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How to track Amazon ranks correctly, efficiently and with 100% accuracy

The global e-commerce market is expected to reach 2.774 trillion dollars in 2018. On top of that pile of money (which could cover the entire moon with a huge Victorian-style Jeff Bezos portrait made out of $1 bills), sits the current undisputed champion, Amazon. It’s the go-to source for everything, from over-hyped placebo supplements to […]

How to be ready when the next big Google update hits your ranks

Did you experience a sudden and unexplained drop in ranks? Did unexpected gains in ranks happen to your surprise? If so, it may be due to Google’s recent core algorithm update. A few weeks ago it became evident that Google shifted something major in its core, as some users experienced rank drops and other unexpected […]

Google by the numbers: Amazing Google stats and facts

The search engine is the most common tool of internet usage after the browser itself, and we can’t imagine our internet lives without it — just like we can’t imagine our lives without the internet. It has become the core of web browsing as we know it, and it’s nested inside virtually every website. Search […]

Mind-Blowing Internet Stats and Fun Facts, 2018

The internet is where search engines crawl and all the SEO action takes place. It’s the home of fails, trolls, piracy, memes and insurmountable amounts of knowledge. It’s a place where miracles and insane coincidences can happen. It’s the black swan that transformed the world as we know it and the tool that connects all […]