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5 amazing things you can do with PRT’s Ranking Discovery tool

PRT has three amazing features that we offer our users in addition to the ability to track ranks with a 100% accuracy rate: our exclusive and unique Ranking Discovery Tool, our Keyword Suggestion Tool, and the ability to show you keyword search volume. Now, these features WILL give you a significant edge in organic SEO […]

The Amazing Value of White Label Solutions for SEOs

White label options are much more important than SEO novices give them credit for. What white label branding does is create something very important for an emerging business — and that is a positive, professional first impression. A positive first impression is a major element toward tipping the scales in your favor with a potential […]

9 important standards SERP tracker users sometimes forget

The major features of a rank tracker are, of course, the most important by far. For example, the ability to track a diverse range of search engines, get local as well as mobile ranks, and white-label ranking report solutions are mandatory and well known. But then we have the other features that hide in their […]

Taking white label reports to the next level with MyRanks

In today’s article we’ll talk about taking your SEO reports from the regular PDFs to the mobile realm, the great benefits this can have on your sales pitch, and how it can improve your customer support, impress your clients and strengthen their trust in you. As usual, I will be referencing in my examples PRT’s […]