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5 powerful ways to stand out as an SEO business with PRT

In today’s saturated SEO market it’s important to make a great first impression and stand out among other SEO experts and agencies in the field if you want to close deals and stay in business. If you’re a young business looking to survive and grow, or even if you’re trying to promote your own SEO business independently, you need every edge you can get along with a high skill set and knowledge in whatever type of SEO you are pursuing.

In this post, we will show you 5 ways to cleverly use PRT’s industry-standard features and tools to make yourself shine among the competition, secure long-lasting business relationships with clients, and get those valuable future leads and references as a result. If you’re an established SEO agency, this is still relevant since these tools and features can boost success regardless of your experience level.

Showing exact location accuracy and debunking the false myths of the “rank” – Many of the clients you’ll meet during your career may have an idea about what keywords they want to promote, but they will have no actual clue what ranks are relevant for their business. Many still think a rank is a single thing; to them, it’s just the position they see when they search Google for a certain keyword on their computer or a mobile phone. They are oblivious to how far SEO has progressed and how personalized and fine-tuned the search game has become, and that it’s all about social/mobile/local these days. The more advanced clients, those who are aware of the influence of personalization on a rank, might think checking their keywords anonymously will magically trick Google into giving that mythical ‘true rank’ without personalization, but they may not realize geo-targeting is still a major factor. There are even SEO experts with misconceptions about ranks, so it’s not a symptom of just the layman.

As we covered in our previous posts on the subject, PRT can now show unprecedented levels of rank-tracking accuracy by pinpointing what rank a person sees down to a neighbourhood level, virtually anywhere on the planet where there is uncensored internet access. And make no mistake, two people searching for the same keywords from different neighbourhoods will most likely see different ranks! I highly recommend you read our two recent posts about this subject before you go any further if you haven’t already:

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So, how can you use this information along with PRT’s accurate ranking abilities to distinguish yourself from other SEO agencies and help you close more deals? Simple – break the false conceptions and educate. Discover high-quality long-tail keywords and the relevant, needed ranks for those keywords that will give your client the best possible results. You don’t have to make his website a niche leader, just the top website for the locations most relevant for that business. For example, if you promote a website for a local MMA gym, you don’t need that website to be ranked #1 across the board on all search engines and every type of Google rank on the planet—you just need it to rank high locally within the radius that makes sense for people looking for a good MMA gym in their area. You need it to rank well on mobile and be shown on the Snack Pack map with some good reviews, and you need it to have some traction in social networks, such as YouTube, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (although of those, only YouTube is currently relevant to what can be tracked with a SERP tracker). So, we’re talking about an estimate of 10-15 required rank types per keyword to get the most relevant picture of organic SEO for that MMA gym. And PRT can, of course, easily track those ranks so you can distinguish between them,  send your client progress reports, and make him the leading MMA gym in the area.

The reality is, if even some SEO experts are lacking in knowledge on what their real rank is, you can only imagine how a layman client would have absolutely no clue about this subject. Your real knowledge and advice about ranks would be incredibly valuable to such a client. Getting them to realize that with you, they can rise in his real relevant ranks (not some made-up figure), and that will set you apart from every other SEO expert that stepped into their office selling ten-year-old stale concepts of what ranking is. Instead of offering to help them become 1st ranked in searches that are not even relevant for them, get them to rank 1 where it matters, saving your client money and building your reputation as an SEO business who gets results by shooting straight and accurately.

Ranking discovery tool and the industry SEO secrets – One of the lesser-known SEO industry secrets is the concept of so-called “hidden ranks” and their amazing potential. If you don’t know yet what hidden ranks are, you can read more about this amazing industry secret here before you continue:

shhh…. it’s an industry secret. But your SEO business knows better than to keep things from the client

shhh…. it’s an industry secret. But your SEO business knows better than to keep things from the client

Google is hiding ranks from you, time to get them back!

One of PRT’s exclusive tools is designed specifically to reverse-engineer search and discover hidden rankings for websites and keywords. Use the tool for your SEO business to discover hidden ranked keywords for different Google rank types and other search engines for just about any website. There are a few different ways to use this feature, and even using just one of them gives you a powerful edge when pitching a potential client. It’s possible that no other SEO expert before you has ever approached them with such insights and intel:

Niche research and value intel – Before you approach a potential client, use the tool to investigate the main players in the niche. Pick between 3-10 of the top-ranked websites and analyze them using the tool. Get an impression on who they are by searching a few niche-relevant keywords and see who leads the charts (you can cross-check their Alexa ranks for example to verify). The Ranking Discovery tool will reveal what keywords they’re promoting and how well they rank across the board for those keywords. This will give you a ton of high-quality, relevant keywords for that niche. You can easily generate SEO ranking reports ranking reports with that data that you can print out or simply show using your PRT mobile app. Coming to a meeting with this data already prepared will show that your SEO business is well versed in that niche and see the bigger picture. Your clients will appreciate you knowing this, even if they know it already (chances are though, they wouldn’t know all the data). It’ll show them you mean business, and that you have a professional approach, improving your chances of closing a deal and staying ahead of the competition. Of course, other than impressing clients, you can also use this method when researching a niche you’re working on for yourself.

Preliminary research about the client’s website – Input the client’s own website into the agency rank tracker tool and see what keywords (if any) rank top 100 on the various search engines and Google ranks. If you discovered keywords for their website, great. Input those discovered keywords and ranks into PRT and generate a nice report that shows some of the discovered keywords (just a taste—don’t show all the cards). Ideally, it’ll also show your client their website is ranked for certain keywords they probably didn’t even know about. In fact, they hadn’t even heard about hidden ranks before you showed up and didn’t know of a method to discover them. This, in itself, is enough to make you stand out. If you didn’t discover any keywords for their website, that’s even better, as this can be evidence that their website could seriously use your expert help to grow in ranks organically. This will show the client that you’re at least familiar with the organic SEO state of his website (most likely better than the client, and chances are, even better than any other SEO expert that’s worked with them).

Intel about client’s main competitor – Using the same method above, if your client has any rival businesses he’s aiming for, you can input those websites into the Ranking Discovery tool and reveal what keywords they rank highly for, expose their weakest rank types, or find valuable keywords and ranks they might be missing out on. Revealing ranking data and weaknesses about the client’s competitors is like bringing a battle chief intel about a rival army. Major props for you are almost guaranteed.

We already created a post about these methods and how you can use the PRT agency rank tracker tool to take advantage of keyword opportunities for your clients. In it, we go even deeper with examples and case study analysis, so you should definitely check it out:

5 amazing things you can do with PRT’s Ranking Discovery tool

The best part is, the Ranking Discovery tool comes free with every monthly plan… even our free account!

Keyword suggestions and bulking up the potential keyword bank – Keyword diversity is vital for any SEO campaign, organic or not, since this is the bread and butter of search. While with the Ranking Discovery tool you can discover words that are being actively promoted organically by players on the niche, with PRT’s Keyword Suggestion tool you can get additional ideas for keywords, especially long-tails. Unlike many keyword generators and suggestion tools you might find on the internet, PRT’s keyword suggestion algorithm is designed to generate actual, relevant, quality keyword suggestions that have real search volume behind them for various ranking types. By using the Ranking Discovery tool to acquire the first batch of niche keywords and then using the Keyword Suggestion tool on top of that to generate additional related keywords, you can potentially discover all the possible relevant keywords in a niche! Ranking Discovery paired with Keyword Suggestion will give you the widest spread of keywords to choose from; you will get anything from single keywords to medium to long tails spread out in front of you. The beauty of this approach is you don’t have to use all of the keywords that you find, but knowing the full picture will allow you to make an educated selection and pursue the keywords that are most relevant. You will always have the other keywords listed for future use, if and when those become relevant.

The Keyword Suggestion tool also comes free with our monthly plans, including the free one. If you want to read more about our Keyword Suggestion tool, you can check it out here:

The Keyword Suggestion Tool – The ideal tool for SEO beginners and experts alike

In summary, what these methods add to any SEO sales pitch is much-needed value – while most SEO experts act obscure and vague about their skills, you will appear different without revealing any of your skills or trade secrets. Even if you don’t close the deal right away, it’ll make your SEO business stand out as someone who can bring value and some serious punching power to the table… and eventually favourable results. If you come to the meeting with these three awesome SEO insights, it’ll leave a very positive impression, if not guarantee a deal on the spot.

Many SEO agency rank tracker tools and SERP trackers feature the same content, so to truly stand out you need a SERP tracker that is:

  • the industry standard for all the needed specs (accuracy, tracking levels, etc.)
  • simple and intuitive, with a UI contributing to a smooth workflow
  • the unique blend of tools and features that others don’t have to help you stand out among the competition.

Pro Rank Tracker is an agency rank tracker tool like this—we have all the features mentioned and more. PRT has the most advanced rank-tracking algorithm on the market. While the rest only show you yesterday’s standard of an estimated rank, we show you the real rank a person in a given location sees. This is the present and future industry standard of SERP tracking. Seize this opportunity, give PRT a try and see for yourself how it can truly help you close more deals and evolve!

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