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Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 3): Tracking your product ranks and reporting

In part 3, we will finish our essential Amazon SEO guide and will show you the various (and much needed) ranking data you can get with Pro Rank Tracker’s technology.

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Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 2): External optimization and product management 

While Amazon provides detailed PPC data on your paid campaigns, you still need additional metrics to see the full picture of how your product fares on organic searches, on both Amazon and Google.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to track your real Amazon A9 organic rank for every imaginable search term + How to see the estimated monthly Amazon search volume for that term.
  2. How to generate Amazon ranking reports with YOUR logo and details on them.
  3. How to track your products on the main auxiliary eCommerce search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  4. How to monitor an ENTIRE niche and follow the historical progression of the top 100 products for any search term, in a single chart!

1. Tracking your Amazon ranks on PRT

After having optimized everything necessary to get picked up by A9 (and maybe even starting your PPC targeting), you will HAVE to monitor your product for every relevant search term for your product.

You can see the historical progress, cross-examine it with your Amazon data, and most importantly, notice how every action you made in your strategy has influenced your ranks for every keyword.

Having a solid monitoring tool such as PRT will allow you to tweak and adapt your moves and will ultimately improve your odds at ranking higher.

So, it all begins by adding your product ASIIN, and you can already add ALL the relevant keywords in one go:


Next, if you market your product on a local Amazon version, make sure you select that as your search engine and not simply!

A9 ranks products locally for every region. If you sell on exclusively, then that is the one you must track!

If you sell on several Amazon markets, being ranked highly for one local market doesn’t mean you will be ranked likewise in the other. Consequently, this means you need to add all the relevant Amazon local markets that are relevant for you!

This process will also be important for your competitor tracking, which we will explain shortly!

Alternatively, you can also upload all your data in bulk using our Bulk Upload feature that supports spreadsheet data (such as *.xls).

After that, you will be able to see the ranking data in one data table. Including estimated monthly search volume and a daily progress chart:

You can even select several terms and compare them one against the other in a single chart:


Don’t forget to add a proper tag at the end so you will be able to locate your specific ranking data easily. For example:

2. How to generate Amazon product ranking reports using PRT

If you are a boss yourself or you are promoting a client’s business, reports summarize data in a detailed and easy to understand package. These reports will allow you to see the bigger picture and adapt your strategy and PPC campaigns.

PRT has over 15 types of different reports you can generate about your Amazon product ranks and see their historical progress with detailed charts and graphs.


A few important details to note:

  • 100% customizable – you can include as much or as little data as you want in every report.
  • 100% white label – the reports can (and should) have your log and company details on them. These reports have more value than people realize since it allows you to look professional and established! Just read about how Google used this in its early years to grow beyond anyone’s expectations.
  • You can generate as many reports as you like – no limits on quota for how many you can generate. Feel free to experiment until you find the configuration which suits you and your client the best!
  • You can share your reports with a LIVE link – Shared Reports is one of our most liked features. It allows you to generate a live ranking report that is accessible with a password encrypted link, to keep you and your client’s data secure.
    We wrote an entire post breaking down how you can use its full potential, but we also believe in ‘show don’t tell’ so here’s a LIVE sample right here (password is “1234”).
  • Notifications and triggers – reports can be set with trigger conditions which will alert you of any change you deem important. For example, one of your products reaching the top10 positions or to alert you if a sudden drop happens!
  • MyRanks – A white label app for all mobile OS types, that shows live Amazon ranking data. Most of our users customize it to have their logo and company details on it and let their clients and peers download it. The great feature of MyRanks is that it looks like it’s YOUR app, and you can control which data to show:
    Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-10-49 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-24 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-43 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-17-57


3. How to track your products on Google, Yahoo! and Bing (PRT)

Tracking your Amazon products on Amazon alone simply isn’t enough!

Previously in part 2, we discussed the importance of external optimization and driving traffic from sources outside of Amazon to your Amazon products.

Therefore, you will also preferably want to track those external ranks as well. Luckily both PRT and Rankitor offer a complete SERP tacking package for virtually any imaginable SEO need. These packages, of course, include the main search engines as well!

Here are a few typical cases that require additional rank tracking:

  • The Amazon product page on Google/Yahoo!/Bing – Often highly ranked Amazon products are also highly ranked on Google, so it’s a healthy practice to track your product page on Google and the other search engines as well.
  • Your brand on Google/Yahoo!/Bing – If you have a Shopify website or your brand’s official website, you will surely need to know how well it ranks on the main search engines outside of Amazon.
  • Your branded social page on Google/Yahoo!/Bing – As we mentioned last week, having a solid social network presence can drive valuable traffic to your Amazon product page, and help to increase their Amazon ranks through raw traffic.Tracking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram branded profiles on all the major search engines is also a great overall indicator of how well your brand is doing SEO-wise across all common search platforms
  • Track Video ranks on both YouTube AND Google video – If you market your products and brand with video ads and original content, this will come in handy. You will be happy you don’t need to search for an additional SEO tool to supplement video tracking!Many brands have hit it big with clever video marketing of their products on YouTube and Facebook. You can track the ranks of these videos in two different ways:
  1. Google video ranks – Your YouTube and Facebook videos should be tracked on Google’s unique video SERP, specifically their video carousel feature and the ‘videos’ page.
  2. YouTube ranks – YT has an internal ranking algorithm which is different than Google’s. If you promote your products with videos on YT, you can also track their inner YT rank!

By adding the same tag as your Amazon ranks, you will be able to see all the relevant ranking data combined, and use it to generate any future ranking reports. So now if we click the ‘Amazon’ tag in our little Eye helper, we will be able to see all the relevant data concerning your Amazon product in one place!


Here’s how the three examples above can be tracked in a single data table with PRT:

Search volume is shown for the respected search engine that is being tracked. If Bing is the tracked search engine, the monthly search volume shown will be for Bing.

How to track virtually ALL your competitors in ONE place with no additional costs!

This feature brings the most bang for your buck and is exclusive to Pro Rank Tracker. It’s called Full SERPs, and you can read more about it here.

Most tools on the market will let you track 5-10 competitors. We let you track the entire top100 search results for every single term that you track!

So, if you take the most basic plan for 200 terms ($25), you will get a tracking quota for up to 20,000 search results!

And it’s simpler than you think – we do it automatically for you without fussing and adding anything.

Here’s how our advanced competitor tracking works:

For every term that you track, we also track the entire top100 search results for EVERY search engine.

So, for example, let’s say that you track your Amazon Bluetooth branded speaker with us, and it’s correctly ranked 35th position on Amazon for the search term “cheap bt speaker”. We will automatically start tracking the ENTIRE top100 position for that search term on Amazon!

This tracking feature is by far one of our most valuable and powerful features and is pound for pound the MOST affordable on the market.

You can even test us – see if you can find any SEO tool with an equivalent offer and let us know in the comments below. We are confident enough that you won’t!


This part concludes our Amazon SEO guide. Now you have the basics you need to know, from optimizing your inner Amazon product page to driving external traffic to your products and finally monitoring everything correctly, accurately and for the best price you can find.

If you follow this guide correctly, you will start rising in Amazon ranks, and your products will fly off the virtual shelves! The only concern you will have is, why didn’t you know about us sooner.


How to try Pro Rank Tracker FOR FREE

We have clients that successfully track upwards of 50k products with ease. We want you to experience all the features we discussed before you decide, so here is a FREE 7-day trial for you to test drive.

A few important things to know about the trial:

  • We don’t ask for your credit card details to activate it. We only ask in return that you open just one trial for yourself, and not multiple free accounts.
  • We want you to have a positive experience trying us out, so we include a free Skype session to make sure everything is set up correctly and to answer any questions you might have.

No credit card details needed to activate and no auto-renewal subscription traps.



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