new bulk add

Added: New Bulk Add options!

ProRankTracker has a new feature to make it easier to add new URLs and terms to track for desktop. New options to bulk add URLs&Terms, added to Add (Desktop) , Add (Mobile) and Local Finder forms.

While the file import from Bulk Add tab is a unified form of adding all kind of term combinations,
the new options allow you to easily add URL and Terms combinations with similar settings, on the regular Add tabs.

The URLs and Terms are added from a file (each row is for a URL and as many terms as you want) and the rest of the form is filled as usual.

To use it, on each of the tabs, click “File Upload” at the top right, download the sample XLSX file, fill your data in the same format and upload the file.
Fill the rest of the settings and save.

Adding multiple URLs and Terms in the manual form add all possible combinations.
The new file upload option, allows you to add different terms to each URL and save all at once.

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