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5 reasons to KEEP CALM and STOP your clients from abandoning your SEO ship

This article will not be about the virus since virtually every edge of the internet is discussing the subject. Instead, let’s stay practical and tackle an issue many users are currently facing client panic.

With all the fear being spread by media outlets, it’s easy to think whatever ship you’re on is sinking. Well, for starters, in most cases, it isn’t. The ship has hit an obstacle for sure, and there will be a delay until the breach is fixed, but the cruise will resume after that.

Firstly, you need to understand your clients might not be very rational even at the best of times, and given the current predicament, they will probably be more prone to irrational fear-based decisions. Having feelings of fear and uncertainty at times like these is perfectly natural.

So, we want to help keep you in business, and we want you to keep your clients happy. Hence, this article will focus on how to keep your clients calm and protect them from jumping ship into the cold waters.

Reason 1 – COVID-19 will be defeated

It’s not a question of if, but when. And this positivity isn’t some pipe dream. It is realism with a dash of cautious optimism. The good news here COVID-19 seems to be a slow mutator, which slightly compensates for its relatively high mortality rates. Also, the global quarantine measures will help make the virus more manageable in the long term, until a vaccine is found. The Spanish Flu, in comparison, was less deadly, but it was a rapid mutator enabling it to spread to 500 million people around the world, resulting in 50-100 million deaths.

This period is only a temporary affair. Where will you and your clients be when this is over? A time after corona is virtually a guaranteed fact. It’s only a matter of time. Moving past the turmoil will take time, but it will happen eventually. This thing will be over, either thanks to a vaccine, a novel treatment, quarantine policies, or with herd immunity. Business will be back to usual.

A kind reminder to an anxious client that this is only temporary might help alleviate the stress. You can even be proactive and send them an email with any positive stories you find online about potential cures or improvements of the situation. Your clients are used to seeing fear and panic, and positive news coming from their SEO expert will only solidify you as a positive force in their life.

This message is not the only thing you can include in this email, however; so here’s more:

Reason 2 – Online marketing and eCommerce will inherit the future

The trend towards online businesses is only rising, regardless of this recent pandemic. You might think we are having a crisis, but what we are seeing is a potential glimpse of the future, where people will simply prefer to stay at home.

Having a vivid VR reality to indulge in, almost indistinguishable from real life will be easier and safer than going outside. Possibly an AI-driven company in the form of assistants with a human feel to them and an abundance of entertainment will also glue people to their seats. Amazon has set the 1-day shipping, which will become 1-hour shipping once the drones are deployed. So, shopping will move online, and more and more physical stores will close.

Whether you consider this bright or bleak is irrelevant, since this is the future we seem to be pacing towards, and much faster than you think. Use a time machine to travel 60 years from 1930 to 1990, and it might be a bit shocking, but not that much drastically different. But take a 30-year journey from 1990 to today, and the dynamics, norms, and pace will overwhelm any time traveler. The next ‘shocking’ leap is likely within the next 15 years or less!

Clients of yours who had a physical location and lost money and physical traffic because they had to close shop, should see this as a lesson to put more weight on their online presence. They could push to establish their brand in the future playing field, which is dominantly online.

Even if YOU lose clients during this crisis, remember that this too shall pass, and you are in one of the few future-proof fields.

Also, check out our Amazon coverage to see just how huge and booming the eCommerce field is.

Reason 3 – Now is the best time to ACT instead of freezing

Not to sound too opportunistic, but the reality is we are lucky to be operating in the only field which was damaged the least by this outbreak – online businesses. Internet consumption has spiked so much that ISPs have had a hard time handling the demand.

SEO is a zero-sum game. If your client has second thoughts, they should also know their competitors will gladly take advantage of their temporary absence. When the dust settles, the top-ranking websites will receive their traffic back and then some.

Here are a few stats and facts you can show your client to make them realize the best time to act is NOW and NOT later:

  • Shopping from home currently rules since people are self-isolating. After this is over, brands that have shown quick response times and decent delivery quality will benefit.
  • Digital content is exploding as people search to occupy their minds, and even Netflix can barely handle the demand as more people are subscribing than ever.
  • Everybody is basically currently ‘trapped’ at home. This means even more time spent on social networks, and this may be a good time to boost your social media marketing game for you and your clients.
  • The competition might be thinner during the pandemic as many are weary and hesitant to act, trying their best to cut their costs as if this is the end of civilization (hint: not yet it isn’t). After the pandemic is over and confidence returns, many will realize where the future lies, and the competition will probably become even tighter. Now is a great time to step up your game while some are wary.
  • Amazon is stepping up to the plate and opening up 100k new jobs to cope with the spike in demand.

Reason 4 – The world will bounce back


History tends to repeat itself and the world will recover as it did with much deadlier pandemics with less medical advancements and virtually no global communication.

Unfortunately, there are enough precedents of doom and gloom and tragedy to learn from, and in each dip following a world magnitude calamity, the bounce back is followed by a boom of sudden prosperity. After WW1 and the Spanish Flu, we saw the Roaring Twenties. After WW2, the world saw a boom that is still expanding.

Ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys are always there. Smart players will always strive to benefit in these situations and will buy into this dip or cash out once the graphs start correcting to their former peaks. And they will, they always do.

The question is, will you be there to enjoy the boom?

Reason 5 – They are in good hands

This one includes all the above and more. A solid SEO expert doesn’t abandon ship because he understands the bigger picture and is proactive in his approach. This is your time to shine and prove your value, BECAUSE this is an unusual event. If you keep your clients happy in a time like this, then you are a keeper!

Remember the positive email we mentioned in reason 1? Well, here’s what you also need to include in that message – make sure to state how laser-focused you are to promoting their interest, especially in a time like this. You can advise that you have devised a plan on how to operate and crush the hesitant competition, possibly mentioning pointers from all of the above in your own words.

You can even try to reach out to businesses that have a weak online presence and show them how with you, they can turn this thing into an opportunity to empower their brand.

And YOU, as an SEO expert, are also in good hands when it comes to tracking your search engine ranks. We at Pro Rank Tracker always make sure to stay 100% accurate and provide you with the best SEO monitoring tool on the market even when all seems in turmoil.

We have more than 16 types of white label SEO ranking reports that you can send to your clients! Not only will your clients be informed with eye-candy reports, but they will have YOUR logo and company details on them.


If you don’t use these upcoming months as an opportunity to grow and promote your clients, someone else will. Be proactive in your approach and keep calm. The current situation will pass.

Finally, there is way too much false information and fake news out there. So, to keep you sane and informed with real value, here is the most no BS-free level-headed source of coverage on the spread we know of. Let us introduce you to you the new Corona teacher, Dr. John Campbell:

Also, be sure to subscribe to our blog, since we will focus on many tips in these strange corona times that are upon us!


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