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5 unfair SEO solutions for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest fields of internet marketing as a whole. It’s one of the best ways to spread your brand. You can amp up sales using marketers that like your product and are willing to spread the word, using their savvy marketing skills, for a commission of the profits. And affiliate marketing is also great for any talented salesperson, to generate additional income by marketing a product that they believe in for a set fee. It’s one of those rare win-win situations given the right conditions.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the most basic forms of marketing and has been around even before we had a clear and officially agreed-upon definition of the term. In older times, people who loved a product would naturally see the benefit in recommending it. In turn, the manufacturer would compensate the efforts of that proto affiliate marketer with either a free product or a set purse. For example, the industrial-era market was full of sellers and resellers, showing all kinds of miracle drugs and tinctures (some of which were just bottles of cocaine and heroin). This highly established practice endured the times and quickly found its new form on the internet, becoming what we know today as “affiliate marketing.” With the ability to compensate affiliates being easier than ever in human history, it’s no wonder why this is such a popular pursuit and is in a state of an almost perpetual gold rush.

Affiliate marketing is a multi-disciplinary field that requires knowledge in many subjects, including SEO, sales, social networks, copywriting, and often graphic design and web development. The best affiliate marketers can achieve high levels of passive income streams. But even if they do allow themselves to “sit back” and just enjoy the fruit of their labor, they still need a reliable way to monitor their success. One of the major playing fields for AM is Google and other search engines It is exactly why many affiliate marketers are always in search of a reliable SEO tool to track their progress across search engines!

Many of our users are affiliate marketers, and there are a few reasons for this. We want to show you five solutions by yours truly (Pro Rank Tracker) that can help any affiliate marketer get a nice boost in their game (passive or active), all found in a single SERP tracker:

1. Accurate Search engine tracking

Let’s start with the most important and basic need to know your REAL organic search engine positions. Many affiliate marketers set up blogs and authority websites in the niche that they operate in, and SEO can be an integral part of their overall strategy.

The need to know organic positions on Google is key to understanding if what you are doing works or not. Showing the ACTUAL position of a URL for a given keyword might seem basic, but you will be surprised how many tools on the market get it wrong!

Google is very unpredictable and is known for its update bursts that shake up rankings for entire clusters of niches. Many rank trackers on the market get impacted as well and for extended periods show false ranks. We have a unique way to identify big and small updates and adjust to the changes as fast as possible. This adjustment allows us to show our users their accurate real positions, virtually 100% of the time.

Not only that, but a rank is a complicated subject to begin with and is made of several personalized layers, such as a person’s geo-targeted location, their mobile OS, UI language, and more!

You can read all about Google’s ranking layers, and how we track them here.

2. An ALL-In-ONE Tool: Integrated Amazon product tracking and YouTube video ranks

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As we mentioned, affiliate marketing is a cross-platform skill. You can major in Google SEO and dual class in video marketing on YouTube.

Many affiliate marketers that specialize in eCommerce use Amazon as one of their sales outlets. Other than the need to track Amazon on Google, they also need to track the products they endorse on Amazon!

Amazon’s ranking algorithm is called A9 and is like no other among search engines. While Google’s algo is designed to show search results based on search intent and relevance, A9 is aimed at showing you the products you are most likely to buy. A9 is, therefore, designed around buying intent.

Video marketing is only getting stronger, and many review YouTubers also have their main source of income via affiliate links and sponsors. Consequently, they need a reliable way to track not only the videos themselves on Google but also the internal positions on YouTube.

To track A9 and YouTube’s algo, a SERP tracker needs to invest specifically in reading their unique search engines, which is why many SERP trackers only focus on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, making their users pay for additional tools that can track Amazon and YouTube reliably, instead of having it all in one place.

3. Unfair competitor tracking with Full SERPs

If there’s one major downside to affiliate marketing is that it’s ridiculously competitive even in rare niches. To handle your competitors, for starters, you need to have a good sense of how well they are doing, which is why some of the more advanced tools on the market will offer you some form of competitor tracking (usually it’s 2-5 competitors per URL).

Competitor tracking is key in any field of SEO and SEM and not just affiliate marketing, so we decided to take it to the next level and simply offer any of our users a COMPLETE coverage of competitor research.

For every keyword+URL that you track for any of the search engines, we also track the ENTIRE top 100 search results for that keyword.

For example, let’s say you track your authority blog on ceiling fans for the keyword “ceiling fans how to install” on Google, not only will you monitor your exact position on Google, but the entire top100 search results for that term!

If your blog offers affiliate links to ceiling fans on Amazon, then you can track the affiliated product on Amazon as well as the top100 products on Amazon for the search term “ceiling fans.”

Again, this feature applies to ALL of the search engines that we track, including, of course, Yahoo! Bing, YouTube, and even local Amazon markets (With Full SERPs, you can see the entire competition field for any keyword on for example.)

Full details here.

4. “Cheat” the system with the best keyword research tools on the market

Good quality keyword research is one of the basics of any SEO and SEM campaign because this is simply the main usage of search engines – providing relevant results for a search query. And to promote your product or website successfully, you need to know what people are searching for that’s relevant for that product or website.

It’s possible to discover a rich selection of keywords for your niche if you employ several online tools (some free and others are paid). The problem is you need to research and ask around until you find the best mix of online tools that can get you the results you want. Even after you find this elusive keywords research formula, it can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting to employ.

But what if we told you that it’s possible to discover virtually every keyword with actual search volume, in any niche that you affiliate within a SINGLE online tool? Because with us, it’s possible, directly from our SERP tracker! We already have a keyword research formula for you right here. After you get the hang of it, keyword research will become just another fluent aspect of your SEO skillset.

And the real beauty of our method is that it will show you keywords your URL is already ranked for and that you are not yet tracking and promoting. For example, let’s get back to the ceiling fan authority blog example from point 3.

As you promote your blog and get more traffic and start getting your main keywords ranked, additional secondary keywords will eventually get “slightly” ranked just by association. These are positions beyond the 1st page of Google that get little to no traffic, so they go unnoticed unless you check for them specifically. These secondary keywords might be worth your time and effort to boost to the 1st page and start seeing some real traffic from them.

A keyword is hard to get to the 1st page from scratch, but if it’s already ranked at the lower pages and within the top100 search results, it becomes much easier to rank!

Our SERP tracker can show you the keywords that hang at those low top100 search results, with their respective monthly search volumes, and you can decide whether to pursue their promotion or not.

5. A monthly price tag that supports a passive income

If there’s one thing that can spike a SERP tracker’s price, it is competitor tracking like the one mentioned in point 3. We made it one of our company goals to always be affordable in our prices, no matter how many advanced tools and features we introduce to our SERP tracker.

For example, our most basic monthly plan is only $25, and with it, you can track 200 main terms along with the top100 search results of every term. Basically, you can track 20,000 search results for only $25, the most affordable price you will find.

For anyone in affiliate marketing, getting good deals on the tools and resources you use is a major part of being profitable, especially if you aspire to reach passive income goals. Fair pricing has never been more crucial than during times of economic uncertainty, such as the one we’re currently experiencing.

Like many internet-based fields, certain affiliate marketing niches took the coronavirus relatively well. For starters, affiliate marketers are mostly self-employed and have their work-from-home routine already in place. Having to spend time in quarantine not only changed little in their lifestyles but gave them an advantage over people in other marketing fields, who had to stop working because they were not prepared to work from home on a temporary basis. The affiliate fields which seemed to have boomed during the quarantine times are less luxury fields and more health-related exercise methods and various work-from-home supplementary courses (which always heavily rely on affiliate marketing, even without pandemics “aiding” their traffic potential).

Before you even decide, take us for a 7-day free trial, and you will see we offer much more than the lowest prices on the market.

And our trial really is free and doesn’t require a credit card to activate and no auto-renewal subscription traps!

6. Bonus: The most lucrative affiliate program among SEO tools

Businessman holding lightning in fist. Power and control

Since we’re already discussing affiliate marketing here, it only makes sense that we should also mention our very own amazing affiliate program!

It’s by far one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the SERP tracking niche and one of the most successful ones too. We grew by mostly word-of-mouth marketing because once people get to try our tool, we have one of the highest conversion rates in our field.

You get a monthly 20% commission for the ENTIRE duration of every referred account!

You will also be endorsing a high-quality SERP tracker that is packed full of powerful features, believes in fair pricing and doesn’t use subscription traps in their free trials like the rest.

There’s a good reason we are one of the highest-ranked SERP trackers on Capterra with a score of 4.7! (which is generally considered a high score on Capterra for any field).


Affiliate marketing will survive this Covid-19 crisis and is here to stay. As more and more people get the hang of working from home, this field is only likely to grow even further to popularity levels we are not even familiar with yet.

A good and reliable SERP tracker is a must if you want to monitor your progress properly, especially one with features you would normally find in several tools. Using one SEO tool that has most of the needed features is also generally a more efficient approach.

Finally, make sure you are subscribed to our blog and get updated with search engine and SEO news, rank tracking tips, and much more.

About Pro Rank Tracker – the most advanced and affordable SERP tracker on the market

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Our SERP tracker has more than 60k users of all types, from small freelance SEO experts to huge SEO agencies and eCommerce brands. Here are just some of the features we didn’t mention in this article (this will come useful if you recommend us with our affiliate program!):

  • SEO audit reports that are fast and comprehensive, allowing you to gauge any website’s general SEO health and potential, with huge crawling quotas for every monthly plan.
  • Generate more than 16 types of SEO ranking reports, with an UNLIMITED quota! The reports are also fully customizable to suit any type of client or colleague. Create stunning reports with minimal basic data for the SEO oblivious client, or highly advanced data-rich reports for the SEO savvy client.
  • 100% white label – all our SEO ranking reports can have your logo and company details on them instead of PRT.
  • Advanced Google tracking abilities that include: GMB ranks, Google Video ranks, featured snippet tracking, and monthly search volume for every keyword.
  • Sub-accounts that can be personalized to have your logo featured instead of PRT, allowing our SERP tracker to power your brand
  • Next level customer support by 24/7 tickets, email, chat, Skype, Facebook DMs, Twitter DMs, and an extensive knowledge base with video tutorials.

Instead of overpaying for a SERP tracker during times when you need to save money, you can use and recommend a SERP tracker with the best pound-4-pound price on the market bar none.

You can try us with our 7-day FREE trial right now!

Our free trial is actually free and doesn’t need credit card details to activate.

We don’t set up auto-renewal subscription traps for our users and prefer to let the tech do the talking instead. This has been our thing all along, ever since we launched back in 2012.





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