and most popular guy in here.” The bartender serves Google and ignores […]

Are you abandoning your website’s mobile ranks?

Continuing from my last article on the subject (which you should read by the way if you haven’t already), today we’ll discuss the next part of basic SEO mistakes. This part will deal with a subject many unfortunately neglect. I say unfortunately as an understatement because the neglect we’re talking about here is huge as […]

Why you simply can’t do SEO without a SERP tracker

As many of you know, search on Google is heavily personalized whether we like it or not. First of all, for anyone who is new to this, here’s how it works in a nutshell: There isn’t and hasn’t been a “universal rank” in years. Instead, you have SERPs that are composed but not limited to […]

How to choose the right Rank tracking tool for your SEO agency

Today we’ll talk about a subject that occasionally pops up in various SEO blogs and that is choosing the right rank tracker among the tens of possible options out there. No business likes to mention competitors, but I WILL. And although the contents of this post are eventually self-serving (like about any blog post out […]

Google is hiding ranks from you, time to get them back!

Let’s talk about something important. Let’s talk about getting all the organic traffic to your website that you deserve. And I don’t mean magical something out of nothing, I mean traffic your SEO campaign has rightfully gained but unfortunately you’re not seeing. This article is probably going to be one of the more valuable ones you’ll read […]

Local rank tracking vs. Global rank tracking

Part IV – Local vs. Global In the 4th and final part, I’m going to discuss a slightly confusing—but nonetheless VERY important—subject, and that is the difference between local and global rank tracking. It seems that many users have a MAJOR misunderstanding of how Google tracking works. And this misunderstanding is preventing you from truly utilizing the […]

Released: Sub-Accounts!

A major agency-level addition to PRT – Sub-Accounts! The Sub-Accounts feature allows you to set up and manage access of multiple users to your master PRT account, with flexible permissions. Note that all sub-accounts are part of your master PRT account. The number of sub-accounts you can set depends on your plan. The purpose for […]

Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into a bar

Part III — Yahoo and Bing Google, Bing and Yahoo! walk into a bar. Google says to the bartender, “I know every move you make, buddy, and clearly I’m the most popular guy in here. I’ll have a martini served in a lava lamp decorated with golden Elvish runes.” The bartender serves Google and ignores […]