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Added: New Bulk Add options!

New options to bulk add URLs&Terms, added to Add (Desktop) , Add (Mobile) and Local Finder forms. While the file import from Bulk Add tab is a unified form of adding all kind of term combinations, the new options allow you to easily add URL and Terms combinations with similar settings, on the regular Add […]

Launched: Rankings Discovery & Keyword Suggestions!

Rankings Discovery: Find combinations of terms that your websites are ranked for, but you don’t know about, and add them to be tracked! Keyword Suggestions: Get additional keyword ideas for each of your URLs! Instead of using other keyword research tools, you can get fresh ideas without leaving PRT and start tracking them right away!

New video tutorials added

New video tutorials added to ProRankTracker.com ! Learn about the areas and functionalities of PRT, the best SERP tracking tool for your business. Don’t have an account yet ? check out our plans on https://proranktracker.com/plans

Released: New G local snack pack

Released: New G local snack pack (3 positions instead of 7!) results are now picked by ProRankTracker. We’d like to thank PRT dev team that, as always, respond to the change so quickly, to keep you satisfied.

New Google local maps snack-pack

New Google local maps snack-pack: 3 positions only, instead of 7. Google is rolling an update, which seems that will replace all A-G 7pack with a new 3 positions snack pack. Our dev team is already working on updating the system to support the new format. Stay tuned.

Reports improvements – sitewide

* Tags, Type and Device display (“Fields” or include this Column) and sorting (“Terms order by”) added. * The new mobile icon added to reports (Type) These improvements added on: Reports&Graphs, Overview report, Daily report, Automated Reports, Notifications and Shared Reports.

Amazon Rank Tracking

We are glad to announce the new option to track your products ranking on all Amazon sites: Amazon.com Amazon CA Amazon CN Amazon DE Amazon ES

Tips for the new and improved PRT:

The new Dashboard provides a quick glance at the changes of your rankings in the last 24 hours, top X numbers compared to day, week and month ago and the biggest ranking jumps and drops in the last 24 hours. If you have ideas for other widgets you’d like to see on this page let […]

The New and Improved ProRankTracker is here !

We have completely changed the look and feel of the ProRankTracker website with an awesome new design. Now you get All PRT powerful features, with a new modern and user-friendly UI. New Cool Features In addition to the new UI and new dashboard, we also added cool features: New Rankings data pages with improved cool […]

Free package limitation

As announced a month ago, the Free package has been limited today. For over 3 years we are providing the biggest Free rank tracking plan in the industry. We did our best to keep the free package as is, but had to make these changes to keep developing PRT and keep the affordable pricing of […]

Pro Rank Tracker App is Released

Get it on App Store or Google Play. Search for “proranktracker” or scan the QR code from the image. Please send us your feedback. If you encounter any issues, please send us your bug report (with a screenshot if possible), so we could fix it asap in the next app update.

Mobile Rank Tracking

As you know, starting today Google is using a mobile-friendliness algorithm as a ranking signal on mobile searches. To read Google’s announcement:http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.il/…/finding-more… . We worked around the clock to provide our new awesome and accurate Mobile Rank Tracker on time. It includes tracking “via” all common mobile devices on the market today!