Affiliates assemble! How to sell the best SERP tracker on the market

If you want to recommend the highest quality SERP tracker on the market while also adding a nice passive affiliate income bonus to your regular revenue stream, you are in the right place!

Today we will breakdown the top 6 features which makes Pro Rank Tracker stand out in our highly competitive SERP trackers niche. These are the features which many of our users say made them leave their previous SERP tracker to stay with us after a quick trial run.

You can view this as a general guide on the SERP tracker market since where we stand out, everyone else is only giving their users lackluster results for a premium price. By going over this article, here’s you will know: what SEO pros in our field lack and desperately crave, and most importantly how we can upgrade their SEO monitoring to a whole new level of accuracy and quality, by recommending our SERP tracker.

Before we begin here’s what you need to know!

  1. We offer one of the HIGHEST commission rates of any affiliate programs in any field
  2. A recurring 20% monthly commission for the ENTIRE duration of the referred account! Not the first three months and not a one-time payment deal.
  3. We don’t have any time limits of referrals either! For example, if a user that you refer to us starts a free trial but only starts his paid plan after two years, you will still get that monthly recurring commission!
  4. Sign up is very easy and can be done HERE.

We mentioned here on our blog on several occasions that we chose to focus our efforts on research and envelopment to become the best tracker for SEO pros, and less on traditional marketing. As a result, we grew almost entirely by word of mouth and the good intentions of our users, who started referring us to their colleagues and friends. As time went by and we grew with referrals, we decided to make it one of our official channels of growth by starting our awesome affiliate program that anyone can be a part of. As part of our mission to be a leader of quality among SEO tools, we also made it the most rewarding affiliate program in our hyper-competitive field.

So, here’s what you need to know about SERP tracking and why we are currently the only ones on the market that offer a genuinely high standard for SEOs:

People LOVE value for the lowest price

Virtually every SERP tracker on the market is simply too expensive and offers very low quotas for an inflated price.

Our monthly plans start at giving every user a quota of 20,000 tracked search results for $25. Of course, the quotas increase immensely as you go up the levels. For example, our most complete Enterprise plan is with a quota of 10 million tracked search results and a monthly crawled pages quota of 10 million, for our SEO audit tool.

These numbers are possible because we also offer the most advanced and comprehensive competitor research solution all around. For every search term that you track with us, we also track the entire top100 search results for that term on any search engine that we support.

So, let’s say that you need to track the search term “ac repair” on Google for the Queens area in NY and on mobile. After you add that term for tracking, we will immediately start tracking the ENTIRE top100 search results for that search term. This search allows  you to see ALL of your significant competitors for that exact search term (with all relevant ranking conditions, such as location and device type).

  • So the basic plan is 200 main terms, which amount to a total of 20,000 search results tracked for only $25 a month
  • The most basic enterprise plan includes 3000 terms and a total of 300,000 search results tracked for only $180 a month

Here is how the top20 tracking looks for a Google search term:

Anyone outside of PRT overpays for their SEO tool, and just by knowing our prices, you can already show them an amazing alternative which can SAVE them money!


Many DESPERATELY search for a truly accurate SERP tracker

Accuracy is a huge problem and a vague term every SERP tracker throws around without actually getting to the details of how they are even accurate in the first place. Being accurate is almost a myth at this point, and the number 1 complaint SERP tracker users have is their rank trackers being inaccurate. It’s also one of the main reasons that users have chosen to stay with us after migrating from their previously used SEO tool. We are the most accurate rank tracker on the market and here’s why:

  • We analyze search engines 24/7, especially Google – A big Google update has been known to cause inconsistencies and wrong rank monitoring for most SERP trackers, sometimes even weeks after the update happened. Google throws several huge updates a year at us. As a result many tools show an inaccurate rank to their users most of the time. Because it might take weeks and even months to adjust their systems to the change, and then another big update hits, thus repeating the inaccuracy cycle.We react to Google’s updates as soon as they happen (sometimes even before by predicting them), and there was rarely a case where we didn’t adjust almost instantly following an update and kept showing our users their correct rank. This instant reaction also includes small updates which happen almost daily and go unreported by SEO news outlets.We even give our users the option to get an alert the moment a major ranking change happens in their account with our Notification feature. Here are some of the triggers that you can set:


  • The single rank fallacy – A Google rank consists of several factors, and most SERP trackers (including Google’s Search Console) can’t read that deep to show users their REAL search engine position. Google Search Console has an interest to show you an ambiguous rank reading, and reveal as little as possible about how their search index works in general.A website’s position for a search term in Google’s search index changes according to several main factors. Anyone searching for anything on Google will see search results based on:
    1. Locationwhere the person is searching from. This result can change depending on their exact geo-targeted position at the time of the search.
    2. Mobile or Desktop – we all know by now searching from your phone or desktop will yield different search results.
    3. Default UI language – the default UI language will also influence the search results we get. Try it out now – change your default UI language from English to French for example and see what changes in the SERP for any search term!
    4. Mobile OS and device type – Search results also change depending on which mobile OS is used (iOS or Android) and what mobile device type is used (tablet or smartphone). This one is a well-kept industry “secret” since no one wants to invest in their tech to be able to track this deeply, even though this is essential by 2020 standards and beyond.

This means an SEO expert needs to be able to see how their URLs and keywords rank for the most relevant conditions and not just some general estimated position most SEO tools show.

People need more than just Google tracking! We have 6 rank trackers in ONE tool

As we all know, placing all your eggs in one Google basket is a great way to have no source of traffic if a huge update demolishes the hard-earned positions for your most lucrative keywords.

Also, let’s not forget there is more to SEO and SEM than just Google and the traditional search engines. On the eCommerce front, we have Amazon as the biggest eCommerce search engine with their unique A9 algorithm. The need to track it reliably is key for virtually anyone dealing in eCommerce marketing. On the video marketing front, we have YouTube and Google’s separate video ranks which feature videos from every video sharing platform out there, including Facebook and Twitter.

Because SEO and SEM are such multidisciplinary fields, many experts have to use several tools which amount to paying more than they have to, had they known something like PRT existed. Which is where you come into play – SEO professionals need to know they got the option to have it all in ONE place, for ONE price, which in itself is with no competitors. Here is what six rank trackers for ONE price looks like:

  • Traditional search engines: Google (with the most accurate results) | Yahoo! and Bing (with local ranks) | Yandex (with local ranks)
  • eCommerce rank tracking on Amazon
  • Video rank tracking on YouTube | Google video ranks | Google Video Carousel featured snippet
  • Track GMB ranks with the Local Pack featured snippet positions – These ranks are entirely different ranks than organic and should be tracked with an exact location in mind. These GMB positions change according to a person’s position on the map, which is why tracking GMB ranks from any specific location is crucial for anyone doing local SEO that has a business shown on Google’s maps.
  • Featured Snippet position tracking on Google – as needed after 2020’s Google update.
  • All the above are also tracked with their respective top100 search results per term! (including the top100 products on Amazon and top100 videos on YouTube)

With these options, you can effectively offer PRT to a wider scope of potential users, encompassing the entire field of SEO and SEM, and not just Google.

SEO experts need an SEO-centric SERP tracker

abstract illustration background wallpaper space

Pro Rank Tracker was started by SEO experts for SEO experts of all fields. We built our tool to be SEO-centric from the ground up and included as many additional features and perks that SEO experts need but don’t usually get from the traditional SERP trackers (another reason many users choose to stay with us). Such as:

  • Monthly search volume revealed for any keyword that you track on Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube.
  • The most advanced keyword suggestion tool that relies on actual search volume instead of arbitrary algorithms.
  • Ranking discovery – an exclusive tool that can reverse-track Google and show you terms that you already rank for but are not actively tracking.
  • SEO audit report – get a fast and detailed SEO audit with huge monthly page crawl quotas.
  • Ranking updates on demand – we can update your ranking data across all search engines more than once per 24 hours! This data can be very crucial during a ranking turmoil caused by a sudden Google update flux.
  • Unlimited quota of SEO ranking reports – because we know our users might need to send out a report to the entire team of multiple clients.

Everyone wants  to experience top-notch customer service and a CLEAN approach to business

Not too long ago, we made a whole article on how important good customer service is, and we practice what we preach! Our Capterra score is 4.7 for a good reason.

  • Our support team can be contacted via live chat, 24/7 support tickets, email, Skype, and even DMs (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • We have an extensive knowledge base with tutorials and videos that can answer any common question
  • Each enterprise account gets its own dedicated account manager
  • Help with migration – if you need to transfer ranking data from your previous SERP tracker, we are here to show you how to do it every step of the way!
  • API specialist to help users connect directly to our ranking data
  • Our blog is focused on our tool’s functionality and SERP tracking, so you can find many guides and tips right here! So be sure to subscribe.

And here’s the best part – You will not be entrapping users, and instead be recommending a genuinely high-quality SaaS with a real free trial.

When we offer a free trial, we mean it and don’t ask for credit card details or set any auto-renewal subscription traps.

Our 7-day free trial is real and is the only one on the market that doesn’t need to be cancelled.

We have that much faith in our tech.

Brand establishment at its finest: 100% White Label features

No one else in our field offers 100% white label features. You might get to have some custom logo pasted on top of a ranking report sent to a client, but no one comes close to our levels of featuring our user’s brand.

We know how important it is to establish your SEO brand, and nothing does it better than showing it on the ranking reports that you send your clients.

We power our users completely behind the stage and allow them to place their company logo and details instead of ours on any of our 16 types of SEO reports.


And we also have 3 brand-building white label features that take SEO reporting to the next level:

  1. Shared Reports – a live ranking report that is accessible via a unique generated link, which your clients can access from anywhere. These live shared reports get updated daily and can be encrypted with a password to ensure client data safety. Of course, the link also features your logo on top! Here’s one for you to see right now, the password is “1234”.
  2. MyRanks – a mobile app powered by PRT with your logo and company details in a dedicated ‘about‘ tab. A “mini SERP tracker” which your clients can have on their smartphone and see their ranking data, and even generate their own PDF reports! You can set up as many MyRanks accounts with a password and username as you need.
    Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-10-49 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-24 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-43 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-17-57
  3. White label Sub Accounts – If you have a big client that you need to impress and Shared Reports and MyRanks are not enough, then we also have something bigger than that! Users can replace PRT’s logo with theirs in their sub-account! That way our SERP tracker becomes your SERP tracker. Having “your own” branded SERP tracking technology is a surefire way to appear established and professional.

Appearing to users and investors like a highly established brand is a method virtually all huge brands used at some point during their growth. For example here is a story on how Google themselves famously numbered their first complex building 42 to make investors feel like they were dealing with a company that has 42 huge buildings instead of just one.

Bonus feature: The ONLY rank tracker with real no BS entry-level monthly plans

Before we finish this affiliate marketing guide, here’s another issue in our industry that needs to be addressed.

There are no real feature-rich entry-level monthly plans on the market at all. Only us.

Most basic plans on the market start at $39and don’t even come close to our quotas, our levels of accuracy and the sheer scope of SEO-centric features.

These “entry-level” plans offer very poor value!

Even our most basic $25 can easily beat most $99 level plans on the market as far as value for money goes.

Being small business friendly doesn’t mean we neglect our big quota users. Our biggest monthly plans are also the most affordable as the price per tracked term drops significantly as the plans progress. Our most expensive enterprise monthly plans offer the lowest price per tracked term on the market, bar none!

We currently have more than 60k users of all sizes and marketing fields, from small SEO freelancers to SEO agencies and eCommerce giants that need to track tens of thousands of search terms and tens of major competitors across multiple search engines.


Every category that we mentioned above can be a big selling point if targeted towards the correct client’s need. Some people are overpaying for an overly expensive monthly plan with limited features and are searching for a fair price. Others need the option to track several search engines in a single tool, while others might need the accuracy that comes with our advanced rank tracking algorithms.

With our recurring 20% commission rate, you can effectively become more than an affiliate but potentially a partner that gets a 20% cut of any user that joins!


Consider this: just ONE referred enterprise level account can potentially yield you a passive income of 2000-7000 USD a year!

Join our Affiliate Program today, and let’s all win together!




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